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Social Media Agency NRW – Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Duisburg, Bochum, Wuppertal, Bielefeld, Bonn, Münster, Mönchengladbach, Gelsenkirchen, over 30 cities in NRW have over 100,000 inhabitants, Cologne even over 1,000,000 million. Düsseldorf over 600,000, Dortmund and Essen over 500,000.

Social Media Marketing: Quickly explained

Besides the metropolises Munich, Hamburg and Berlin, NRW with its entire catchment area is an extremely strong region, not only in Germany, but also in the whole of Europe. Are you looking for a good and experienced social media agency? Our experts advise, design, activate, on this and other social networks:

On this page we want to give you a few insights into our work, performance and references. If you are looking for a good social media agency for your brand, please get in touch with our contact persons! We are looking forward to your project and your ideas:

Stephan M. Czaja, Owner

NRW: Key figures

You are not from NRW, but looking for a social media agency in the region? Here are a few key figures about the federal state! Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bonn, in no other federal state is there as much potential for advertising companies in social media as in North Rhine-Westphalia. With its central location in Europe, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, all just a stone’s throw away. Great potential, although most people also look to Berlin. Yet 16 million consumers are waiting here for new ideas.

However, as in all other cities and states, it is especially about showing regular activity! Depending on the product, brand and goal. For some, however, advertising on social networks is also the more efficient way to build reach. How exactly you can reach users in social networks, also in North Rhine-Westphalian cities, through advertising (Ads), we will show you later!

Get to know a small part of our work here and get an insight into how working with a social media agency works.


Agency: Analysis, concept and community – setting goals

Analysis (in the workshop) – A look at the industry, product(s), target group(s) is the first step when it comes to marketing in social networks. Thereby the social networks differ in their effectiveness, depending on which target group you want to address. Therefore, it is even more important to get to know your brand and company in the first step. In fact, there are many market leaders here in North Rhine-Westphalia, in Dortmund, Essen or even Bochum.

Concept, planning and strategy

With over 16 million potential customers in their own state alone, digital marketing has almost become mandatory for businesses these days! Many start directly with four different social media channels, but without a concept. Without a concept, planning and strategy, a lot of energy is wasted and actions come to nothing. Therefore, our experts deal with your brand in the very first step and even more specifically, with your product and your individual target group. In a joint workshop you get to know the concepts and goals. Only then do we get down to the practical work, the social media marketing itself.

Strategy, Social Networks, Creatives

Depending on the initial situation, the following work steps differ. For some, it’s about channel building, the first steps for the product launch, yet others already have a foundation on which we can build as an agency. You can find more about the individual networks here:

Activities, community, advertising and optimization

From the first analysis, all measures in social media marketing are derived. This area includes many activities, from community building to community maintenance, sometimes even crisis communication (shitstorm). Which communication strategy is pursued, for example, when it comes to individual campaigns (advertisements)?

The great advantage of a good social media agency

You don’t have to worry about much in these areas. As a customer, you get regular concept updates, key figures from reporting (based on your KPIs) and that in a focused, quick overview, from our social media experts. So you can fully concentrate on your core business.

Content Production: In NRW and everywhere (for you)

Photos, videos, GIFs, texts, emojis… daily greets the groundhog, not only in 90s movies, but also in social networks. Just an idea? Not enough! As an active brand, you need daily postings (posts), accordingly, new ideas must be constantly developed, at the same time evergreens (well running content), must be sprinkled again at regular intervals. As always, don’t worry, with a good social media agency you will enjoy the benefit of having everything already summarized in an editorial plan. Employees of the social media agency can orientate themselves exactly on this editorial plan, as well as your employees and also external agencies (e.g. advertising or PR).

We also produce media content for our clients. Photographs, video recordings, in short form for Instagram Stories or in longer form, e.g. as YouTube reports. We create everything from the ideas, to the editorial plan, to the media content, to the publication and the interaction with your community.


Selected Brands & Projects:


Media & TV Interviews:



Reach and advertising: achieving goals

The big goal of all social media marketing measures in NRW, reach. Whether in North Rhine-Westphalia locally, or in the other metropolises, cities and regions of Europe. Thanks to social media, there are no more limits! There are two areas in particular, organic reach and paid reach (advertising).

