Social Media Stars: Werbung und Psychologie hinter dem Glamour

Kim Kardashian now knows almost everyone who is somehow damaged with media. In my first book, three years ago, you had 800,000 followers on Instagram. Forbes Magazine has just titled “The New Mobile Mogules”. Today, Kim has 100,000,000 followers. These are 2.75 million new followers a month
Or 91.8 thousand a day or every second a new fan. A tremendous growth that gives her and her family a high income. According to objective calculations, she earns 1,000,000 euros with every photo that she publishes, with only one product placement. On the Red Carpet, shoes, dresses, jewelery and handbags come together quickly. Why do brands spend so much money? Brand ambassadors have always been an important part of the marketing mix of large corporations. The advertising is honest, reaches people directly, through their idols and promises a more attractive TKP (thousand-contact price) than, for example, classic print or TV advertising.

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Instagram (und TV) Star Kim Kardashian

Advertising Psychology on Instagram: The Simple Principle of Success

The company is characterized by the fact that the upward trend is considered desirable for everyone. For the lower social strata this circumstance is even the defining life-content. New trends are always worn first in the higher classes. Weakening trends, the lower layers of the “symbolism” of the upper ones are also suitable. According to this theory, fashion allows conclusions on the owner and his property on average. If you add up trends and fashions early, you are a trendsetter. Instagram stars are therefore rare people from the lower classes who can not afford new fashions. Trends indicate the upper layers. Social networks revolutionize communication, but not the classic image of success. Lower layers eagerly surrender to the superiors. Social networks like Instagram sell dreams. We follow people who inspire us and idols that we emulate. They take us to fantastic beaches and remote destinations, which most people will never see. You do not have to get up early at six, their job is to go shopping one or two times a week. In between, they conjure up appetizing cereal bowls with five different berries. And to Los Angeles and New York, we continue to Bali.

Youtube: Added value as a success guarantee in videos

Who wants his idols more detailed consequences, is on Youtube. This is no longer just about snapshots of holidays or blogger events, but also about multimedial content with added value. Bloggers show their followers new makeup tips or products, gamers explain new tactics in games, or comment on other games, while other weekly news items are all wrapped up and use all sorts of genres during the week. Youtuber are show producers with a new format. They create the content, often make the cuts of the videos themselves and promote themselves. Youtuber give their users added value, which is why the videos are consumed for a long time. A typical video goes nine to ten minutes. The time span is relatively long and the users are absolutely involved during the video. Youtbers are therefore less easily interchangeable. Unlike Instagram, which offers thousands of similar channels.

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Conclusion: Competition? No. Instagram and Youtube are unique

Previously, networks were equal networks. Today the different networks are differentiated. Users choose actively whether they are looking for short-term entertainment or longer or deeper entertainment and information.