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Social Media Marketing Trends – München entwickelt sich wie alle deutschen Metropolen zu einer immer moderneren Großstadt, kontinuierlich seit Jahrzehnten. Die digitale Transformation ändert das Stadtbild. Von E-Mobilität bis zur Restaurant Bewertung am Smartphone. Im Social Media Marketing entwickelt sich die Welt allerdings viel schneller, als Konzept in die Offline Welt übertragen werden könnten! Mehr zur bayrischen Hauptstadt? Wir haben Nutzungszahlen der sozialen Netzwerke und viele Infos zu Adspends für Firmen in München.

Youtube and Facebook remain the largest social networks in Munich

As in Germany as a whole, two networks are particularly worth mentioning in Munich when it comes to the population as a whole: YouTube and Facebook. Both show many people in Munich the most important information of the day. If Facebook is the constant communication medium, YouTube is the constant information medium for most Munich residents in terms of moving images in the form of entertainment and education. Here you can find entertainment as well as new knowledge. This at any time, whether on a notebook or smartphone and whether at home or on the road. As a company in Munich, you can’t get around these two networks in social media marketing. No matter if you make events in Munich, run a restaurant or a cinema. Even agencies need the social networks to present their work and references to customers and interested parties.

But where are the trends heading for 2018?

Which social networks will gain relevance in Munich and which will lose relevance? The central argument for social networks is the number of registered users. The more active users a social network has, the more interesting it is for private individuals, as many friends are likely to hang around here, ergo also for companies and businesses. Here you can present their products and services to a larger group of people.

Instagram gains market share and expands audiences

The up-and-coming candidate, although no longer an insider tip, is Instagram. Until a few years ago, almost exclusively young people were registered here, since then the network with its bloggers and influencers is constantly developing and now offers numerous additional functions that make Instagram from a pure “image platform” to a snack content or “quick entertainment platform”. Short videos, photos, on the subway, in the cafe. Passing time is at the top of the list when visiting Instagram. Users can create small videos, as well as Boomerangs, they can tell small stories in Stories, and they can message each other directly to communicate as well. Instagram is gaining market share and becoming a communication platform.

Millions of teens are on – when will companies follow suit?

What are trends actually? Trends are fashions, that is, time-historical events or time-historical products that reach a large part of the people. Mostly, these trends start by bringing in certain people. Today we want to introduce the new social network. Millions of young people are already registered here, including tens of thousands of young people from Munich and all of Bavaria. conquers the social media market

Do you already know Probably not! Then you should listen very carefully now, because is the new Instagram. Everyone is here, German bloggers, young musicians and over a million fans uniting behind them. So far, the platform is more for young people and the next alternative to the social network Instagram, so to speak. The number of users is also steadily increasing in Munich and therefore offers an extremely new and therefore extremely interesting platforms for brands and companies. Especially at the beginning of the development of social networks is always a relatively good course in the ratio content quantity and generation of fans. While on Facebook you have to go to great lengths to make your content accessible to users, in the flood of messages, is very new and there is little competition! An interesting new market, especially for companies and brands that tend to have young audiences.

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What does actually do?

On, users can create small videos by singing a song, for example. The whole thing is a bit reminiscent of karaoke and is recorded as a small video or sequence and published on the network. There, as in all other social networks, friends and fans can watch the latest content of their idols. The special attraction of this network is that you make a little fool of yourself and thus show in a funny way, authentic. This attracts users and ensures high interaction rates. For companies and businesses in Munich, is an interesting alternative for 2018 when it comes to social media marketing.

What about the almost traditional networks? YouTube and Facebook are still of decisive relevance. As mentioned at the beginning, these two social networks have established themselves as the largest providers in the market in the emergence of social networks. Billions of people are registered on both social networks, spanning countries and continents. To all associations, projects and companies in Munich, these two, still offer the greatest potential. There are various ways in which a company can become active in the social networks. There are also various best-practice examples of social media campaigns.

For those who want to continue to reach more younger audiences under the age of 30, Instagram is the perfect advertising platform!

Afraid of social media? The famous shitstorm

As a company, one should not permanently deal only with the risks of social networks. In many workshops or also in lectures as a social media speaker, especially large companies, even stock corporations, are mostly concerned with the critical aspects of the platforms, while there are countless opportunities and chances.

Mostly the question comes, why does it work at company XY? Maybe it’s simply because they dare!

There will always be criticism, whether it is the classic regulars’ table or the Internet. You can always adjust to criticism and you can always let criticism go unheeded. In the care of celebrities or also like VIPs, you see that with increasing notoriety, less and less media is consumed by the VIP. Why? There will always be criticism.

However, apart from criticism and shitstorms, there are numerous options to reach people extremely precisely, such as through Facebook marketing or advertisements on Facebook. Here, as a Munich company, you can filter people extremely precisely according to their interests and their various demographic characteristics. For example, you could reach a sports student from Munich Schwabing as precisely as it was otherwise only possible via advertising posters, which are placed directly next to a university, for example – cost-intensive. However, the costs are in no relation to each other, if one considers the prices for impressions. Likewise, social networks offer a great long-term effect, because posted posters disappear after a few days, videos on YouTube are still consumed after years!

What future trends will also emerge in Munich?

In the future, there will be much more focus on connecting people in the real world. Some new precursors show that virtual/real life connection in particular is another piece of the puzzle in the social networking game. Mobile devices and all their apps are always with us. This constant readiness, will be used much more to connect people in real life. The small first beginnings are for example the sharing of locations or also currently, the timed live circuit. Live locations are transmitted once to the person you are talking to and show the current location for sixty minutes. So you can follow a moving group. Not only at festivals such a live location is a very practical function, also in the city. So you can meet friends who may be only a street corner away from each other. Without an application on the smartphone, you would not have known about each other. Communication can then be established directly. E.g. by sending an emoji. The respective interlocutor is of course immediately informed via his smartphone. Thus, a constant interaction is possible, more constant and interactive than before.

New trends in the everyday life of singles and families

Sharing locations is also a very interesting feature for families. E.g. at the Munich Oktoberfest. Although more than a million people are gathered here, again this fall, groups can easily split up and meet again. So you don’t need a special attraction or a Munich landmark anymore, but can find each other directly by tracking. It is also a very practical option for smaller children, e.g. on the way to the bakery. If the child has activated its live location, the parents can constantly see in which street the child is currently located. In case of noticeable changes in movement, one could react immediately. So social networks go further and are no longer just a medium for young people, with too much time on their hands, if you wanted to look at them critically. The numerous additional options and extension possibilities, cover more and more areas of our everyday life. As described, from the simple way to the bakery, to the humid happy evening and on the Munich Wiesn.

Payment and payment processes: Social Commerce

While in countries like China and cities like Beijing, Singapore and Hong Kong you can already pay everywhere within the social networks for a very long time, that means not only in the online shop but also in the normal stationary trade, the payment via online services and social networks has not really arrived in the Munich city center yet. But here, too, retailers will be doing quite a bit in the near future. Because social networks are a relatively easy way to identify people and also guide payment processes. If you take a look at the various apps, for example in Hong Kong, it allows for much faster payment processing and easier transfers for users. Likewise, friends can send money to each other, a very handy feature, e.g. when borrowing a little money in the evening for the beer in the brewery, to give a Munich example. From simple transactions between friends to more complex transactions between companies, there is a lot of room for manoeuvre. In the future, a lot will happen in the social networks, as their development so far shows!

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