Top 10 influencers Bavaria: Sarah Harrison, Cheyenne Ochsenknecht, Lena Gercke & Co

Whether in television, film or content creator, these influencers from Bavaria have made it! Whether Lena Gercke or daughter of Uwe Ochsenknecht and Natascha Ochsenknecht, Cheyenne. What connects these people is their origin and you can’t get past them for a long time. Here you can find the Top 10 Influencers from Bavaria you must have heard of!

Lena Gercke

Lena Gercke – has been well known in the media since 2006. She was the winner of the first season of Germany’s next Topmodel, when she was 18 years old. Today, at 32, she is still very present and above all successful in the German media. The model from Munich has her own fashion brand, can be seen a lot on TV and is an aspiring mother. Lena is definitely hard to get past, and that doesn’t bother anybody, because her cheerful and positive nature makes 2.6 million fans on Instagram enthusiastically take pictures and watch her stories.

Sarah Harrison

Sarah Harrison – really takes off when she opens a family channel on YouTube with her husband and their little daughter. Before that, she was known from reality TV formats and Playboy, among others. Since her transformation into a real family person, Sarah travels the world and documents her daily family life. Baby number 2 is also on her way and the little family is super happy! But she has not only created a platform on Instagram or YouTube, because she has founded her own company, which offers care products for babies and mothers.

Jessy Hartel

Jessica Hartel is a 22-year-old influencer who shares her life, her favourite fashion trends and beauty hacks with her more than 700,000 fans. Through her glamorous style, the beauty has been able to build a real community and inspires many young girls in style and fashion. In 2016 she founded her Instagram Account and built her followership from scratch.

Aylin Koenig

Aylin Koenig – a real power woman! Over 633 thousand people follow her at every turn. But her Instagram account is not the only thing Aylin invests her time in. She is also an entrepreneur and proud of it. She has her own fashion label and in it she puts all her heart and soul. Her goal is to be chic without looking like you are trying too hard.


Phiaka – this Munich influencer is a convinced vegan. Her fans are regularly updated on vegan recipes, fashion trends and accessories. With the perfect mix of chic and street style she inspires thousands and shows the latest trends of the season. Besides her successful Instagram account she is also studying medicine.

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Cathy Hummels

Cathy Hummels – is a true all-rounder. She is a mother, author and has countless collaborations. Her own book ‘Strong with Yoga’ was a great success and a cooperation with Gymondo in which she does Yoga followed. She is also the CEO of her own company where she rents luxury properties in the most beautiful places in the world. Also at Pro Seven you could see Cathy often during the last years. A real power woman.

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Nina, or Fashiioncarpet, is a Bavarian blogger who lives according to the motto “timeless”. Her pictures let her followers dive into a fashion universe that inspires them to dream. With pleasant colours Nina expresses her aesthetics and takes her fans on a journey. Elegant as ever. With her own collection, she makes it possible to buy her favourite pieces and favourites and be inspired by her style.


Cheyenne Ochsenknecht – has not been a foreign name for a long time. Her whole family is known, whether from movies, television or music. Her mother Natascha Ochsenknecht is known as a model and her father as an actor. Meanwhile the Munich native has her own big career as a model and stands on her own two feet. On her Instagram she takes her fans through the Fashion Weeks and shootings she has. For Cheyenne there is no stop in sight.

Judith Williams

Judith Williams – is a Bavarian influencer and TV-juror. She is part of the successful TV series ‘Die Höhle des Löwen’ (The Lion’s Den) in which she evaluates new inventions and invests in her favourite ones. The start-up investor has also written a successful book entitled ‘Wie Träume fliegen lernen’. Besides her career in TV she is also CEO of her own beauty line Judithwilliamsbeautyworld.

Jenefer Riili

Jenefer Riili – is a famous blogger and Youtuberin, who takes over half a million fans into her private life. With her boyfriend she has a family channel on YouTube, where she documents normal everyday problems, the most beautiful moments and her little son, who you can see growing up in front of the camera. She shows the course of her pregnancy and how life changed afterwards. For all mothers, expectant mothers or those interested, her channel is a must-watch!