Organic reach = Good & interesting content

Organic reach comes from good content. We always say, content that adds value to the user. Because, the competition is big within the social media app. Thousands of photos are uploaded every second, in North Rhine-Westphalia alone. In fact, the flood of photos, videos and news in social networks is gigantic. That’s why there always needs to be a mix of organic reach and paid reach, in most cases even more paid than organic. Because what do social networks earn from? From advertisers. Accordingly, reach doesn’t come for free. With our expert you will find the most efficient way to performance in social networks.

Tip! Through good and structured topic planning, not only the organic reach can be generated within the social networks, from Facebook to YouTube to TikTok, the knowledge gained or sometimes content, can be used just as efficiently in search engine optimization (SEO), for example for e-commerce, directly another advantage. There is even a separate area, this is called Social SEO and works for example via Pinterest and their link structure.

Content: methods, instruments and possibilities

You see how diverse the methods, tools and possibilities are in content marketing. Good content is important, but so is reach. The bigger the brand, the bigger the product, the bigger the social boom should be, the more ads play into it.

Campaign switching: Social media advertising

Paid outreach for content, dark posts and evaluation. Another big area in our social media agency. Because especially the switching of social media ads, so advertising in social networks, is one of our core areas. You can find more on this topic in our Social Media Blog. An extremely big advantage is the exact addressing of individual users, based on parameters. So-called targeting.

Targeting – Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or Youtube, targeted approach through parameters such as place of residence / location, age, interests, and much more. You will get to know the whole matter in our first, joint workshop. The exact place of residence, a precise radius, is only one of over 2,000 parameters that are available through the data treasure of Facebook. Of course, no one has insight into this treasure trove of data, but it can be used to create extremely powerful ads.

Example: Run a campaign

You reach users precisely, for example in Dortmund. Example parameter (advertisement):

  • Target: pet food, buyers within a 20 kilometre radius, in NRW
  • Target group: People aged between 20 and 35 years old
  • Interests: Family (e.g., frequent interaction with issues surrounding “dog”).
  • Whereabouts: Exclusively people within a 20 km radius of the store

Also for e-commerce and Google Ads / Native Ads – Should you have your own online store for your goods or services, then you are certainly also interested in how to combine social media marketing and e-commerce. Here too there are various possibilities, read more about here:

Whole 30 cities: Over 100,000 inhabitants

A whole 30 cities – in no other region in Germany, or indeed in the whole of Europe, do they have so many people in one area. In North Rhine-Westphalia alone there are 30 cities with over 100,000 inhabitants. Take advantage of the opportunities and possibilities we have through social media marketing!

Workshop, Strategy, Workflow – Our Agency

It all starts in the workshop – you want to expand your social media marketing? Then we are your contacts, with experience, expertise and best practice in various sectors. Insurance, banking, food, automotive, we bring your brand further forward!

Contact and contact person

Here you will find our contact details and contact persons for your project:

Social Media One

Core Analysis

Core Analysis

Channel, target group and competitor analysis with subsequent consultation and goal setting.



Social media goals and production strategy development, in person and on site



Social media concept, production and editorial plan from a single source. Reading tip: Social media strategy



Community management ensures organic reach and creates brand fans. Reading tip: Community Management

Social media ads


Campaign switching, paid reach for content, dark posts and evaluation. Read tip: Facebook Ads



Content, community and campaign analysis with subsequent monitoring and reporting. Reading tip: Monitoring


Customer communication

Regular appointments with our social media experts for strategy optimization. A little insight into best practice.



Brand advocates and referral marketing are a key tool in social marketing. Reading tip: Influencer Marketing



With expertise from food to fashion, we organize influencer events with top media output. Reading tip: Influencer Event



Our experts impart their knowledge in a focused way to your employees or guests. Read Tip! Social Media Speaker


Advanced training

We bring your employees up to speed and mentor you in social media marketing. Reading tip: Social Media Workshop



We work on brand fans, not followers. We crate presence with attention to detail. Reading tip: Social Media Agency.