Facebook statistics: advertising, marketing, users, share price & infographics

Facebook – marketing, advertising, users, … what facts and figures are there about the largest social network in the world? At the beginning of the year, Facebook had 2.2 billion users worldwide. But if you look at the age structure you can see that the youth is migrating to alternatives like Instagram and TikTok. Facebook users are getting older, so they have more purchasing power. The structures within the world of social networks are changing. Our Facebook agency keeps you up to date!

Investments in Facebook & Social-Media-Advertising

Before we look at Facebook in numbers, here is a look at the share price. If you want to invest money in shares, you are thinking long-term (for your savers and investors), especially as a capital-strong fund. Do investors trust in the structure, work and future of Facebook? A share price says more than a thousand words:

  • At the beginning of 2020: US$ 182 per share
  • Increase 2019 / 2020: 37.87%

Social Media Marketing

Investments in social media advertising worldwide in the years 2007 to 2018 and forecast 2022.

  • 2007: 512 million US dollars
  • 2012: 6,274 million US dollars
  • 2017: 50,215 million US dollars
  • 2022: USD 123,070 million
  • Increase 2020 to 2022: 96,190 million US dollars to 123,070 million US dollars

Statistics: Investment in social media advertising worldwide in the years 2007 to 2018 and forecast 2022 (in million US dollars) | Statista

Facebook sales 93% Mobile

Facebook revenues in the second quarter of 2019 increased by around USD 3.7 billion (+28 percent) compared to the same period last year.

  • Payments: $262 million
  • Mobile advertising: US$ 15,627 million (US$ 15.6 billion)
  • Advertising Desktop: 997 million US-$
  • Relation mobile / desktop: 6% (15.67 x performance)

Top Facebook pages by industry

B2B Company

Ranking of the most popular German B2B companies by number of Facebook fans in October 2019.

The current top 5 on Facebook of B2B companies:

  1. Bayer AG with 2,809,470 (2.8 M)
  2. IBM Career & Jobs with 1,919,930 (1.9 M)
  3. Robert Bosch GmbH with 1,350,440 (1.35 M)
  4. Ernst & Young Deutschland Career with 1,301,330 (1.3 M)
  5. SAP AG with 1,099,490 (1 M)

Statistics: Ranking of the most popular German B2B companies by number of Facebook fans in October 2019 (in 1,000) | Statista

food brands

Most popular food brands according to the number of Facebook fans in Germany 2019.

The current Top 5 on Facebook of food brands:

  1. McDonald’s (DE) with 2,400,000 (2.4 million) fans
  2. Subway Germany with 967.000 (967 K) fans
  3. Burger King Germany with 839.000 (839 K) fans
  4. KFC (DE) with 663,000 (663 K) fans
  5. Pizza Hut (DE) with 608,000 (608 K) fans

Statistics: Most popular gastronomy brands in Germany by number of fans on Facebook in February 2018 (in 1,000) | Statista


Most popular hotels in Germany by number of Facebook fans in January 2019 (in 1,000).

The current Top 5 on Facebook of hotels:

  1. Vita Hotel Westfalen Therme Spa & Wellness Resort with 654,000 (654 K) fans
  2. Choice Hotels (DE) with 402,000 (402 K) fans
  3. Radisson Blu (DE) with 347,000 (347 K) fans
  4. Pampering Hotel Kristall with 225.000 (225 K) fans
  5. Club La Santa Lanzarote with 146.000 (146 K) fans

Statistics: Most popular hotels in Germany by number of Facebook fans in January 2019 (in 1,000) | Statista


Most popular gastronomy brands in Germany by number of fans on Facebook in February 2018 (in 1,000).

The current Top 5 on Facebook of the gastronomy industry:

  1. McDonald’s (DE) with 2,400,000 (2.4 million) fans
  2. Subway Germany with 967.000 (967 K) fans
  3. Burger King Germany with 839.000 (839 K) fans
  4. KFC (DE) with 663,000 (663 K) fans
  5. Pizza Hut (DE) with 608,000 (608 K) fans

Statistics: Most popular gastronomy brands in Germany by number of fans on Facebook in February 2018 (in 1,000) | Statista

food brands

Most popular food brands according to the number of Facebook fans in Germany in May 2019 (in 1,000)

The current Top 5 on Facebook of food brands:

  1. Knorr (DE) with 12,500,000 (12.5 million) fans
  2. Simple Tasty with 2,700,000 (2.7 million) fans
  3. Delicious with 2,400,000 (2.4 million) fans
  4. Nutella (DE, AT, CH) with 2,100,000 (2.1 million) fans
  5. Strongbow (DE) with 2,100,000 (2.1 million) fans

Statistics: Most popular food brands according to the number of Facebook fans in Germany in May 2019 (in 1,000) | Statista


Most popular universities in Germany according to the number of Facebook fans in January 2020 (in 1,000)

The current top 5 on Facebook of universities:

  1. TU Munich with 92,000 (92 K) fans
  2. Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich with 85.000 (85 K) fans
  3. Goethe University Frankfurt with 82,000 (82 K) fans
  4. RWTH Aachen University with 78,000 (78 K) fans
  5. FernUniversität Hagen with 77,000 (77 K) fans

Statistics: Most popular universities in Germany according to the number of Facebook fans in January 2020 (in 1,000) | Statista

sports clubs (US)

US sports clubs with the most Facebook fans in January 2019 (in 1,000)

The current top 5 on Facebook of US American sports clubs:

  1. Los Angeles Lakers (NBA) with 21,520,000 (21.5 million) fans
  2. Chicago Bulls (NBA) with 18,350,000 (18.3 million) fans
  3. Miami Heat (NBA) with 15,730,000 (15.7 million) fans
  4. Golden State Warriors (NBA) with 11,090,000 (11 million) fans
  5. Boston Celtics (NBA) with 9,000,000 (9 million) fans

Statistics: US sports clubs with the most Facebook fans in January 2019 (in millions) | Statista

Facebook users and user data

Cambridge Analytica Scandal and Impact

Recently, the media reported that the personal data of 50 million Facebook users were used illegally by the company “Cambridge Analytica” in the last US election campaign. Which of the following statements apply to you?

Statistics: Recently, media reported that the personal data of 50 million Facebook users was illegally collected by the company .

