TikTok: Music Usage in Videos + 4 Tips for Social Media Managers

TikTok and music rights – how does this topic behave? The App TikTok is becoming more and more popular. She is the new Instagram. Even large and international companies are becoming more and more attentive and book additional reach through influencer marketing and social media promotions on TikTok. Last month, we created a TikTok channel […]

Social media stars 2017: review of trends, newcomers and campaigns

2017 hat Social Media Marketing aber auch Stars weiter in die Mitte der Gesellschaft gerückt. Vom Influencer Award wie dem “Place To B” von Axel Springer bis zum About You Awards. Weiter zu neuen Shooting Stars der Szene, im speziellen Lisa und Lena

Influencer Pricing: How much is my Instagram account worth?

Influencer Pricing – The bigger your blog gets, the more requests you get from agencies but also companies and different brands. Whether it’s about fashion and travel or fitness products, the value of a single post is for many, especially at the beginning of the career, not so easy to calculate yourself. Especially as each […]

Social Media Marketing Trends Munich 2018: FB, Youtube, Instagram & Musical.ly

Social Media Marketing Trends – München entwickelt sich wie alle deutschen Metropolen zu einer immer moderneren Großstadt, kontinuierlich seit Jahrzehnten. Die digitale Transformation