Social media stars 2017: review of trends, newcomers and campaigns

2017 hat Social Media Marketing aber auch Stars weiter in die Mitte der Gesellschaft gerückt. Vom Influencer Award wie dem “Place To B” von Axel Springer bis zum About You Awards. Weiter zu neuen Shooting Stars der Szene, im speziellen Lisa und Lena aber auch Mike Singer. Youtube, Instagram, alle Netzwerke gewinnen an Relevanz, nicht mehr nur im Marketing, auch in der gesamten Bevölkerung. Selbst Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel traf sich zum Wahlkampf mit Youtube Stars, während Shirin Davids Parfum in nur wenigen Wochen ausverkauft ist. Social Media Power! Die Erfolge sind leicht durch Social Media Software Tools zu monitoren. Damit sind die Erfolge klar belegbar. Wir werfen heute einen Rückblick auf das Jahr 2017.

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Influencer Awards: Axel Springer, Generali and About You

What impressed me the most this year was the amount of awards that were given out. YouTube, is known to many, but this year it was also about Instagram. The social media stars have conquered the big stages and also the big companies. Meanwhile, not “only” agencies are interested in them, but also the big brands and publishing houses. Just like the“Place To B Influencer Award” from Springer last year (December) and also this year with stars like Caro Dauer, Stefanie Giesinger, Shirin David or also Farina Opoku. The first Sports Influencer Award, presented in Munich’s Olympic Stadium by Angelique Kerber or the About You Award in Hamburg.

Livestream of the Place To B Award with Shirin David, Lochis & Lamiya Slimani

Lisa and Lena: Social Media Shooting Stars

It was also exciting that the biggest social media stars were not present at all: Lisa and Lena. The shooting stars and a whole new league of influencers. Lisa and Lena are twins and just 15 years old. Yet they already have over 20 million fans on! On Instagram, they are already followed by over 12 million people. This makes them more popular than the FC Bayern soccer players, who clearly dominate the social media charts (look at Facebook and Instagram). Lisa and Lena have at least three times as many fans as the biggest German influencers.

Lisa and Lena are a real hype, they did not come to the award. Because in the meantime the two are under contract with Warner Music. They didn’t even make it to the last big award (Place To B), the reason: The two produced their new music video in Los Angeles. made them big. Short videos with well-known music tracks in which the two dance, sing and have fun. inspires more and more young people. In over 35 countries, the network is already number 1 in the charts. In Germany is for many still a book with seven seals or they do not even know it. Yet the two 15-year-olds already reach more than the entire German private television, without elaborate production, without advertising. Just like that.

Angela Merkel interviewed by social media stars

Influencers or social media stars are becoming more and more central to society. It is no longer just this phenomenon within the youth. The first YouTube stars are now also over 20 years old and are also approaching 30. Even our Chancellor sat down with four selected YouTube stars this year for the 2017 general election. This shows the relevance of these young people and the influence they enjoy. Even the big established politics likes to get the young stars to shine.

In terms of content, the interviews are unfortunately not very successful and hardly of journalistic depth, let alone quality. Nevertheless, a PR strategy that worked. Because not only Youtube visitors saw the video (as in this example almost 700,000 people), also established media such as newspaper and TV took up the topic.

Interview #1 with Angela Merkel and vlogger Ishtar Isik

For me, this aspect in particular played a big role in 2017.

Social media stars are now (just) stars.

Shirin David: The power of community

Shirin David ‘s perfume ‘Created by the community!’ shows how effective the use of influencers can be. After half a year of development and planning, the perfume was sold out throughout Germany after three months. In all stores, whether DM in the city centre or online. The highlight here, in the run-up, she asked her fans for help, by simply answering four or five questions. Over 350,000 fans took part. The rest, speaks for itself. Social media stars are the stars of the future. We love what they do and want to know what they do. Just like Hollywood actors, international music stars or top sports athletes.

Shirin David: Created by the community

Live Marketing: Shirin tests her perfume in the City

Top agencies for influencer campaigns in Germany

If you’re looking for great potential and reach, turn to one of the renowned giants. They create over 200 campaigns a month or manage international channels, such as that of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Mediakraft: Over 200 Youtube campaigns per month

First and foremost, most people, just like me, think of Mediakraft. Mediakraft has been around for a long time and has held its own in Germany over the years, even though the business model has changed a bit now, without giving details, they still work on the biggest campaigns, over two hundred every month. They also provide a monthly report on advertising activity on YouTube. So the agency is a real heavyweight.

Studio71: From Berlin to Hollywood

The second player I would name is the influencer agency Studio71 from Berlin. The agency is probably not known to many, but it should be. Because Studio71 is, I would assume, the largest German agency in the field of influencer marketing. Studio71 belongs to the Pro7 / Sat1 group and is equipped with an extremely young and motivated team. In addition, the agency has the best relationship in the U.S., even its own unit. To name just one example: Among others, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is under contract. He was recently the best-paid actor in the world, and he is currently enjoying new successes on the big screen, including the remake of the movie “Jumanji”.

Like Me Media: How Stars Are Built

Number three for me would be Gefällt Mir Media. Gefällt Mir Media is based in Cologne and represents various artists. This year, however, they have landed a very special coup! Some of you might already know him, Mike Singer. Simply put, Mike is the German Justin Bieber! The radios are playing him, the young girls are listening to him, yet things are just getting started for him. His first tour in 2017 was sold out, and the next one is already being planned and will take place right in the spring. He has built millions of fans just by his vocal talent and by his very good management, in a very short time. Gefällt Mir Media is also doing a great job and time with this example that influencers are more than just pretty pictures. They need talent, ambition and good management.

Mike Singer: Music video for Deja Vu

Promotion of the new album on Youtube (Vlog)

Conclusion: Unrestrained growth in influencer marketing

As previously described with Lisa and Lena, social media stars have arrived in the middle of society. Just like Lisa and Lena or even Mike Singer, it is possible to build millions of fans in just a few months. And that’s just through your own character, your own stories and emotions, and your own talent.

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