Twitter Marketing: Do you need it! Between Bots and Fake News – Video Tutorial #6

Twitter. Do we need it? In this episode, we take a critical look at the network. Social bots and fake news gave Twitter a whole new value in the us election campaign. But is Twitter worth it for companies? German tutorial

Pinterest Marketing: E-commerce and Backlinks – Video Tutorial #5

Pinterest has not yet arrived in Germany. Although it is the first port of call for many creative people looking for inspiration. Google also positions the images that you have in your “pinboards” in Pinterest high in the search results. So Pinterest marketing also relates to search engine marketing. Here is our little introduction! You […]

Social Media Marketing Tutorial: Help from the Advertising Agency Expert

Social media marketing is a hot topic for all big brands. Trends travel around the world in seconds and social media managers have the task of helping to shape trends. Through creative ideas, strategic planning and a precise conception of marketing in the social networks. Since I notice a lot of general questions during consulting […]

Correction layers in Photoshop: light, contrast, color tutorial for beginners

Correction layers allow you to visually adjust graphics in Photoshop. Whether it’s lighting, contrasts or the color tones. They are used in many Photoshop actions. For example, after all photographers’ photo shoots and on all advertising posters and on … the list is endless. That’s why, as a Photoshop beginner, it’s also worth taking a […]

Blur in Photoshop: Photo Upgrade in Minutes

Photoshop has a lot of little extras that really make life easier in advertising agencies, even for quick blog posts. Often you don’t get a perfect photo in the important situations. Often, perhaps only one employee has photographed with the mobile phone. Subsequently, the image quality is of course accordingly. For whatever reason, with the […]

Youtube Video Marketing: Content, Community and SEO – Video Tutorial #3

Youtube is the main source of information for video content. Every second internet user is registered here. An incredible number with great potential. Next week we’ll look at how you can successfully do video marketing in Youtube! You can find all the social media marketing tutorials here. Want to get started with Youtube marketing and […]

Photoshop Tutorial: Clipping with Masks / Transparency

Photoshop, with its layers, allows multiple graphics to be on top of each other. If we compare this with two sheets, we would only see the top sheet. If we want to take a look at the sheet below, we either have to turn off the layer or put a mask on it! Masks overlay […]

Instagram Marketing: Bloggers, Influencers, Timings – Video Tutorial #4

Instagram inspires young target groups in particular. Most users are between 12 and 29 years old. This makes Instagram a wonderful tool for young brands to generate reach. Blogger relations and influencer marketing by big brands show how it’s done. We take a first look at the network for snack content. German tutorial.

Facebook Marketing: Basics for Social Media Managers – Video Tutorial #2

Facebook is top dog! Here are the most users online. On average up to 8 times a day! There is also great potential for companies, brands and businesses in the targeting options and retargeting. Here we show users products again that they have already seen in our e-commerce. This increases sales. Lots of little tricks, […]

Frankfurt Keynote Speaker: Social Media Marketing & Management for Companies

Digitalization is constantly present in all of our daily lives. As social media managers, we spend our time not only at work, but always on the social web, with friends or looking for entertainment. In lectures, we speak from concrete experience, not from theoretical applied knowledge and know-how of third parties, from social media books, […]