Berlin Videos on YouTube: Content success models – what does the community love

Travel Guide, City Trip & Vlogs – Reach via YouTube? Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant or city marketing itself, learning from successful models is always a good idea. And, when it comes to social media videos for tourism and travel, ideas are in demand because the competition is fierce. There are short-term topics that attract attention and particularly popular topics (evergreens) that always provide reach and clicks on YouTube channels. That’s why it’s worth taking a look at the most popular Berlin videos! A well-known city, like London and New York. With a few filter settings, you can find the most popular videos on YouTube. Here’s a quick look at the most popular videos, for a little creative input. More ideas for travel content? Here you can find the Evergreen analysis: YouTube. Tip. Find out more about us here: Social Media Marketing Berlin.

Berlin Vacation Travel Guide

Overview of Berlin: Berlin in 4k

Social media marketing in the tourism sector

Berlin, London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles – social media marketing knows no boundaries! Especially through ads and targeting (social media advertising), you can reach people and users of social apps, extremely precisely – in the app and even outside (through retargeting). Especially practical for tourism and travel companies.

You can target (with a good agency), but also locally, for example, to certain places, to certain events, whether festival or holiday season. For example, you can reach tourists, in a certain street, who are just visiting. So ultra-local. At the same time, as a company, you can easily and quickly reach people all over the world, whether it’s Europe, Paris, London, Rome, or worldwide in cities like New York or Tokyo.

Social media marketing sets no limits to your ideas, what is important is the right strategy behind it and the right know-how! If you are looking for an international social media marketing agency, we are your contact! Read more about us and our:

Berlin: Tour through the city

Do’s and don’ts in Berlin

Spend a cheap weekend in Berlin

Berlin Travel Guide

Virtual tour through Berlin

The most important sights!

Vlog: Solo Trip to Berlin

Travel Vlog: First impressions from Berlin

Celebrities on YouTube: Content Evergreens

Content Evergreens! Learning from the most popular videos (most clicked content). Continue with:

New York Videos on YouTube: Learning from the best

New York – Sight seeing lists, travel vlogs and tips for tourists – cities are looking for marketing ideas, as are tourism and travel companies. It’s always a good idea to learn from the best! One city is better known than any other. Competition is high, between airlines, hotels, but also restaurants, events, … what do people want to see when they think of New York? That’s why it’s worth taking a look at the most popular New York videos!

London videos on YouTube: Most popular videos for creatives

Film trailer, city tour & travel guide – How can cities attract attention? Forget flyers, radio ads and TV, social media is the tool for reach today. Social media marketing for tourism and travel always needs new inspiration, spring, summer, fall, winter, from single singles, to business travelers and families with kids. That’s why we have our YouTube Evergreen analysis, what performs best on YouTube?!

Concepts & Ideas: Learning from successful videos

In this list you’ll find even more industries and topics, with the most successful content ever.