Social media statistics: Visitors, networks, periods

You have always wondered when is the best time for postings on social networks? How many visitors can I reach in a particular network, in Shanghai, San Francisco or New York City? We have made the effort and have researched statistical values, combined and developed our reports for all important cities. The projections give a quick and detailed insight into the use of social media in all relevant cities.

Posting time for Facebook, Twitter & Co

The optimal posting time? Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or blog postings, finding the right time for a posting within a social media strategy is not always easy.

Media usage in social networks: the most important marketing studies for 2017

The use of media in social networks is an interesting topic for customers in the consultation. Which networks are actively used? What posting periods are important? What is the potential of online trading at all? In order to answer these questions in advance, we explain step by step what social media marketing is all about