Filter – term, definition and the best 5 apps for iPhone & Android

In social media marketing, filters have two meanings, depending on whether the term “filter” is viewed from a systematic or a visual perspective.

Filter as a technical function in Content Management

On the one hand, filters are functionalities within content management systems that allow a more targeted selection of content. For example, through targeted filtering according to a keyword, or in social media management also filtering according to a certain age or interest group.

A very simple filter that almost every person uses every day is the search field. By searching for a certain keyword, only current results for this keyword are displayed. This can be events and meetings, but also current video material to a forthcoming cinema film. Whether the search is done on Google, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, the search box is probably the most commonly used filter by home users.

Of course, filters in content management systems can be much more complex. In a simple way, filters are very often offered on websites, ranging from real estate online portals to simple blogs where users can view posts from different categories or photo albums. A little further on, filters perform even more demanding tasks. Keyword Big Data. Filters sort specific interests and target groups for marketing agencies, but also for companies from databases. They also sort anomalies in astronomy. Data sets are evaluated and certain events ensure that the algorithm strikes and that this event appears to be particularly suitable. Subsequently, scientists can use this filter system to view the individual events in a targeted manner.

Due to the large amounts of data that are generated today, whether by private users who disclose their data in social networks or by companies that network the entire globe with Industry 4.0, filters and algorithms are becoming increasingly important.

Filters and apps for colors and photos

But filters can also be visual tools to enhance image material for Instagram, or Facebook. Very simple filters, such as brightness, make it possible to make images brighter, more colorful, darker, softer, more grainy, more… Filters enable us to do a lot of things. Special filter apps can easily be purchased with just a few clicks and corresponding moods can be created. From the warm sun in Miami, at 32°, orange-yellow light, the picture plunges into a summery mood. Just one click further you are already in Siberia, cold tones and lots of blue. That would be, for example, two extremes. Of course, there are also many other filters, e.g. on Snapchat. Here you can choose filters not only as color variance, but also as overlay for videos. For example, you become a fairy immersed in white, pink light with shining eyes and flowers in your hair. Buzzing light spots and fireflies lend the whole the certain atmosphere. So filters can be quite sophisticated and have a lot of effect!

Free Photo Filter Apps for Android and iPhone

The two best free photo filter apps alternatively for Android and iPhone smartphones are listed here.

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