Countries with the most mobile Facebook users

In these countries in particular, Facebook plays a major role in quantitative terms. The current top 10 countries with the most Facebook users:

  1. USA with 123.1 million users
  2. India with 101.5 million users
  3. Indonesia with 62.6 million users
  4. Brazil with 57.9 million users
  5. Mexico with 30.9 million users
  6. UK with 26.2 million users
  7. Japan with 22.7 million users
  8. Germany with 18.7 million users
  9. France with 16.9 million users
  10. Russia with 15.5 million users

teenager exodus

Facebook is no longer hip with the youth. Directly after this infographics have a paragraph about “Facebook as a meeting place for senior citizens”. Important facts and figures for advertisers on Facebook. The youth can currently be reached via Instagram and TikTok.

De Trend was already apparent a few years ago, as can be seen here in an infographic from the last decade.

At least that’s what a survey on the number of Facebook users in the USA suggests. According to this, the number of active 13 to 17-year-olds has fallen by 3.3 million in the last three years, which is a minus of 25 percent.

Facebook as a senior meeting place?

Facebook is still recording rising user numbers, but the hip young social network of yesteryear is no longer so. Because the fastest growing target group is above all the over 50s, as the Statista chart shows.

Editor vs. Composer! Simple WYSIWYG text editor against Drag’n’drop plugin

Visual Composer’ are among the trends at WordPress. If you want to create pages and articles in the content management system WordPress, you need the integrated WP editor. The WP editor is in short a WYSIWYG editor, in long words a “what you see is what you get” editor. That means, similar to the well-known office software Word from Microsoft, you always see changes live. Make a word bold bold is bold. Underline a word it is underlined. This is exactly how the WordPress editor works, what you do is what you see. For smaller online projects, websites and blogs this feature is perfectly sufficient. However, with the increasing popularity of WordPress, larger and larger pages have been implemented with the system. But many web designers and media managers didn’t want to settle for simple text fields and embellish the individual page layouts. With individual icons, custom backgrounds, sliders, large images and much more.

+ Do you know?


Classical WordPress Editor or nevertheless Composer?

For a professional this is no problem at all, he writes a few lines of code with HTML and CSS and it’s done. But the principle of a content management system is to manage large amounts of data and ideally to make them easily accessible, editable and deletable for users. Therefore, it is recommended to have a nice user-friendly interface that is easy to work with even without a lot of technical knowledge.

principle, design with shortcodes

In order to style pages relatively simply, the idea of using shortcodes was born. These shortcodes combine more complicated code into simple tags that can be used by the user. A simple example would be to pack a nice headline into a shortcode:

[ headline ]Here is the headline[ /headline ]

… the element is then given a special color, a special position, perhaps a different font, font strength and much more. Before we start typing complicated HTML and CSS properties, it would be wise to just use the term headline. And that’s exactly how the principle of shortcodes works: You pack more complicated, long codes into simple little snippets. The problem with this principle is that you need a lot of visual imagination, because the user sees code, not a nicely formatted headline. And now imagine that we only increase the complexity a little bit and include tables, with exactly the same distances between them, which are then also colored in the background, individually, once blue, once yellow, once orange. This is where shortcodes reach their limits, at least for the non-technician.

+ Do you know?


New: Composing in the WordPress Editor

In order that content can be easily placed and is also directly visually visible, in its approximate position, in its approximate form, there have been various alternatives to the standard WP editor for some time now: Composer. You can usually download these, install them in your WordPress system and off you go. All important downloads can be found here and again at the end of the article.

The first step is to install the Composer of your choice like a normal plugin in your WordPress Dashboard. In a further step you activate the plugin as usual. What has changed now? Pages and articles. Let’s take a look at your WordPress Dashboard first. Here you will find all important points for you once again in an overview, from blog posts to media to comments and extensions. Pages and posts are relevant for our task today. Pages and posts differ in principle only in that you categorize and chronologically arrange posts like in a classic blog. Pages are all static pages like your terms and conditions, contact pages or “About us” but also the start page and so on.

The most important WP dashboard elements for your website:

wordpress-dashboard-basic-element explanation

Enable WP Composer

In the following example we use the layout editor in WordPress Themes Enfold (found here). No matter if you use the Layout Editor or the Visual Composer of the WP Bakery, you will find a blue button in every single page or post, which leads you to the Composer or switches the mode from the WP Editor to the Composer.


Many advantages, much flexibility

Let’s first take a look at the countless advantages that the Composer brings to you. On the one hand we have the responsive compilation of content for computers and for mobile devices. The Composer allows you to view columns and rows as individual elements and to adapt them to the size of your screen, i.e. desktop, tablet or smartphone. Furthermore, you have a visual interface, you do not need HTML, CSS or shortcodes to create strong elements like video backgrounds. All elements within the pages or posts can be moved easily and intuitively via drag and drop. The structure of the individual elements is defined and always the same, this gives your website a uniform look and gives the user orientation and therefore less disturbance during the visit.

Further advantages:

  • Elements are freely positionable – even without HTML, CSS knowledge
  • We can create layouts as templates

  • …<


[shortcode variables slug=”adsense”]

columns, cells and structure

Let us now look at picture 4. There you will find the conclusion of the small introduction to working with visual editors in WordPress. This is also the last step in my workshops, because working with a composer is very intuitive and can be learned best by trying. It doesn’t take much time either, because the elements are usually limited to twenty. With an independent training the use of the composer is easier and faster understandable. The results will quickly be very good, because the application is really easy with a little guidance and imagination:


My tip: Keep it simple

Look at the structure in figure 4, often none of the special headings need to be, a text field is sufficient. Set a section or work with a column, place a text element here and see what happens. Via the preview (top right on your editing page), you can see the result in a new browser tab. Now go a small step further and place a line our first text field. Make a headline out of the text field and at the very end position a new text field. Done. You can simply copy these fields in a composer and create three or four or five paragraphs. This way you can quickly create a layout and even new employees can quickly learn and show them how effective content management works

If you have any further questions about content management, content marketing, wordpress or workshops for the training of your employees, then give us a call. We have efficient and strong workshop concepts that we have tested many times in close cooperation with our customers and clients. You can also benefit from our experience and know-how as online entrepreneurs and consultants.

