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The future is private. With this new slogan Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg started the developer conference F8 this morning. At the developer conference, the head of the company presents the innovations and future developments of the group.

Privacy on Facebook: F8 Developer conference

The story: Facebook has evolved from an idea from the dormitory to one of the global networks. Billions of users and, of course, billions of advertising revenues. This is exactly where the crux of the matter, in order to generate more advertising revenue, Facebook needs more and more accurate user data. Because as you have read in our blog about Facebook marketing and Facebook advertisements many times before, the most important thing is to spy on the data, that is, to know about geographical characteristics, demographic characteristics, interests, but also relationships with other people.

“At the developer conference F8, Facebook promotes its new focus on the protection of users’ privacy. The fact that the group has been staggering from one scandal to the next for three years is of no interest” – Spiegel

Facebook should be completely “new”. So to speak Facebook 2.0, now with ultimate privacy. But what does that mean exactly?

Way to decision: Cambridge Analytica and EU data protection regulation

Let us take a brief look at the political developments behind this new strategy. For three years now, Facebook has been stumbling when it comes to privacy. The big bang then came with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where millions of user data were sold for advertising purposes. Actually standard but by increasing influence of politics by advertisements, of course also the US Senate became attentive to the topic. Did you know? The German party AfD has over 80% of all shared content on Facebook, less than 20% is accounted for by all other political parties. Also a huge topic in the US election campaign between Trump and Clinton. In the end, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg even had to answer questions before the US Senate. Things have changed since then.

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Geotagging, positioning and geotargeting

Data access restriction for third party vendors and impact on software vendors have been and continue to be the immediate consequences. If you have been following our social media agency for some time, you know that we are also active in the field of software development. Direct effects do not only affect us-American social media tools, we as a German social media company are also affected. Our successful product “Social Analytics” must be discontinued. Our social media tools include:

  • A Social Media Live Wall for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • One Instagram Price Calculator for Influencer Postings
  • Social Analytics as an analysis and monitoring tool for Instagram

Social Analytics was the ultimate search engine for influencers on Instagram. But after the innovations, the access for third parties was so extremely limited that a reasonable data evaluation is no longer possible. We’ve updated over 600,000 profiles to Instagram every day, a huge number when you look at all the media content, likes, dislikes, comments and relationships. Now on allowed because of barely 10,000 were possible daily. Therefore not only we have to discontinue our software “Social Analytics”, but also other offers like “Deep Social” had to be discontinued.

Now Facebook goes one step further and proclaims a completely new philosophy with its new slogan. Facebook is to renew itself in terms of data protection complete reason. Besides the accusations in the USA, what role does Europe play in the context of the new slogan: “The Future is Private”?

European market and basic data protection regulation

Does the European data protection basic regulation also play a role here? One can be for or against the basic data protection regulation, but the European market, with its 480 million very affluent customers, is the largest market in the world after the USA and China. If you want to be present here, you have to adapt to our rules. Not only does the US Senate play a major role in Facebook’s decision to completely overhaul its privacy, but European policy also plays a role.

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Geofilter: Advertising to local and regional target groups on social media

For many a book with 7 seals. Does the Basic Data Protection Regulation even provide for warnings? And what is the tendency of the EU Commission to do this?

Read more about the current situation of Privacy Ordinance.

We are curious how Facebook will develop.

When to pay Facebook, YouTube and Co Taxes in Europe?

The world is changing. Perhaps in the future we will even manage to bring taxation to Europe. Currently, most of the profits are in the USA. In Europe hardly any sales are generated, what is generated remains in Ireland. This is where the Facebook headquarters are located. However, Ireland has special tax laws for large international companies. The already very low turnover achieved in Europe, since the profits flow into the headquarters of the United States, is therefore hardly taxed at the end of the year.

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