SEO Agencies Germany: Optimization for WordPress, Jimdo, Typo3, Shopware & Co.

Optimization for WordPress, Jimdo, Typo3, Shopware & Co. – Finding the right company or agency for search engine optimization is not easy! Whether SEO agency in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt or Munich, here are our recommendations for Germany! Although the Internet is nowadays no longer to be imagined from our everyday life and hardly people do not deal at least fundamentally with the subject, there are many who have never heard of SEO in their lives.

Find SEO Company: Tips & Recommendations

The term SEO originally comes from the English language and stands for Search Engine Optimization. But what exactly does that mean? Everyone knows search engines, especially Google, of course, and the task of a search engine is to give the searcher the best possible results for the search terms. For many companies it is important to be at the top of the search engines list, because who really clicks through to page 3 or 4 (not to mention page 10 or 100…)?

SEO simply and briefly explained

This is exactly where SEO comes in: It includes all measures that ensure that the website of a company is placed as favorably as possible in the search results. Because this not only ensures an increase in awareness and more potential customers, but also quite simply for more traffic. For this, however, not least the content must be right, i.e. what is on the website. The more relevant, high-quality and unique it is, the better – because that’s what the search engines go for. This is why we also speak of content marketing. To achieve this goal, there are numerous agencies that do nothing but search engine optimization and of course offer their expertise to other companies. We have picked out the best agencies in the field of SEO / Content Marketing!

Tip. Before you look for an SEO company, learn the SEO basics!

Here for free in our podcast, episode #8: What is SEO?

Learn SEO online: What is SEO? Podcast episode

So you know what matters and what questions you need to ask, or what topics need to be addressed. Optimization for, Bing & Co. for your business from step 1 to basics, structure, content, link building, and much more. Here for free in our podcast, episode #8: What is SEO?

In this episode of the Marketing Podcast we explain to you the 1×1 of search engine optimization for search engines, all 100% free on Spotify, iTunes & Co. We answer the most frequently asked questions of self-employed, companies and businesses who start with SEO: For self-employed, career changers, e-commerce, businesses and big companies who want to appear on page 1 of search results.

SEO Agencies & Content Marketing: Berlin

As Germany’s most populous city, there’s really nothing in Berlin that isn’t there. Accordingly, numerous companies have settled in Berlin, and where many companies are, there are the agencies for SEO & Content Marketing not far. More SEO agencies in Berlin.


Bundesallee 39-40a, D-10717, Berlin


Frankfurter Allee 199, D-0365 Berlin

Seo support

Duisburger Str. 20, D-10707 Berlin

SUMAGO Search Engine Agency

Motzener Str. 12-14, D-12277 Berlin


Thaerstr. 17, D-10249 Berlin

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Search Engine Marketing Hamburg

After Berlin, Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany. The port of Hamburg is one of the largest ports in Europe, but not only for container ships Hamburg is a busy region – also online the traffic is very strong, and from there are also in the field of SEO & Content Marketing many agencies gathered in the port city. More search engine agencies from Hamburg.

Valarim SEO

Valentinskamp 24, D-20354 Hamburg

5 Stars Marketing

Büschstraße 7, D-20354 Hamburg

Position One

Veritaskai 2, D-21079 Hamburg


Sellhopsweg 31, D-22459 Hamburg

Harbour Crown

Großer Burstah 50-52, D-20457 Hamburg

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SEO agencies in Cologne / Düsseldorf: Optimization for WordPress, Jimdo, Typo3, Shopware & Co.

Cologne and Düsseldorf are the two largest cities in North Rhine-Westphalia and certainly the best known. In the city centers you are almost overwhelmed by the mass of companies and everywhere you can find advertising posters or billboards. Of course, both cities are also strong online and therefore SEO & Content Marketing agencies are not in short supply. More recommendations from Cologne / Düsseldorf: SEO Agency.

SEO Kitchen

Industriestr. 180, D-50999 Cologne, Germany


Lothringer Str. 12, D-50677 Cologne


Hohenstaufenring 47-51, D-50674 Cologne

MSO Digital

STARTPLATZ, Speditionsstraße 15a, D-40221 Düsseldorf, Germany


Gutenbergstr. 47, D-40235 Düsseldorf, Germany

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SEO, SEA and SEM Agencies Munich

Munich is the most populous city and capital of the Free State of Bavaria and is counted among the world cities. Munich is economically very successful and fast growing, which can also be seen in the fact that many well-known companies have their headquarters here. For SEO & Content Marketing experts, Munich is not least therefore an almost endless gold mine of customers. More SEO agencies from Munich.

Online Solutions Group

Bürkleinstraße 10, D-80538 Munich, Germany


Herzog-Wilhelm-Strasse 1, D-80331 Munich, Germany

SEO Kitchen Internet Marketing

Fraunhoferstraße 6, D-83059 Kolbermoor near Munich


Blutenburgstrasse 18, 80636 Munich, Germany

Wallbergstraße 30, D-81539 Munich, Germany

More SEO agencies in Munich.

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SEO Agencies & Content Marketing: Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main is not only the capital of Hesse, but also the fifth largest city in Germany and should therefore not be underestimated. Not only the Frankfurt airport is a household name to many, the cosmopolitan city of Frankfurt also gains particular notoriety for its function as one of the most important international financial centers. For SEO and content marketing, this means a welcome challenge, so that some agencies are also located here.

RTO Online Marketing

Hanauer Landstr. 439, D-60314 Frankfurt am Main


Zeil 46, D-60313 Frankfurt am Main


Füllerstrasse 91, D-60431 Frankfurt am Main

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