Social Bots in Comparison: Combin vs. Instazood – Quality vs. Quantity in Marketing

The big comparison! Combin versus Instazood, or quality versus quantity. Social bots are used by more people, bloggers and agencies than you think. Example? Over 70% of tweets in the US election campaign came from an IP address. Bots interact humanly and enable mass interactions (likes, comments, and follow/unfollow cycles). Today we want to take an object look at both tools. The Combin review as well as the Instazood test of our social media agency a few weeks ago already had an extremely large number of readers and due to the high demand, we have now made this practical video tutorial!

Combin: Likes, comments and Do/Unfollow without verification

Instazood is one of several social bots circulating on the web. It automatically likes photos and videos on Instagram, posts comments or follows and unfollows others. All with the goal: more followers! We take an in-depth look at the bot and its features to give you an objective look.

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Combin: Likes, comments and Do/Unfollow with verification

Combin is a handy social media marketing tool that allows you to automatically give likes and comments to other Instagram users. This creates interactions which in turn leads to the fact that you get more followers. Your reach grows organically and almost for free. How Combin works, we show in this practical video tutorial!