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Employer branding agency: tasks, campaigns, costs

Employer Branding Agency – Do you want to attract outstanding employees to your company and stand out from the competition? Then a good employer branding agency is indispensable. But what exactly constitutes such an agency and what are the goals of employer branding? In this article, we will give you a comprehensive overview of the […]

HR Marketing Tasks: For successful employer branding

HR marketing tasks – HR marketing is an essential part of human resource management, as it involves attracting and retaining qualified employees. There are internal and external HR marketing tasks that pursue different goals. In this article, we will introduce you to the most important HR marketing tasks and provide useful tips on how to […]

HR marketing ideas: 5 creative examples for your company

HR Marketing Ideas – As an employer, do you want to make your company more attractive to potential employees and stand out from the competition? Then you should definitely rely on creative HR marketing ideas. After all, targeted and innovative HR work can help improve your company’s image and increase its attractiveness as an employer. […]

Recruiting Agency: Find good employees! This is how it works

Recruiting agency – The search for qualified employees can become a major challenge for companies. In this day and age of increasing digitalization, the Internet offers numerous opportunities to attract potential employees. In this context, recruiting agencies are playing an increasingly important role, as they offer holistic support in the area of employee recruitment. In […]

Employer Branding: What is it? Strong and positive employer brands

Employer branding refers to the process of designing and developing an employer brand that conveys a company’s image and identity as an employer. It is about influencing the perception of potential employees, current employees and the public at large to position the company as an attractive employer. PS: Here you can find everything important about […]

Attracting new professionals with employer branding – definition & measures

For some employers, employer branding is a significant part of marketing. The focus here is on marketing themselves as an attractive employer and thus strengthening the brand. This article is about the connection between employer branding and personnel marketing and about internal and external measures with which you can draw attention to your company as […]

Personnel marketing: Addressing (potential) employees – definition, goals & measures

HR marketing – It is nothing more than applying marketing concepts to the HR area. As with classic marketing, the aim here is to align the company and its products holistically with the customer needs of current and future employees. As a result, employees are viewed less as a “resource” and more as “customers” whom […]