Social Hub: Editorial Planning and Monitoring – Software Tip

Social Hub is primarily concerned with user interaction. In addition to the usual editorial scheduling that Buffer or Hootsuite also offer, this software places special emphasis on tracking conversations, having quick response from employees when comments or posts are made, and thus building long-term relationships with the user. The software advertises itself as being able to “handle social media messages as easily as email.” But besides the communication aspect from Social Hub, this is also about media monitoring. Here you can track keywords on longer paths but also hashtags and indirect mentions of your own channels. This way, you can find out what relevance your brand has and to what extent it increases your reach. Because you can’t always track the numbers on your own channel, you need more complex software solutions that can also map the monitoring of social media marketing. For an optimal workflow and better collaboration of users, there are also team planning tools here. With this, a superior marketing manager can structure his own team, between the different networks, so that everyone knows his focus.

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Social Hub: Analytics, Monitoring and Pricing

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The advantage of the extensive analyses and evaluations is clearly that you can optimize your own strategy based on real data. This increases the social media activities and the own figures and evaluations of the performance become even more meaningful when looking at the individual channels. Social Hub thus offers a creative solution for strategists in social media management.