Conversion Boost via Modal Box

Today I had a special requirement for a customer project. Basically it is about the website (CMS, WordPress) of a coaching offer. The newsletter function on the client’s website plays an important role in customer retention and acquisition. It should be optimized – in other words, we want to increase the conversion (‘registration’) of the website. The task will therefore be to optimize our client’s website for ‘newsletter registration’.

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Minimize jump possibilities

Imagine a hiking trail. Our goal is to lure people to the restaurant at the end. The more signs we put up along the path, the more likely visitors will leave the path. So in the first step we reduce the number of links, switch off sidebars.

Modal Box

Lightboxes have been a big name for years. You can find them in photo galleries on many websites and social networks. If you click on a picture, it opens in a new box while the background of the website darkens.

Modal Popup Boxes

setting options – easy to edit

You can use the same principle to guide visitors in the decisive step > Modal Box. For this you use modal boxes. Modal boxes contain content and action fields (‘buy now’, ‘inform’, ‘register’). The link is now scattered everywhere (in the main menu, in the footer, on the individual pages and blog posts). With every click of a visitor, only the essential part ‘Now for registration’ opens. The website below is darkened and thus fades into the background. Minimized jumping off possibilities, higher conversion.

+ AD: Do you know?

Download and try it yourself

I searched for a while and then discovered ‘Easy Modal’. A simple tool that allows you to set up modals in a few minutes. In the Basic version, free of charge and with all the features that small businesses, self-employed or bloggers need. HTML integration, direct content editing in WP editor and multimedia. So even videos, social media plugins or forms are integrated quickly and easily.

The WordPress Plug In ‘Easy Modal’ from danieliser can be downloaded here:

Easy Modal Plugin – Download from
Easy Modal Website – Examples, Documentation & Pricing
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