Düsseldorf: Keynote Speaker for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Düsseldorf – We live in the modern social web. As speakers we answer your individual questions. In the lectures we present best practices from all over the world and the new trends in marketing for new ideas and ways to new concepts. In lectures we speak from our own project experience, not from […]

Social Media Basics for Marketing Managers – Video Tutorial #1

Here we first talk about the basics of marketing on social networks. Since Facebook has conquered the world, social networks are becoming more and more differentiated. Not only in their functions, but also in terms of their respective target groups. Here you can find all social media marketing tutorials.

Hanover: Keynote Speaker for Social Media & Trade Fairs

Social Media Hannover – Communication is the spreading of news, emotions but also knowledge. Today it reaches people with smartphones quickly, as never before in media history. No one is unlearned on the job and the digital transformation is in full swing. More and more managers understand the new trend. Information, whether it’s knowledge, news […]

Essen: Speaker for Social Media Management

Communication is the spread of knowledge, news but also emotions. Today, with smartphones, it reaches people quickly, like never before people. None of us is unlearned in his job and the digital transformation has arrived in the priority of companies, more and more online marketing managers respond to the trend to modern concepts in their […]