Ryanair Tattoo: Viral reach and profitability – Sat1 Breakfast TV

Can you earn money with advertising tattoos? Today we took a close look at advertising tattoos for Sat1 breakfast television with our social media expert Stephan Czaja! A few weeks ago a young man reads out of pure love for the airline “Ryanair” a huge tattoo on his forearm. Watch there: A large aircraft with the logo of the company over 30 centimeters area. He himself says he didn’t get any money for it, he did it out of pure love. What’s the matter with you? He simply enjoys flying with the airline.

Sat1 Breakfast TV interview: Tattoo Marketing

There are many examples which have earned good money by renting their skin as advertising space. One of the most famous examples comes naturally from the United States, in the middle of the forehead makes a young lady advertise a great online casino. How much money does it make, is it a smart business idea?

Advertising: It depends on the range

Reach is worth a lot for companies, therefore you book classical advertising, e.g. on posters or also in search engines. Clever viral campaign or not – at the end of the day any space can be used for advertising. What matters is the range achieved.

Advertising means reach and therefore perception by potential end customers (target group). The more advertising you place, the more likely it is that a customer will fall back on the company’s product, for example the next time they visit Google or the supermarket. In short, the more range, the better. Let’s set up such a small calculation example to show how to calculate such a tattoo.

Calculation of advertising costs (digital): profitability

For our example, we are looking at a classic advertising campaign on Instagram.

  1. For each impression (view by user) we pay a few cents and for each click (for example in the Insta Story to the online shop) maybe 40 or 50 cents.
  2. For 1000 impressions we pay maybe 15 €.
  3. For a brand tattoo you can take between 5.000 Euro and 6.000 Euro, for the neck area already 10.000 to 15.000 €.

As a company, we can now simply offset.

  1. If 1000 impressions in the classic online advertising cost us 15 €, our tattoo on the neck would have to be (over the lifetime)
  2. 1000 (so much cost 1000 impressions) x 1000 people reach
  3. That is, for a compensation one must count as a marketing manager with altogether 1.000.000 humans and/or Impressions, so that the 15.000 € expenditures pay themselves.

Can an unknown “brand ambassador” do this?

Viral coup in the target group

Of course, it’s not just a question of mere reach, the target group is also decisive – that’s why brands for younger companies in particular book such crazy ideas. If our airline planned this viral coup, it did it very cleverly. After all, the tattoo was not only a viral topic in the social networks, even Sat 1 Finally the end of workday and Sat 1 breakfast television have reported about it today. This means that millions of contacts have been made for the airline. That means range and new impressions. The logo presence was over 10 seconds broadcast time!

Here in the screenshot to see:

Conclusion: Doubtful trend

As you can see here in the video, cash plays a big role and leads to decisions you will regret.