WordPress: Password forgotten or hacked?! Change password via SQL in 3 steps

Today I had an interesting customer project. When I received the SQL file for the WordPress system from the customer, I found out that I had no access to the system. And my customer is on vacation. So I wanted to log in, but I couldn’t. So this morning I had to create an account for the WordPress system via SQL.

+ Do you know?


How to reset your WordPress password?

Sometimes you forget your WordPress administration password or need a new one for a customer project. In my case it was the latter. This little tutorial will show you how to change WordPress users and passwords easily. Since I hear about this problem frequently – through searches, friends and customers – I wanted to write a quick post about how you can change your WordPress password in a few seconds, create new users or update your current user account. This little feature even encrypts your password automatically in MD5.

So with just a few clicks and a few inputs you can create or update a new user account within seconds. Let’s get started:

Step 1: Change password via SQL database

All you need is the free PhpMyAdmin SQL database tool. Most providers like or have already integrated the tool into their customer account. If you are working on your notebook (localhost), you will also find PhpMyAdmin preinstalled if you enter http://localhost in your browser. So you can access your database directly. Via SQL command you can easily change the data set.


Step 2: Find and edit wp_users

In PHP my Admin open your database for the WordPress system you want to edit, open the table wp_users (wp_ is the default prefix and can vary)


Step 3: SQL command for password change

Now click on the tab “SQL” in the upper menu. In the tab “SQL” you can enter commands directly. Therefore click on the menu SQL tab. Now enter the following command in the new window:

update wp_users set user_pass=MD5('newpassword123') where user_login='admin'

Now change two variables, first enter your password where it says “newpassword123”, then add the name of the user where it says “admin”. Confirm the entry by clicking on the “Go” button. In a fraction of a second you should receive a message that the table row has been updated. That’s it – you have changed your password, MD5 encrypted and can now log in directly to your system


wordpress Password changed!

Congratulations, this little tutorial has shown you how you can easily change your WordPress password. This will save you a lot of time and phone calls for your customer project, your next blog or your friendly, weekend help campaign. This will save you a lot of time and you can update and change users within WordPress using PhpMyAdmin – whether they know the password or not. All you need is the table wp_users and the simple SQL command update.

[shortcode variables slug=”adsense”]

Satellite Project (SEO): Increase reach through backlinks in your own network

Satellite Project – Tip! Have you ever heard of a “satellite project”? In online marketing, a satellite project is a second website, a second blog or a second social media account that generates additional reach.

Satellite projects for search engine optimization: How does it work?

Here’s a little best practice of mine, to support my modeling agencies worldwide, we have founded an online fashion magazine in six languages. On my model agency page I can of course not report so extensively on topics and names, after all, we work with very high-priced and exclusive customers. So when client A reads the headline “Client B: New collection in the shop” or relatively flat topics like “The five vitamins to lose weight”, “The three best diets”, “That’s why the food industry doesn’t want you to lose weight” – all topics that don’t fit to a high fashion model agency.

Topic shift

But perfect for a fashion magazine: fashion, trends and nutrition! At the same time, of course, the fashion magazine also writes about fashion shows, supermodels and advertising. These are again perfect backlink sources (links that positively influence search engine optimization) for my model agencies. So the pages complement each other and form a network. Visitors wander between the pages. The fashion magazine is a satellite traffic (visitor) source for the model agencies.

Think Big! More than just a project

This shows you that even as an established company you are constantly looking for new and better concepts. My path led me from felt 100 pizza flyers and 400 logos, away from my advertising agency and brand building for customers to brand building for my own brands, from employees for our brands to flexible personnel structures, from freelance models, influencers and speakers to current investments in passive revenue sources. This includes not only software, but also rights of use, in the media area and model management as well as brand new, music management. Even better than recurring subscription customers are passive sources of income, such as rights of use. Rights of use do not require any acquisition of new customers or marketing campaigns to hold. Continuous further development. A long, rarely predictable, daily exciting away.

That’s why the motto always applies: ideally, you feel like a little boy or a little girl on the football pitch and enjoy what you are doing without a concrete goal, the path is the goal. You want to win, that’s important! Always be open to improving your own business models. Optimization and further development is the core of successful companies.

Digital development and cross-media for entrepreneurs

A business model is never really complete. Times change, people change and so do their needs and desires. The car is no longer what it was in 1920. Smartphones are no longer those that were in 2010. TikTok is no longer what it was just a year ago. You too will always have to keep your finger on the pulse. As you can see, automation also plays a central role. Which business processes can be automated at all? As you can see from the best practice above, there are numerous possibilities to exclude logistics, e.g. through Amazon FBA, software products or agency services of distribution. Orders can be automated, e.g. by uniform price models and digital payment systems like WordPress in connection with WooCommerce, completely free of charge. Distribution can also be completely outsourced, as can music usage rights, from old control models such as GEMA to modern distribution via RecordJet. The own work focuses only on the production, everything else behind it is done by someone else. The daily income from the various music portals such as Spotify, iTunes or Deezer can then be easily viewed online as a manager, updated daily.

The better the business processes, the more satisfied the customers are. That’s why it’s important for me to emphasize for the topic “keeping customers” that especially a fluent service, punctual fees, punctual transfers, typical German virtues, if you like, contribute a lot to building up satisfied regular customers. Ultimately, this is especially true of customer service over a long period of time.

E-Business: Scaling, Digital Commerce and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the Self-Employed

Scaling, Digital Trade and Key Figures – E-Business, the winged magic word for our generation! Just 20 years ago, we would all have had to flick through the phone book, call people, hand out business cards. Today, anyone can start their own business from the sofa. Thanks to open source solutions such as WordPress or Woocommerce even complete online shops can be built free of charge if you invest time yourself. Much better, even transactions are now possible in real time, without special expertise, e.g. from providers such as PayPal. Transactions from Los Angeles to Berlin? In five seconds everything is booked. In addition, there are of course many smart solutions for e-business, which make everyday life easier, but also save personnel for certain tasks, in order to use them more sensibly elsewhere. There is software for accounting and taxes, software for sales, software for customer management and, of course, personnel management. Many processes are booked here completely automatically and no longer have to be processed manually. Keywords: automation and scaling.

Digital trade: Which methods do you use for your idea?

