Instagram Strategies and Social Media Managers Career

All social media news for the current week. Among other things, 52 Instagram strategies packed in an infographic, so you can plan your next Instagram concept with best practice examples. In addition, Social Media International highlights the careers network LinkedIn, what does it actually do, how does it work and for whom is the social network suitable? Social media occupational fields were also an issue this week. In the past, people mainly confined themselves to Facebook, which is the case today for different occupational fields in the social media world and how to reach the top current jobs, the blog Social Media for Business explains. Here you come directly to the Social Media Marketing News (all headlines).

  1. Instagram Strategies for your Business
  2. Social Media job profiles and 5 reasons why LinkedIn is the right platform for your job search
  3. Getting tips for developing your communication strategy
  4. Social Media Career

Social Media Marketing: Strategy through Best Practice

Instagram Strategies for your Business

Finding an important social media strategy for Instagram is difficult enough, especially for young companies, self-employed individuals and startups. In today’s social media marketing mix, there is no longer just one important social network, but different platforms, with different advantages and disadvantages. While you can easily share up-to-the-minute information on Facebook, YouTube is popular for this short-term effect as well as for its long-term impact. Instagram is increasingly becoming a permanent advertising channel, Pinterest provides search engine placement and references to its own website, Twitter is for the press and Musically for the extremely young audiences. That many young social media managers are overwhelmed at this point is more than understandable.

Learning Best Practice Projects!

If you’re a social media manager, take a look at Best Practice Projects , content that works. Aristotle once said that we can only look so far because we are sitting on the backs of giants. That is, we learn from those who have done it before. From this we can draw conclusions and perhaps even avoid our own mistakes. Avoiding risks is ultimately not just the campaign but the whole company. To avoid this risks read here How to Schedule Instagram Posts: The Complete Guide.

Is LinkedIn the right platform for your job search?

Who has mastered the first strategies and feels more and more confident as a social media manager, who can someday also look for a job. Whether it is after the internship or after training or after starting in a smaller company and the desire to change professionally. But how do you actually get jobs as a social media manager? Social Media International today writes about five reasons why LinkedIn is the right platform for your job search.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a Career Network . This works in its principles as well as a social network, or Facebook. Only the focus of the network is on the professional career and the linking of business contacts. Instead of a timeline and girlfriend you have a timeline with CV. Here, strangers can directly see their own knowledge, which in turn can be confirmed by other users, but you can also in-depth information about the CV of the person and about the different steps in the professional life. Many big employers take a look at these profiles, so you often do not even have to actively advertise, but can wait for a headhunter to write you down because he wants to win you over for a big company. If you’re looking for a job now and want to become social media manager , here are five reasons to look for a job on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn also changed its design if you like to know the main changes, check this article Introducing the New LinkedIn User Interface by Top Dog Social Media blog.

Developing a Communication Strategy for Social Media Managers

As far as social media strategy is concerned, we already had 52 practical examples of how marketing works on social networks. In addition to the basic social media strategy, there are also various sub-areas that one must think of as an agency, startup and company. Among other things, this includes the communication strategy, that is, which content is actually communicated?

Career Profile of a Social Media Manager: Diversity

Social media strategy, communication strategy, what do you think about the extent of the social media manager job these days? In the past, the social media manager took care of everything, after all, there was only Facebook. Today, the job profile of social media manager is definitely more differentiated. How does one distinguish between the different social networks, but also between the different strategies modern? Is it about organic range or unpaid range? Is it about classic marketing, do we use influencer marketing, do we work cross-medially or just on a network, how do we produce content? Who is our target audience and how can we analyze it? At the very end, when we run a campaign, how do you monitor success? Questions about questions that a social media manager has to face in online marketing these days. That’s why the profession of social media manager today is much more diverse and no longer specialized in just one action or one skill. There are social media managers who are especially concerned with Facebook. Your entire day is Facebook. They run split test campaigns, create graphics for these AB tests, while others spend 3 months diligently planning an influencer campaign. Other social media managers only deal with content and others take over the photography and media work for Instagram. The bigger and more complex the company or the product range, the larger the social media management.

More highlights of the week from the most important German social media blogs we have here for you in the headlines!

Social Media Week: The news

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Youtube Users Worldwide This Month

Today on the 18.04.2018 20:35:30 around1.481.844 people in New York (USA) are users of Youtube! Around 674.181 poeple in Los Angeles and 1.525.273 in London. How many Youtube useres does your city have?

New York1.481.8441.480.3521.492
Rio de Janeiro1.116.0121.114.8881.124
Los Angeles674.181673.502679
Cape Town649.139648.485654
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