Aperture, shutter speed, ISO value – the art of photography

Learning to take pictures – With a few tricks anyone can take great pictures, whether portraits of family members or for the perfect holiday memory. Here are a few Bascis from Photoblog Hamburg who will help you! Each setting has effects on the other, but this guide will help you get the perfect shot.

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Basics of photography Technique – Learning to take pictures

The aperture – sharpness of objects

The aperture is a mostly mechanical device on cameras. It regulates the passage of light through the lens or the optical system. Two circularly arranged lamellar plates move into each other in such a way that the passage of light becomes narrower or wider and thus the incident light beam smaller or larger. Exposure time and depth of field depend mainly on the choice of aperture. The f-number indicates the ratio of focal length to aperture width.

*Lukinski, wikipedia

Chart - Photography (aperture)

Shutter speed – Capture motion with the camera

The shutter speed actually denotes the exposure time. This means that depending on how much time you give the picture, it influences the sharpness of the image or movement. The slower the exposure time, the sharper fast movements become. The control is either purely mechanical or electronic.

*Lukinski, wikipedia

Chart - photography (shutter speed)

The ISO value – Reduces the noise of photos

Film speed is the light sensitivity of photographic plates and films. It is indicated as ISO. With higher light sensitivity you can take pictures in darker surroundings with the same exposure time or you have to reduce the exposure time with the same brightness.

*Lukinski, wikipedia

Chart - Photography (Iso-value)

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Info Graphics – Learning to photograph

Conveniently packed for your employees, freelancers, interns, students or pupils: The 1×1 infographics on the basics of photography. The full portfolio is available at Photoblog Hamburg!

Grundlagen Fotografie (Infografik) - Iso, Blende, Verschluss

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