Social media stars 2017: review of trends, newcomers and campaigns

2017 hat Social Media Marketing aber auch Stars weiter in die Mitte der Gesellschaft gerückt. Vom Influencer Award wie dem “Place To B” von Axel Springer bis zum About You Awards. Weiter zu neuen Shooting Stars der Szene, im speziellen Lisa und Lena

Media usage in social networks: the most important marketing studies for 2017

The use of media in social networks is an interesting topic for customers in the consultation. Which networks are actively used? What posting periods are important? What is the potential of online trading at all? In order to answer these questions in advance, we explain step by step what social media marketing is all about

Network alternatives to the №1 Facebook

How to Generate Reach in Alternative Social Networks? Just a few years ago, a network called Facebook generated about 98 percent of Internet traffic on social networks. Meanwhile the landscape of social networks has been differentiated. Different smaller networks access market leaders Facebook

Video Tutorials! Hilfe für Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest & mehr

Free video tutorials on social media marketing? There is not any? There is! After our last lecture in Berlin, we caught up with the Youtube camera and are now producing small videos, which enable you online marketing or more targeted social media marketing

Speaker Hamburg: Keynotes for Social Media Marketing & Management

The digital transformation is in full swing, no one has stopped learning. Communication, the spread of news, emotions, but also knowledge, reaches almost every place in the world, whether Munich, Hanover, Hamburg or New York, at an unprecedented speed. Fast and targeted as never before, information reaches people, whether recommendations from friends, news or even […]

Social Media Marketing & Influencer Agency Report Hamburg

Social Media Marketing Hamburg – Social networks are a mesh of dynamic groups of people, different platforms and technical features that make our communication with friends ubiquitous and multimedia. We promote innovative digital products through clever social media management. We have realized online advertising for prestigious clients from Munich, Berlin, Cologne to Frankfurt with customers […]

Social Media Marketing Tutorial: Help from the Advertising Agency Expert

Social media marketing is a hot topic for all big brands. Trends travel around the world in seconds and social media managers have the task of helping to shape trends. Through creative ideas, strategic planning and a precise conception of marketing in the social networks. Since I notice a lot of general questions during consulting […]

Youtube Video Marketing: Content, Community and SEO – Video Tutorial #3

Youtube is the main source of information for video content. Every second internet user is registered here. An incredible number with great potential. Next week we’ll look at how you can successfully do video marketing in Youtube! You can find all the social media marketing tutorials here. Want to get started with Youtube marketing and […]

Social Media Marketing & Influencer Agency Report Munich

Social Media Marketing Munich – Social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instgram offer your campaign enormous potential for high-reach events, rapid reach increase and national social media marketing campaigns. The Instagram agency for national, regional and international advertising campaigns. Increase your company’s sales right now with social media marketing. Our social media manager […]

Düsseldorf: Keynote Speaker for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Düsseldorf – We live in the modern social web. As speakers we answer your individual questions. In the lectures we present best practices from all over the world and the new trends in marketing for new ideas and ways to new concepts. In lectures we speak from our own project experience, not from […]