Before you start your startup, you need to think a lot about your technical options. This is also a warning if you get involved with the wrong system and pay monthly for it, you will quickly become dependent. For example, there are various online shop providers for whom you have to pay triple-digit amounts every month. They promise you advantages in return. Advantages that you can all realize yourself with Open Source solutions – you just have to look for them. But yes, the service saves a lot of time, e.g. if you have absolutely no technical knowledge of digital solutions. If, however, you choose the wrong product and only notice this after three months or half a year, everything is already installed on this system. The change is then not so problem-free possible and the change is connected with further costs. Suddenly you pay for the development of two online shops. Furthermore, with this restructuring, you would lose rankings with regard to the placement in the search engine, as the page structure changes due to the new system and with it the individual URLs. Wrong decisions and their consequences.

Scaling in online marketing

“Scale” means staircase and derived from it, scale stands for expand. In business administration and at start-ups, scaling is the topic par excellence. Those who have achieved their proof-of-concept (profitable business model) must, in the next step, manage to generate more profits with less investment. The lower the cost of new revenue, the better. Certain processes can be automated so that some tasks no longer require personnel, but only software and licenses.

Learn to scale with Affiliate / Advertisements

Many young entrepreneurs in the online marketing sector often and gladly start their first scaling in the affiliate marketing sector. Every time a user buys a product by referring to an affiliate link, the blog owner earns between 5% and 20% (usually 10%) of the sales.

The basis is often a small blog with articles, or a landing page (single HTML page with sales-optimized design). On this blog there is then e.g. test report, to topics like E-cigarettes, the classical coffee machine or also still more particularly the ?coffee machines Pad test? Exactly the same it goes naturally also for bicycles, special E-Bikes or still special lamp E-Bike comparison .

Affiliate Marketing Advantages

The affiliate links are then stored in the individual blog articles. This is how affiliate marketing works – scaling on a small scale.

  • Little effort
  • Low risk
  • Simple growth
  • Relatively high yield

The scaling is fast, all the affiliate marketer needs are SEO texts and / or social / search engine ads (social networks and search engine).

The aim of the young entrepreneur is to buy targeted reach through placement in search engines and / or through advertisements in social networks, so that sufficient sales are generated. The advertisements initially start with small budgets and, if they perform well, are turned up and run through for months. Each side and/or also advertisement those sufficiently sales generates, becomes then a lasting project for the entrepreneur that constantly more profits gains, without considerable expenditure.

With a small budget they now test different advertisements for effectiveness and compare the campaigns with each other. The investment is not too high, because each campaign is tested with maybe only 20 or 30 € per day.

How does Affiliate / Advertisements Scale?

After the first 20, 30 or 50 articles in the blog, the articles are equipped with advertisements (Facebook). Every single article gets an ad campaign. Within this advertising campaign (folder) there are then the different advertisements (according to photos, videos, target groups, place of residence etc.), which are tested against each other.

So it could be a photo of a person riding an e-bike. A second graphic shows the e-bike in detail. A third graphic shows the e-bike in the garage, without a person. Which of these three graphics will bring the most clicks and the most sales? With all 50 articles 150 different advertisements would develop so. After a short running time of 2, 3 days the results can be evaluated. Individual advertisements that convert badly, i.e. provide for few clicks and sales, are switched off early. After monitoring, it is decided which campaigns are shut down and which are continued.

Of 150 ads, maybe 20 or 30 will survive. These are profitable! Each individual page or ad costs €50 per day (Facebook Ads cost) and brings affiliate revenue of €70 per day – €20 profit. Thus with only 20, 30 advertisements a daily profit of 400 to 600 € results, monthly without fluctuations a yield of 15.000 €. Thus from a small Blog or a Landing Page to the topic product comparisons and tests became a genuine Proof OF Concept with over 100.000 ? annual profit, with only one person.

The functioning business model will then be further optimized, budgets have been reallocated and thus further and further expansion will take place. For a single person, good work since the risk investments for expansion are low. At the same time, the business model is easily expandable, more reach does not mean more effort (personnel, space, insurance, purchasing, advance payment, etc.).

Key indicators for measuring success

ROI (Return of Investment) for investors and valuation

The Return of Investment is, besides “scaling”, one of the central factors in business administration and therefore naturally also for you and your considerations on the profitability of projects. The ROI indicates how economical a product, a single campaign or an operational area is in relation to the investment made. It does not indicate time, but a relation (investment to turnover). On the basis of this ratio you can compare and evaluate different products, campaigns or business areas and make decisions.

  • Analysis and comparison of individual divisions and investment properties
  • Determining and evaluating the performance of an investment for a past period
  • Planning and controlling future investments

By deciding to focus on the most profitable areas, you will make the most profit.

To make sure you understand the ROI absolutely, here are two examples of the question:

  • How does the ROI in your company look like?
  • How does the ROI for investors look like?

Whether influencer campaign on YouTube or re-targeting for your own online shop – also for classic TV advertising. In all cases, certain funds are invested in order to achieve a certain goal. The question now is, which campaign promises more profitability? Which campaign brings more profit, per invested Euro??

Even in advance, in concept and strategy, costs play an extremely important role. Ultimately, the campaigns are limited to a certain period of time. Sometimes through a fixed budget, sometimes through seasonal characteristics (fashion), sometimes through the half-life of the product, e.g. with trend products or video games, whose platform is constantly technically accessible.

Now (in our ROI example) in Social Media Marketing we have different possibilities on our desk. Community management, ads on Facebook, ads on Instagram, ads on YouTube, organic reach, we all video clips, the whole range of possibilities is open to you. In order to make a comparison and an evaluation, the key figures of the individual areas are consulted.

Calculation and formula

You have a media budget of 50.000 €. With this budget you ideally want to realize as much as possible. As much reach as possible, as much sales and as much turnover as possible. If your expected turnover is then 70.000 € (the profit accordingly is 20.000 €), your Return of Invest is 0.40..

  • Earnings/capital employed = ROI
  • 20.000 Euro / 50.000 Euro = 0.4

The Return of Invest now means that you will earn 0.40 Euro for every Euro you invest. If dunun compares different campaigns with each other and compares their costs and expected profits, you can make statements about which social media campaigns you invest in and which you don’t.

ROI for comparison – investment decision

How does ROI work for investors? Let’s say an investor wants to invest 1 million in a new round and spread the capital over 2 start-ups. She or he looks at 10 different start-ups and their business plans. The big question: Which investment is worthwhile? The answer: comparison based on ROI. All Start Ups estimate your profit for the 1st – 3rd year. The investor will then know how high the profit will be over the first three years.

