Vanlife Stories: benefits, experiences, low budget DIY upgrade & van tour finance.

Vanlife – Camping is becoming more and more popular with young and old and especially travelling in your own van is an optimal option to get away from it all and enjoy the feeling of complete freedom and closeness to nature! These enthusiastic nature fans have dared and plunged into the camping adventure with their own campervan. What sounds completely crazy to other people but fascinating at the same time, is a fulfilled life dream for these campers! Check out some vanlife stories here, where they tell about their adventures and experiences on the road and in the best case inspire you with tips and tricks for your trip, too! Here it goes back to the travel trend: roof tent & camping.

Camping in a van: nature, freedom & adventure

  • Flexible travel and the feeling of complete freedom
  • Nature connection
  • Spontaneous and individual day planning
  • Low cost lifestyle
  • Independent, creative expansion
  • The adventure of a lifetime
  • VanLife Stories: Campers tell of their experiences

    While you might still be thinking about buying your own camper or even upgrading it yourself, these passionate campers have already embarked on the adventure of a lifetime: the dream of flexible van living! Here they tell you their stories, their journey around the world, the costs involved and the pros and cons.

    At the age of 19 alone through Europe

    Germany’s youngest vanlifer! So young and yet already travelling alone – Neele has fulfilled a dream together with her dog and travelled through Europe with her van. Her own van has a bedroom, a kitchen and a dining area. She is completely in control of her itinerary and how to spend the day. However, she already has plans for after the trip: studying music. That’s why she has her electric piano with her when she’s on the road, so she can practice hard. So life in a van is anything but unspectacular and boring. Take a look at her exciting journey and her lovingly furnished camper van here.

    Would you also like to take a trip in your own van, but don’t want to have to dig quite so deep into your pocket? Then simply build your own van!

    Camper conversion: VanLife dream!

    These two young campers have taken the tools into their own hands! In order to fulfill their dream of a flexible trip around the world, they bought an old van and converted it into a comfortable camper van completely on their own – all in just two months! Here you can watch their exciting story and the detailed conversion of their van. In addition, the two give you helpful tips on what you should consider when converting and how you can get around as cheaply as possible.

    But how much does a self-build cost anyway?

    Costs for a camper conversion

    The dream of their own, self-built and furnished campervan have also fulfilled these two and converted an old van to a real camper. Without much prior knowledge, with a lot of time and attention to detail, but low budget, the two have furnished the entire van alone. Even though there were some difficulties in between, they managed to turn a used van into a fully equipped and mobile camper. In this video you can find out what the costs were, what the most expensive part of the extension is and where you can save the most money!

    That takes care of the first expenses. But how much additional money do you have to plan for on the road?

    Financing Vanlife: 10 Tips!

    Once the van has been bought and fitted out, the journey can begin! Living in a van is the cheapest way to travel, but if you’re planning a long-term trip or even a whole life in a van, you’ll need to be able to afford it in the long run. In this video, an avid camper shows you 10 different ways to make money from van life.

    1. Simply do your job online on the road
    2. Workaway/Wwoof: Help against board and lodging
    3. Seasonal jobs: entertainer, grape picker, ski instructor, etc.
    4. Rent and lease van (save costs)
    5. Working abroad: city tours, waitressing, theme parks, etc.
    6. Blogging
    7. Use your strengths
    8. Start your own business
    9. DIY: Sell handmade
    10. Bus extension + sale

    Alternative: tent trailer! 10,000 km road trip to Istanbul

    Having your own converted van sounds tempting, but there is an alternative that is super comfortable and guarantees an equally flexible trip. A tent trailer that can easily be attached to your own car! On the road, it is folded up on the trailer and can be easily set up into an enormous, comfortable living and sleeping area in just a few minutes! In this video you can watch the 10,000 km journey of campers with the tent trailer all the way to Istanbul, which is guaranteed to make you want to go camping!

    Camping: Trend Individual Travel & Nature

  • Camping Trend: Overview, Prices & StatisticsRoof tent lifestyle: 5 travel stories
  • Camping Trend: Overview, Prices & Statisticscamping holidays, just like millions (~18% of 20-60 year olds) of Germans.

    For many years there has been a movement that is growing: Individual travel! Holidays in a two-man tent, family tent, “vanlife” or camping site – there are now millions in Germany who love camping, as will be seen in the statistics in a moment. On Youtube, Instagram and TikTok we see adventure, campfires and pure nature.

    But what’s the best way to travel? There are several options, from a simple tent to a big, bulky camper van; complete with shower, camping kitchen, 4K screen and bedroom.

    • Roof tent & Camping

      Roof tent lifestyle: 5 travel stories

      Suitable for families, advantages & alternative to the camper van? Close to nature, a feeling of freedom and at the same time pure adventure and relaxation! All this guarantees a trip with a roof tent.

      Every morning completely free and spontaneous decide when to go on and where to go. These passionate campers have fulfilled their dream, left their stressful everyday life behind, grabbed a roof tent and plunged into the camping adventure. Here they report on their experiences and the unique experience of their multi-day or week-long roof tent trip.