Electrifying! Social media marketing for e-car, e-scooter, e-bike & co.

One topic dominates news channels worldwide, as well as social networks, e-cars. Even leading nations in car manufacturing, as well as Germany, predict for themselves the change within the next 10 to 15 years, with all their production capacities. We are facing an enormous change and accordingly, marketing for electric car mobility is becoming more and more important. As a social media agency, we were allowed to gain our first experiences early on, because we are fans of the technology ourselves. But as pioneer Henry Ford said, for every dollar you put into your product, you have to have another one ready to make it known.

Social marketing for new ideas

Social media is the leading medium, not only of a young generation anymore, because pretty much everyone is logged into social networks. Whether heavy users who open three different social media apps every hour or users who only get an update from their circle of friends in the evening.

Targeting and re-targeting: hardly any wastage

Social media marketing is currently the most efficient way of brand communication. In particular, the advantages of precise addressing (targeting) ensures exact coverage and little wastage. In addition, users can be addressed at several contact points, but also addressed again (re-targeting), through advertisements.

In this small guide we want to give you, in cooperation with a social media agency, an overview of how everything works and runs. Here you will also get to know roughly the services!

Brainstorming, workshop, launch!

Step number one in the cooperation is your brand, your product! Because before target group, concept and strategy can be formed, your product and your brand are the starting point of any considerations. This is how the USP is sharpened (unmistakable product features). The red thread, so to speak, for the further course. Of course, this already happens before the first meeting, the first joint workshop. Even if many steps can take place digitally, there is no substitute for a joint appointment and joint communication.

After that, the real work starts at the social media agency, no longer just with our social media experts on the front lines, but with the team behind them.

Strategy development and individual concept

The strategic development of the social media concept is then a very individual solution for each individual customer. The range alone between supplier company, battery manufacturer, electric bike, electric scooter or even electric car and electric bus or truck is huge. Accordingly, of course, the target group and the social networks through which messages are communicated.

While electric trucks are best promoted via a business portal like LinkedIn or Xing, electric bikes are best suited for target groups on Facebook. Scooters, on the other hand, more on Instagram. Just to give you a little insight into how already the product and the target audience has a strong influence on the final choice of communication channels. Because in the end it’s all about performance (sales), this should be designed as efficiently as possible.

Want to know even more about each social network? Read more about the four most popular ones here:

Charging infrastructure is also a focus of e-mobility:

Creatives, postings and campaigns

All preparations and conceptions have ultimately only one goal, creative concepts for postings, campaigns and of course advertising in social networks.

Social media ads

Social media ads in particular bring great advantages for manufacturers. Because of the exact reachability of target groups, e.g. based on interests, age, place of residence, but also other parameters, messages can be sent out as targeted as never before.

Tracking for key figures

Marketing mobility no longer has to take place via large poster campaigns, TV commercials or even newspapers. Advertising in social networks is significantly more effective, more efficient and of course also more measurable, e.g. through indirect data exchange of systems. For example, it can be tracked directly whether advertised persons have visited a website, subscribed to a newsletter or used the color configurator on your own website, for example. The more information you collect about your users, the more you can play them out with a good social media agency.

Campaign management for advertisements

Campaign management for advertisements is therefore also a central factor in the service spectrum of a social media agency. Why? The big goal is reach. However, in a balanced mix of quality and quantity.

You don’t have one poster for a million people, but one ad, for an ad group that may only be 1000 people. For this, it is explicitly addressed, e.g. young parents, tech-savvy people, males or females, certain age groups or even people according to where they live or where they are currently staying.

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