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Live Stories – Video Marketing on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram

Life stories are short postings, usually small photos or videos, with a maximum length of 15 seconds. Some live stories take a little longer, of course, but most are very short, 5 seconds. Life stories are used to document everyday life. While postings in the timeline are very obvious and stored for a long time, […]

Advertisements in Instagram Stories: Corporate Advertising

Advertise even more effectively on Instagram? On Instagram you can not only advertise with a posting but also play advertising in the Instagram Stories. Today we want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such an Instagram Story ad. Like to see a real campaign? Check out this Instagram ads design best practice. But first, […]

Instagram Story: Now with polls, opportunities and risks for influencers and brands

Now in Internet World Business magazine, the new interview with social media expert Stephan M. Czaja on the topic of “Influencer Marketing: New survey function of Instagram Stories”. Social media networks have changed the world and influencer marketing is changing the world of advertising. With constantly new features, social networks also advertise themselves. Instagram now […]

Instagram Story: Now with surveys, opportunities and risks for influencers and brands

An interesting Instagram tool is the Story function. Since such a story is only active for 24 hours, it is to be assumed that the effect with users probably remains manageable. What are your experiences