  • Start Up A has a ROI of 0.18
  • Start Up B has a ROI of -0.24
  • Start Up C has a ROI of 0.13
  • Start Up D has a ROI of 2.53
  • Start Up E has a ROI of 0.45

Start Up D with a ROI of 2.53 (if all concepts have the same quality) promises the greatest opportunities for the investor. Start Up E with a ROI of 0.45..

Cooperation partner for additional range

Cooperation partners are particularly helpful in public relations and marketing. The clever combination not only makes it possible to live out creative marketing ideas, such as events, but also to create completely new products, e.g. a specific chocolate and biscuit brand. Both sides profit from the mutual advertising effect. At the same time, cooperation partners usually don’t take away customers, but rather play to customers. In the ideal case, cooperations result in meaningful synergies.

Cooperation Principle: Win-Win

For cooperation to be successful, the goals must first be clarified. Why do people work together? How do you work together and in what format must each individual brand perform? What success is expected in the end? How do you achieve this success? Of course, there are many other questions as well, such as financing or personnel resources – after all, it should be a win-win business. In principle, however, cooperations are about profitable cooperation. The big advantage are the well-known synergy effects.

Regrammen, Repin, Retweet + Responsive YouTube Videos with CSS

Regram, ribs, retreat, important names for social media managers. But what makes the terms so special? Content production is extremely complex! For Instagram less than for YouTube but still it needs almost daily content on social networks. Showing your creativity every day is difficult. This is not only about creativity itself, of course there are also holidays, holidays or weekends. Maybe they have their own social media manager in the company, suddenly there is a change of personnel or shortened working hours, who takes care of the appearance? Content production is so elaborate that many resort to the publication of other people. Why write yourself when someone has already written a good tweet? Why take a photo yourself when there are already many good photos on Pinterest? Why make a new funny little video when there are already millions on Instagram?

Share and Embed for Business (and private)

Tip for all webmasters! At the end of the article you will learn how to bring YouTube videos responsive to the different devices by separating CSS classes. This means that YouTube videos are adapted to the screen size of the different end devices between computer, notebook, tablet and smartphone. And it’s completely automatic.

Regram, ribs and retreat, but all this has not only something to do with content production. Because of course also private persons use the sharing of other contents. Funny videos, informative, jokes, memes or just videos of sweet animals. The Internet and especially social networks are full of creative photos and videos. When content triggers emotions, you want to preserve them for yourself. That’s why a lot of content is shared on your own timeline, for yourself but also for friends. After all, you can always use it to show how trend-conscious you are yourself. Trend awareness as well as “seeing and being seen” is exactly what social networks are all about.

May foreign content be shared?

Anyone who registers on a social media platform enters into the general terms and conditions of the platform. Here it is already specified that the contents may be freely shared within the social network. Therefore, media, provided they do not leave the platform, may be shared by users in certain predetermined ways. Depending on the social network, the form of permission differs. Because sharing content is not the same on every network. Some networks encourage content to be shared by others. Other networks, on the other hand, try to make it more difficult to share content. Let’s take a quick look at the social networks in detail and how simple or complex content can be divided.

Share Posts, Links, Photos and Videos on Facebook

Facebook is by far the most open network for sharing content alongside Twitter. No matter if it’s links that lead to your own blog, online shop or to external media such as magazines, photos of yourself, your girlfriend or even of company websites as well as videos and all articles themselves. Facebook is therefore the best platform for distributing multimedia content. While other platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat or Tiktok have relatively many restrictions and do not allow direct linking, Facebook as a social media manager is a great place to let off steam.

Within Facebook, you can not only reuse any form of media, but of course you can also use other people’s media yourself and recycle them accordingly. At this point, however, you should always take a legal look at the current situation and, of course, at the current general terms and conditions. Because despite being up-to-date, the terms of use are constantly changing, even if they are only details. For example, in our article about privacy settings on Facebook in the changing times from the Cambridge Analytics data scandal to today’s Facebook Privacy 2.0.

In principle, however, one is quite independent within the social network as far as the use and reuse of foreign media is concerned, insofar as one is within the limits of the terms of use but also of national laws.

The advantage of Facebook, the target groups are very broad. From the 20-year-old person to the thirty-year-old to the 40-year-old woman, the 50-year-old man and even the 60-year-old pensioner. On Facebook you can therefore reach people very precisely through so-called targeting and retargeting.

The disadvantage is that because Facebook is already the largest social network in the world, placements are highly sought after. Billions of photos are uploaded every day, billions of articles are written. Who gets presence and is immediately visible in the Facebook app and who doesn’t appear in the newsfeed of the app? This is where Facebook earns its money and therefore, if companies want to achieve large reach, they must not rely on organic reach, but on paid reach. Of course you will also find many tips on this in our Social Media Blog!

How do I share Facebook content on the website? If you want to embed Facebook photos, videos or posts on your own website, you need to embed HTML code. It’s very simple

  • Open
  • Comment, select photo or video
  • Choose now the option “Embed post”
  • Now you can see the HTML code, the iframe
  • Copy HTML code
  • Insert HTML code into the web page

Share Posts, Links, Photos and Videos on Twitter

Twitter is the most open network for sharing content alongside Facebook. Here you can also share a wide variety of media content. At the beginning Twitter was relatively limited to text messages with a maximum length of 140 characters. Today many things have changed, the tweets may be much longer, media content is no longer limited to text only but additionally photos may be uploaded, videos even better, links to articles or products in the online shop may be shared.

The disadvantage of Twitter is that you don’t get much coverage here, if only on very specific topics. So if you want to have reach, on a larger scale, you should focus on the other network. Especially Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

How do I share tweets on Twitter?

  • Open
  • Log in
  • Select a tweet of your choice
  • Press the second icon, bottom left, Retweet
  • Optionally you can now add your own description
  • Send the tweet

How do I embed a tweet in WordPress or another website?

There are basically two ways of embedding the data in Internet pages. By default, tweets are embedded by HTML code, a so-called iframe. Especially for users of WordPress there is also the possibility to insert links directly in the post. The content management system then automatically converts the link into a Twitter embedding.

