Merge multiple text files in seconds | Notepad++ Alternative

Today I once again encountered the problem in our advertising agency that I have to merge several text files into one. Therefore a small tutorial for merging text files. If you create a lot of content, you will often end up exporting several TXT files. These are then corrected by “Search & Replace” to standard errors. With mass text creation, for example by software, it can happen that errors are constantly repeated. These are double blanks or also errors that occur constantly like “test”. If every text has more than 1000 characters, plus HTML, YouTube embeddings, etc., mass replacement is worth its weight in gold, because it saves media managers a lot of time. In content marketing often the decisive factor for speed. With small programs like Notepad++ you can then easily use the “Search & Replace” function.

Merge multiple text files | Video Tutorial for Advertising Agencies

First I tried to merge several text files with Notepad++. But it works much easier! To merge the files you don’t even need additional freeware. It works directly from your user interface. Under the video tutorial you can also find a quick guide with screenshots + the code! Compared to the usual 20-minute Photoshop tutorials this one is really fast!

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Create folder for content exports

Here you export your texts cleanly into a folder.

Open command to merge the texts

With Ctrl+Shift you click with the right mouse button into the empty area within the folder.

Then select “Open command prompt here” from the menu.

The input window already opens

Code for text merging

In the new dialog box you write the following:

for %f in (*.txt) do type "%f" >> output.txt

“output.txt” can still be adjusted, for example in “kundeA.txt”. Then confirm with the Enter key.

SEO content spinning

This feature is often required for text correction (before export) in content spinning for industries such as real estate or insurance. You want to learn more about mass text creation? Then read my tutorial on the topic: SEO Content Spinning.

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