Learn Video Online Marketing with YouTube – Tutorial

YouTube online marketing is the art of bringing relevant content and visitors together. Through content marketing, the skilful planning of content (of texts, images, networks, etc.), great, lasting successes in online marketing can be achieved. This means: rankings in search engines, interaction in social networks, and much more. Learn in this article how to filter existing content for relevance with Google Analytics and how to effectively package this content into small videos. In our article Youtube SEO by you will find even more exciting information about search engines & Social Media Network.

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Video Online Marketing with YouTube – Overview

In today’s example, I’ll show you how we can film the FAQ for YouTube with relatively simple means. You wonder why? YouTube has a high impact and is, next to Google itself, the second largest ‘search engine’ in the world. Hundreds of millions of people watch short films about cats, funny moments or even instructions and tutorials every day.

Get to know YouTube as a traffic source:

The perfect content planning

For this tutorial you need language talent or an existing FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions. FAQ means ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ – then you do not need to create new text content for your video channel. On the web, Internet users are mainly (also) looking for solutions. This means they have a concrete question and will ask corresponding search queries: “real estate”, “deposit” or “market price in Cologne”. Cleverly, one can now direct people to one’s own online offer through explanations and assistance! Video contents are rarely produced, not many companies think of this step. Therefore there is room for good placements in many niches for the German and international market. The videos are not only displayed in YouTube search results, but also in Google search results.

Is there still no video for a search query? Be the first!

Finding keywords is a mystery to many, but there are very simple, small tools for the first overview: The Google search box. The search engine automatically gives further suggestions for each search query. They are selected in such a way that the probability is high that you could be interested in this topic with your search query. Concretely that means, if you type something, you will get suggestions. Thus you can get an overview of the search queries of other users on the topic with first rough keywords. From these you then form your keyword combinations.

If you want to go one step deeper, you should definitely also take a look at the Google Keywordplanner.


Content planning with Google Analytics

The Google page analysis helps to fix interesting contents. If you have existing FAQs or other helpful, instructive texts, you can use Google Analytics to check which content your website visitors access particularly frequently. Therefore open your Google Analytics account. In the dashboard of your domain you will find the menu item ‘Behaviour’, open it, then “Website content” and “All pages”. In this overview you will now find all page views of your website (no matter if content or online shop). Tip: Open directly more than the 10 lines, bottom right, ‘Show lines’.

In the overview you will now see all individual Internet pages with further information. Here you will get to Google Analytics.

  1. Entrances
  2. Rejection rate
  3. % exits
  4. Page value

Relevant for us are only the page impressions in relation to the relative visiting time. Why? Page impressions tell you how often this individual page was visited. The relative visiting time tells you if the content was then, which content was interesting in relation to others (visiting times). In general, it is important for your online marketing or content marketing to compare numbers in Google Analytics and put them into relation. This will help you to recognize the strong points of your online project.

content-marketing-planning-google-analytics-behavior-page analysis-target pages

The list is now many lines long and contains all information. You can now filter which pages are relevant and move on to video production in the next step. Tip: Before you use cumbersome filters, you can easily find the pages using the search function. Use Ctrl+F to activate the search in all programs, including the browser. If all our pages are sub-pages, i.e. /faq/page title, then simply enter ‘faq’ in the search field and all FAQ pages will be highlighted in colour. This makes the search easier.

Now you start to note all important pages in a small list:

  • /faq/offer property
  • /faq/brokerage costs
  • /faq/flat-rents

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Text preparation and video equipment in comparison

You should now save all texts in a single document. This collection is the basis for the upcoming video content. Speak the texts for the exercise freely. You will notice that the more you speak, the less you look at your sheet. This is a real advantage in the video later. If you need the texts to speak, you should make sure that the text flow is given: You don’t have the paper in your hand. As mentioned above, ideally you speak freely in front of the camera! From my radio time I can give you a tip here:

  • Font size: 14pt
  • Line spacing: 1.5

Comparison: Camera and equipment for 3 film sets

There are three ways to shoot YouTube videos: low budget, with your own YouTube ‘studio’ or with an agency. But I promise you that it doesn’t need a highly elaborate production. YouTube as a social media platform lives from emotional videos, from content, less from the perfect concept. With good smartphones, no matter if Apple iPhone 5, HTC Desire or Samsung, you can produce perfect videos today.

Small budget YouTube film set, equipment list*

  • Cut in pre-installed programs, free or demo versions

Good YouTube film set, equipment list*

The links are so-called affiliate links. If you buy something through these links, I get a small part from the merchant as commission. You will not pay a single cent more! Thanks a lot. With the equipment you can, no matter if low budget or premium, produce good videos for your own company online marketing.

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