Twitter embedding on websites

  • Proceed as above: Open Twitter, log in, select Tweet
  • Press the arrow
  • in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Embed Tweet”
  • Now you can see the HTML code, the iframe
  • Copy HTML code
  • Insert HTML code into the web page

Twitter Embedding on WordPress

  • Go ahead with it upstairs: Open Twitter, log in, select Tweet
  • Press upper right on the arrow
  • Choose “Copy Link”
  • Insert link into WordPress page
  • The system automatically converts the link for embedding (tip! This also works with YouTube videos)

Share photos and videos on Instagram

Instagram is less open about sharing content than the two previously mentioned candidates. On Instagram there is no way to share content directly.

Tip! Use a Repost App. Such Repost Apps can be found for free in Google’s PlayStore but also in Apple’s iStore. With these apps, you can easily copy links from each media content, paste them (in the app) and you can share the photo or video on your own channel.

Can I embed Instagram on my own website?

Just like in the other networks, they simply take the post of your choice and press in the connection top right on the small arrow and choose Embed. Instagram will immediately show you the right HTML code for your website. Tip! On WordPress it is enough to insert the link to the post. This means you don’t have to go to the settings to get the code, you just have to click on the post and copy the URL of the page and paste it into your WordPress post.

Share photos on Pinterest

Pinterest is an excellent source for link building in search engine optimization. At the same time, Pinterest is very open to sharing media content. Every user has the possibility to create different galleries, so-called pinboards. On every single pinboard you can upload or share different photos, every single post is called a pin. Just like a post on Twitter is called a tweet. Thus, the social media channel of users consists of several galleries, the so-called pinboards. Users can freely access the content of others. So you can also create complete pinboards without taking a photo yourself. Media contents are therefore also valuable here by the compilation. If you focus on one topic and specialize in tuning cars, you can create very special boards here. For example to the individual car brands, all around Mercedes, BMW, Renault, VW and many others. It goes even deeper, how about single pinboards for the different parts of the car in conjunction with a car brand. For example, you could create Mercedes interiors, Mercedes sound, Mercedes rims and so on.

The more boards you have created and the less competition you have, the faster you can increase your reach on Pinterest and then use the traffic to link some products to your own online shop that you have in stock. Now they have a free link source, congratulations!

Can I embed Pinterest on my website?

Yes, of course! Just like on Facebook and Pinterest but also Instagram, you only have to select a specific post and look in the settings for the Share or Embed option. There you will find the HTML code for the iframe under Guarantee. All you need to do is copy it and paste it into your website.

Share videos on YouTube

Last but not least, YouTube. YouTube videos are great for embedding but also for sharing.

If you want to share Youtube videos on your own YouTube channel, you have to create playlists. Within this playlist you can save different videos so that the playlist serves a certain purpose. So you can put together playlists from the current chart songs or playlists on various topics, for example explanatory videos for the iPhone or explanatory videos on bicycle repair if your online shop deals with the subject of bicycles and bicycle accessories.

However, YouTube videos are also profitable for search engine optimization. Because by embedding them on your own website, blog or online shop, users stay longer on the site. The time spent on a website is a very important indicator for the rating of Google but also of other search engines. Because in a nutshell, search engines are all about showing users the best possible content. Best possible is defined after a long stay and frequent interaction as well as the visit of following pages. The more active the users are who have clicked on a search result, the higher the page will be rated. Of course, always in comparison to the competition. For example, if we stick to the subject of bicycles and bicycle accessories, they could describe various video tutorials in their own blog on the subject of bicycles, riding a bicycle and bicycle accessories in more detail. You can also embed videos in existing articles. What is the advantage? Suppose you have an 800 word article. The average reading time is 1.12 minutes. By embedding a YouTube explanatory video, for example on the topic of patching bicycle tubes, with a total length of 10 minutes, you can encourage visitors to watch the entire explanatory video, repair the bicycle on the side and thus not only stay the 1.12 minutes on their side but raise the average dwell time to 3.5 or even 4 minutes. That by embedding a YouTube video created by a third person. Wonderful content!

How to embed YouTube videos in your blog?

For YouTube there are two ways of embedding, again the standard website and specifically for WordPress, the content management system’s own conversion of direct links.

YouTube embedding on websites

  • openYouTube, select video
  • Select “Embed video”
  • Now you can see the HTML code, the iframe
  • Copy HTML code
  • Insert HTML code into the web page

YouTube Embedding on WordPress

  • Go ahead with the above: Open YouTube, select video
  • Copy the URL of the page
  • Insert URL in the WordPress page
  • The system automatically converts the URL for embedding

Here is another unbeatable advantage of WordPress: WordPress converts the respective video link, suitable for the end device, responsive to all sizes. The standard YouTube video embed on the other hand has a size of 516 x 350 pixels. For devices with higher image resolution, the video will quickly appear clear. Accordingly, one should think about adapting the video size to the respective end devices using CSS.

Tip and Excursus! Responsive YouTube videos through CSS

If you want to change the YouTube formats using CSS, you can assign individual classes to the individual iframes. This allows them to specify that there is one class for smartphones, one for tablets, and one for notebooks and computers. Depending on the size of the screen, the size of the Youtube video embedding adapts to the screen or the screen resolution.

To keep the example simple, we distinguish between stationary devices such as notebooks and computers and more mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.  We define our breaking point, i.e. the number of pixels on the screen at which the CSS classes change, at both 980 pixels. First two new classes are created in the CSS file.

Example for CSS class separation:

@media only screen and (max-width : 901px) {
#no-youtube-video {
display: none;
}</block quota>
After the CSS file has been adapted, the code for embedding the YouTube video has to be extended by the class. This is the standard YouTube code for embedding:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

By the adaptation the code gets the class and looks like this:

<iframe class=”no-youtube-video” width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Instagram Direct – Private Messages and Chat Bots

With Instagram Direct, for several years users have had the ability to publish not only postings to Instagram, but also send messages to individuals, or to specific groups, as on other social networks.

Accept and open direct messages

Each user can write to any other user. If you have an inquiry, you can call it up on the start page, via the small house symbol (bottom left). As soon as the symbol is pressed and the news feed appears, you will find the access to the news in the upper right corner.

Direct messages appear in two stages. In the first overview you will see all messages from persons with whom you are already connected or messages from persons whose request for communication you have accepted. All Instagram Direct messages still waiting for confirmation can be opened again in the upper right corner. In this feed you can see all news requests from other users.

