YouTube Marketing: Content, Concept and Community – Book Recommendation

YouTube Marketing Book – having the right YouTube Marketing book on your bookshelf is a must for every social media manager! Especially for beginners and beginners it is important to have an overview on the topic of video marketing and YouTube marketing. From the first competitive analysis, to the concept and the finished strategy, with which you can cover your own community management, but also regular postings on YouTube. But what really matters when it comes to YouTube marketing? How do you optimize your own YouTube channel? How are videos optimized? How important are title, keywords, description and call-to-action in the field of YouTube marketing? Many questions to which the majority of marketing managers in small startups, but also in large, established companies have no answer. At the same time, it is very important, especially in the field of social media marketing, to pay attention to the timeliness of the books. The right recommendation can not only save a lot of time but of course also directly bring ideas for your own YouTube concept. We have therefore provided an overview in the jungle of books on the subject of YouTube marketing. Which books are recommended in comparison?

Here are our book recommendations:

Sven-Oliver Funke: Video is King!

Successful online marketing with YouTube

Online marketing specialist Sven-Oliver Funke offers here a meaningful guide on the topic of YouTube Influencer. He explains to the reader in detail the principle of YouTube in the context of online marketing campaigns and explains without great complexity the creation and implementation of YouTube strategies, the successful planning and production of relevant content. The publication of videos is covered as well as the success analysis and calculation of the YouTube channel. Many best practice examples round off the topic and explanations positively.

“Beginners and pros alike will find valuable tips to help them use their YouTube channel more effectively.” (Online Marketing Experts)

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0 Stars (18 customer reviews)

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Joachim Gerloff: Successful on YouTube

Social media marketing with online videos

From search engine optimization to the setup and structure of YouTube channels to the final video production – author Joachim Gerloff knows exactly what he is writing about. Step by step, he explains how to build and develop a successful channel and what design options YouTube offers its users in general. The author has dedicated a separate chapter to the YouTube community and also explains the success of videos based on existing channels.

“Successful on YouTube is a very slim and small book, but very comprehensive. The content is summarized in a factual, simple and understandable way. You quickly get an insight into the world of YouTube and how to do online marketing with videos.” (

Rating: 4.1 / 5.0 Stars (12 customer reviews)

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Andreas Graap: Video Marketing

Successful content for YouTube & Co.In his book “Video Marketing”, the successful online company founder Andreas Graap deals in detail with all aspects of YouTube and Co., from planning and content to production and storytelling to measuring success after publication. He explains why it is also important for classic companies to think ahead and use YouTube as a marketing platform for themselves and their own brand awareness. Target audience, video formats and other technical details, video SEO and helpful tools – Andreas Graap approaches the topic of video marketing with playful ease and teaches the reader everything he needs for a successful YouTube start.

“I especially liked that the author lists many practical tips in the book, such as how to incorporate video well into your online marketing strategy, which video formats work well, and how to tailor them to your target audience. […] A clear buy recommendation!” (com-on-online)

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0 Stars (27 customer reviews)

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Anne Grabs/Karim-Patrick Bannour: Follow me!

Social Media Marketing with Facebook, Twitter, XING, YouTube and Co.

The social media experts Anne Grabs and Karim-Patrick Bannour know exactly what is important for successful social media marketing. On over 400 pages, this all-rounder deals with all aspects of the online marketing world, including YouTube. From planning marketing strategies to monitoring and online reputation management to social sharing and crowdsourcing, the authors outline individual solutions that can be adapted to all businesses and self-employed individuals. A recommendable beginner’s work, but also the old social media hares can still learn one or two new things here.

“Unlike the mass of social media books that tell you how to sign up for Facebook, the two authors manage to give a comprehensive overview of social media marketing. I can recommend this book without reservation.” (Frank Lehnert, Amazon user, 5 star rating)

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0 Stars (73 customer reviews)

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Marc Oliver Opresnik/Oguz Yilmaz: The secrets of successful YouTube marketing

Learn from YouTubers and use social media opportunities

This reference book, published by Springer Gabler, is entirely and completely dedicated to the world of YouTube. YouTube legend Oguz Yilmaz and marketing professor Marc Oliver Opresnik have sat down together and developed a concise guide to YouTube marketing. They introduce YouTube as an elemental marketing tool in the digital world and go deeper into video content, production and optimization beyond the basics. Furthermore, advertising opportunities and networking within the YouTube community are addressed. Successful corporate communication with YouTube – made easy thanks to “The secrets of successful YouTube marketing”.

“A valuable and important book for anyone who wants to succeed on YouTube. This guidebook shows what really matters.” (Dr. Sandra Maria Gronewald, journalist and ZDF presenter)

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0 Stars (13 customer reviews)

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Christine Henning/Hendrik Unger/Anne Unger: Play!

The handbook for YouTuber

Freshly published in February 2019, the three specialists for creative content marketing show with the new edition of their YouTube handbook step by step how to become successful on YouTube and give your company presence in the digital world. Here, according to the authors, it does not necessarily depend on the budget, because you can also achieve high quality with simple means. Reach, communication with fans, tips on video shooting, editing and uploading, interfaces to other social media platforms – all relevant aspects of the topic are not only touched upon, but also explained in detail. Insider knowledge and recipes for success at first hand!

“In the book you get real practical knowledge. The examples are extremely current and help with the implementation. I’ve been working in the film industry for a long time and can still take a lot for my work. That’s mainly because this book clearly explains what you have to pay attention to if you want to be successful online. YouTube is nowadays more than just a platform where you upload videos. Clear recommendation. Thanks a lot!” (Omran, Amazon user, 5 star rating)

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0 Stars (6 customer reviews)

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Christian Tembrink: YouTube Marketing

Successful with online videos

The studied media management and marketing professional Christian Tembrink introduces with this 400-page work in the world of online marketing. From success planning and the first draft of marketing concepts to content strategies and community management, the author explains step by step and chapter by chapter what really matters in YouTube marketing. Even complex topics such as copyright and imprint are not left untouched. A successful information and reference book for all interested experts and connoisseurs.

“Christian Tembrink is an absolute exceptional talent when it comes to YouTube marketing. […] From me, a very clear MUST HAVE buy recommendation.” (Timothy Scherman, Amazon user, 5 star rating)

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0 Stars (10 customer reviews)

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Achim Beisswender (Ed.): YouTube and its Children

How online video, web TV and social media are revolutionising the way brands, media and people communicate

Clear and with a sense of humour, the editor Achim Beisswender draws the YouTube world on the pulse of time. He manages the straddle between moving image communication and Web 2.0 without difficulty and tells, quite self-critically, about his own practical experiences. A total of 21 authors have come together here to share their knowledge and practical insights about YouTube and online marketing. A great book by experts for experts and those who want to become experts.

“The work, which originated from practice, gives interesting impulses also for the scientific occupation with the topic […]. A must for everyone who deals with the topic of moving images in web 2.0.” (Matthias Mißler, Amazon user, 5 star rating)

Rating: 4.1 / 5.0 Stars (10 customer reviews)

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