Selfie: Definition, ideas and tips for beautiful photos

Social Media & Selfie! The magic word for the new generation. The better the cameras on smartphones get, the more media are uploaded to social networks every day. Lunch? Selfie! Sports? Selfie! The so-called Selfie is a portrait, which is made with the own camera. You hold the smartphone in front of you with your hand outstretched, switch to the front camera, look at the screen and find the best angle, light and perspective and snap!

Private, always and everywhere

The special charm of Selfies lies in the fact that photos are not taken by photographers, so to speak they are posed and guided. Selfies can be made in any situation and anywhere. Fast, simple and uncomplicated. Bloggers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, but also Twitter and TikTok can constantly take pictures of themselves, shoot small videos, take their followers with them into their private everyday life, but also at events and galas without being dependent on another person.

How to make the perfect selfie?

In the meantime, there are even whole books on this subject that report on how best to put oneself in the limelight! There are very simple tips that you can follow in order to make good selfies yourself.

  • Shoot always multiple photos, then select the best photo
  • Photograph ideally in daylight, but never against the sun
  • Change perspective, slightly swing the arm from left to right and take multiple shots
  • By changing the angle, perspective and light situation are also different

Do not use filters! Maximum small adjustments due to corrections. You will find these correction options in all social apps, e.g. Instagram directly after you have selected the photo.

  • In the advertising industry “light attracts people” applies, the brighter and friendlier a picture is, the better. Brightness correction up to 10, 12%
  • Heat, in this setting you can make photos warmer and colder. Simply explained, so the light should not be like in Brazil, or like in Moscow? Correction of heat + / – 8 %
  • Saturation, here you can add more color to the image, more green for the trees, more blue for the water, more yellow for the flowers. Correction of saturation + / – 8 %

One last tip! Remember these color corrections in general. Often photos, whether they’re used for Instagram only, or ultimately for your company’s image brochure, are edited far too much. The skin becomes a single mud stain, contours disappear completely. Our tip, natural photos, easy color settings, light and done. With Photoshop, you can also apply these color settings to natural, slightly optimized photos.