Messages can not only be sent from person to person, on Instagram you can also write to groups of 20, 30 or 40 people.

Factor of success for the algorithm?

The interaction rate, i.e. the engagement, determines the positive and negative evaluation of the own Instagram channel by the platform operator. Just as answering comments is a success factor on Instagram, so is answering questions promptly. Particularly for channels that are not marked as private, but run as corporate channels, communication should always be the focus. For postings, but also for answering inquiries.

Of course, this factor is very small, but plays like all success factors in the choir together an important role. Just like a short biography of the profile, the link to the website, a profile picture, regular postings, replying to comments also belong to it. Of course, replying to Instagram Direct messages is also a point in the rating.

Is it worth actively acquiring users who use Instagram Direct Messages? In principle, the Instagram inbox is the same as the inbox of any e-mail, or the mailbox at the house entrance. What lands here is usually read briefly. It is not always reacted to, but it is often read. Of course you can use this as a company to market new products or services. Either manual or automated.

Direct Massage and Social Bots

Anyone who has ever had anything to do with social bots knows that their job is, among other things, to comment on posts made by other users. Why is that? The more frequently other users perceive us, e.g. through comments under photos and videos, the more reach your channel will get. Of course, the principle can also be converted to Direct Messages.

Here is a small example of how something like this could work. As a realistic example, we take the subject of “looking for accommodation”, a huge market, because 10 million people are living in this country every year.

  1. Social bot searches specifically for posts with variables you specify
  2. Your default, whenever a user posts the hashtag #housing search, the posting is not older than 7 days, your social bot will write a direct message to the user
  3. The message then contains a spun text, which could look like this: ” Hey, I just saw your posting, you are looking for a flat? Do you already know the new portal”

Thus one could orient the procedure of a social bot outlined above towards addressing people who are currently looking for accommodation and perhaps have not yet found what they are looking for. So you get, quasi free of charge, new reach for your real estate portal.

The link is written directly as a URL so that users can click directly on it and immediately land on the right website.

What is Content Spinning? If you want to read more about the topic, then we have two interesting pages for you here, on the one hand in our blog of the article spinning comments, you will find here a detailed guide to the topic Content Spinning.

Meme – What is a Meme? Definition and Best Practice

Social media memes are an absolute phenomenon of the social media world. They are relatively easy to understand. Graphics consisting of a picture, or a short video in connection with a striking text. If you take as an example a famous actor, like Will Smith in his then parade role as Prince of Bel Air Dance, you will see “Weekend!” in big letters above. So memes express a certain emotion.

Memes as an integral part of digital communication

Small graphics are now built into every Direct Messenger, from Facebook and WhatsApp to Instagram and TikTok. Everywhere there are small GIF animations in which famous people dance, jump into the air, or even put on a legendary look. Short, small sequences of one or two seconds running in a continuous loop. Above them are extremely striking texts, in large lettering. This means that the content can also be read excellently on small smartphone displays.

Pictures or memes say more than a thousand words! That’s why memes have become so successful. From absolute classics like GrumpyCat, the constantly evil-looking cat, to comic heroes like Donald Duck, to real people like Donald Trump, or even great actors like Will Smith and Brad Pitt. Moments everyone knows, e.g. Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wallstreet and a matching comment on the subject of wealth “I am rich bitch” – provocative, simple, funny, these are memes.


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Organic reach – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Virality

Organic reach is one of the goals in social media management. Because organic reach is sustainable. Real people, real people who interact with their social media account. Most companies spend a lot of money on reach, because creating their own community requires a lot of creativity, time and work. For companies, brands and products it is of course even more difficult, because here the human component and the direct reference are missing. That’s why social media postings have to be correspondingly emotional, creative, but also optimized in sales. Finding the right mix here, between added value for the user and sales figures for the company, is the great challenge social media managers face in everyday life at all times. Today we take a very detailed look at the topic of organic reach, content, virality and of course at the individual social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Facebook Instagram, YouTube and Virality

Range, so-called impressions, are digital gold. Comparable to the popular shopping street in the city centre, it is also important to be at the top in the marketplaces of the digital world. From search engine optimization to Google bit to analysis and optimization of your own social media channels. Social networks, in particular, are the key to opinion today. New trends, evaluations, reviews, but also Shitstorms, here the big topics of the future are forged. The better your placement, the more you can help shape the pool of ideas. This is not only about active setting of topics, but of course also about influencing new fashions. This is not about the fashion industry, but about fashion in a broader sense. Trends!

  • Are there any discount promotions or vouchers?
  • What new products will be launched soon?
  • What do the others say, are there reviews?

In order to be able to have an active weight in opinion, a certain performance is needed. Performance in social media means marketing, reach. The more range, the better! The bigger the community, the better! Because the bigger your community is, the less money you have to make available for the media budget and to place advertisements. If the own Community consists of for example 10,000 fans, one can reach over night 500 to 1,000 humans, without that are to be steered from advertising budget, without special production planning, with a simple photo . If this image goes virally, classic word-of-mouth propaganda, then the reach may even increase.

This is also where one of the most frequently asked questions is answered. Is there a difference between impressions and range? Both terms are the same statement. Range of coverage is the general term for all sightings. An impression is a single sighting and thus the word for the quantity. In a meeting with the customer one would say, “we have achieved a range of 7.2 million impressions!

Tip! Regular postings and interaction

If you want to increase your own reach, you should first make use of regular postings and regular interaction. Because organic reach grows out of your own community, the more people recommend your project, the better! Virality.

Our tip for building community and increasing reach, regular posting! On Facebook and Instagram, you should publish content three to seven times a week. If you have over seven postings a week, you can either expand to twice a day to reach 14 postings a week, or post additional stories. But don’t worry, if you’re at the beginning, an absolute 3 or 4 postings a week will do. On YouTube you should publish new videos at least once a week. Best with a fixed time, e.g. on Friday at 18.00 or on Sunday at 11.00. These are the most important tips we can give you to extend your reach. Then, of course, there are many other social networks that are used by very few companies. These include platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter or TikTok. TikTok’s relevance is clearly rising steeply, as young people in particular are very active here. The target group of the future!

