WW New Year Get Together: Influencer Event Throwback + Video

Throwback from Stephan (owner): I was so proud to work with WW (Weight Watchers). WW has the Oprah Winfrey Trust! A full day, with over 50 invited, good-humored guests. We had exclusive dance tips from and with the wonderful Motsi Mabuse. But everyone was also enchanted by star chef Andi Schweiger. He created and presented live delicious dishes from the new WW cookbook, with delicious winter dishes. All this above the rooftops of the city, with personalized WW magazine covers and small X-Mas gifts. More about the event, among others here in the fashion magazine: WW Influencer Event (external).

New book, new year, new stories – Video

New book, new year, new stories! What better way to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another than together?

With healthy cuisine from the new WW book, dance tips from Motsi Mabuse and much more. Otherwise I do fashion shows like here in Berlin(Youtube) but sometimes, we get even more creative! My first event was the Sport Influencer Award, awarded among others to Pamela Reif, by Angelique Kerber. Everything for a good, healthy and active life. Spring is coming, the best time for this little throwback & a thank you to the whole WW team.

Impressions from the event

Here are a few more impressions from the video.

Welcome, news and daily schedule above the roofs of the city

WW Magazine Cover Shooting: Reminder

Dancing with Motsi Mabuse: Exclusive tips

Live cuisine: celebrity chef Andi Schweiger enchants

Cookbook: Inspiration and Signed, of course!