Our second tip for community building, permanent interaction. When we are on the road as social media consultants in companies, we very often see that comments are left out, inquiries are not answered, reviews, what is that anyway? In fact, the issue is neglected by many and communities are often kept small accordingly. Even in very large companies, with over 1,000 employees, they often have 572 Facebook fans. Is that even possible?

Imagine a person taking an extra minute or two to send you a request. If you were at the point of sale, i.e. directly at the point of sale in the city centre, or in the industrial estate, would you reject a customer who takes two minutes for you and your product, or your brand? You would greet him kindly and ask if you could be of assistance. That’s exactly what you should do digitally! That’s why our second tip is to respond to likes and comments of your community. If it’s just a simple “heart,” or a “thank you for being there!”

Follower calculation: strategic perspective

Those who consider these two basic tips for social media marketing will gradually notice more and more successes. Always consider this formula if you do not have immediate success!

You have ten fans, you recommend two of them to friends, they become fans of you.

Every week you recommend Follower because of your good work, since you are diligent, the recommendation rate consistently remains at 20%, which also become followers of your channel:

  • Week 1: 12 followers
  • Week 14: 128 followers
  • week 30: 2,373 followers
  • week 60: 563,475 followers

In this theoretical model, after a little over a year, you would have already achieved more than half a million followers. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Therefore, always see the long-term perspective and value your first 10, 100 and 1,000 followers accordingly.

Of course, the world is not perfect and half a million followers crack, not feasible for every company. Overall, however, it shows how one’s own social media channel can develop strategically as a very important source in terms of organic reach. There are examples of best practice.

Organic range, a very complex subject. If you have mastered the basics, you can always improve specifically, especially in the use of videos instead of simple photos. If photos can express more than a thousand words, what does a whole video say? A lot! So let’s take a look at organic reach and video marketing.

Videos and organic range

Video marketing has become extremely important thanks to the high data transfer rates that exist today through the 4G and 5G network. Meanwhile, 4K Ultra HD videos can easily be streamed with the smartphone in the city center. Accordingly, the content can become longer and the images more detailed. But not only the network technology is decisive, of course also the performance of the individual end devices. Smartphones today are small computers with processor power that makes a lot possible. Of course you can also watch high-resolution videos. Accordingly, social networks also prefer to play video content. You can take advantage of this in social media marketing. Because video content is perceived much more intensively by users, the messages are of course also placed much deeper in the memory.

The high art of video marketing lies in packaging content as simply as possible. This requires structure, but also compression. While image films, printed brochures, which provide information page by page and at the same time offer a lot of space, in social networks one usually only has a moment to convince the user of oneself.

How do you produce a video that catches the user’s attention in the first three seconds?

Social media marketing is mainly about constant entertainment. Social media is used by people to distract themselves, to chat, or to experience and discover new things, such as new trends. Accordingly, the content must be prepared so that it reaches the target group.

When it comes to video marketing, we speak of advertising content. This does not necessarily mean that the video is a commercial, but in the end it is always about getting the user to do something. Either the brand should please, the user should share the video, or I like the press. Perhaps the user should also click on the link to go directly to the online shop, or become aware of the registration form for the newsletter and subscribe to it. For YouTube, Facebook and Instagram this means 10 to a maximum of 30 seconds of video material, fast cuts and text insertions, as the videos on the social media apps are usually played silently until the user actively decides to turn on the sound. When we talk about YouTube on this point, it’s of course about advertisements that are specifically faded in in advance by other videos. Here also a tip in video marketing. Many companies use advertising on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, it turns out more and more to a lucrative business. Here you can switch to the contents of your competitors in a targeted way. Very practical, because customers often inform themselves on social networks before buying, and of course very much on YouTube. Here are thousands of free videos, tests and comparisons on each topic, with detailed explanations.

Payed Range vs. Organic Range?

Buy organic range? What is the difference between paid range and organic range? Does it make a difference if I buy my range? The question has two different results:

  • How fast do you want to build up reach?
  • Do you have the financial means?

To the question, how quickly do you want to build reach? If you are counting on organic coverage, then you have to make long-term calculations. As you have seen from our example before, the number of fans increases exponentially as the number of referrals increases the more fans you have. If theoretically 30% regularly, i.e. once a month, talk about your brand with friends, then that’s about 30 people with 100 fans, later 3,000 people with 10,000. However, if your goal is to need 3,000 people to actively talk about you right from the start, then paid coverage through advertisements and media budget is recommended. This allows you to build up a certain range quickly and in a targeted manner.

To the question, do you have the financial means? Paid range always costs money. Accordingly, you need an active fan page, an online shop, or extra landing pages. In addition to Social Media Management, Advertisement Management is also available. Therefore, the financial possibilities are a decisive factor for the question of organic or paid reach? With 10 € advertising budget per day, you don’t really achieve much. Every company that wants to be active should provide at least a four-digit amount each month. In addition, the campaign will be set up and social media marketing will take place. After all, the views that are bought at a high price also have to convert. If, for example, you advertise your social media channel, but do not actively manage it yourself, many investments will be lost. And indeed, in everyday life it often happens that companies spend a lot of money on advertisements but don’t spend a cent on community maintenance. The result is a high reach, but little conversion.

Combine Organic and Paid Range

It becomes even more effective when both aspects are combined. Organic reach comes from good community management, growth can be driven by advertisements, after all, they are still real people and real people, they only become aware of you through your digital flyer.

If you have a dedicated and motivated social media manager in your own team, we recommend that you work like the professionals right from the start. Both areas belong closely together. By paid range you increase the impressions.

The next time you post, you can reach these people without a media budget, free of charge, so to speak. The bigger your community is, the more people you can reach for free. Once the critical quantity has been exceeded, the chance of virality also increases. Because when 1,000 or 2,000 people find out about our new product overnight, it will be the subject of conversation, without an advertisement, of its own accord. The best recommendation marketing.

Software and automation

Our last tip, social media software! In our Social Media Blog you will find various articles on how to increase interaction on your own channel. Interaction ultimately means attention and thus again your big goal, organic reach. Social media software can replace much of the human work of the social media manager with programs such as licking photos and videos. Filters will precisely define everything to target groups that match your brand or product. Not only Likes, also comments can be scattered by software. It gets even better, even your postings can be planned in advance so that you take care of the editorial plan and content production once a month, and then the software automatically posts your selected photos and videos every day. Interaction despite holidays, holidays or weekends.