Richer than the Geissens: Real Estate Podcast & Book – Field Report

AF Steuercoaching: Asset building and tax tips. In addition, Germany’s largest real estate, finance and tax Youtube channel with currently over 100,000 subscribers. In advance his Amazon bestseller “Reicher als Geissens”, which he now even makes available for free on iTunes and Spotify. After the article on the topic of becoming a social media manager, […]

Automation: Gain time & earn money – strategies of Alex Fischer’s “Richer than the Geissen

Automation – The ultimate tool to handle recurring processes without (further) own time investment. A simple example is the automated invoicing in an online shop: If you realize that writing invoices takes up a lot of time from your employees, then you should automate this process with software. Automation and increased efficiency Important: Currently the […]

The Model Book: Becoming a Model and Influencer – Tips & Help

In a few days, one of the largest books ever published on the subject of “Modeling” will be published. In his new book THE MODEL BOOK, our social media and modeling agent Stephan has summarized all important information for young models on more than 200 pages. Of course, the main topic is “How do I […]

Werbeaktion für kostenlosen Buchdownload (Bild)

X-Mas: Social Media Marketing – 3 chapters for free!

Social Media Marketing – for Christmas for you 3 chapters – now for free. In front of the fireplace or for your office, we hope you enjoy & get inspired. We have tailored the book especially to the fashion industry. For the free edition we have kept the common thread and show you what potential […]

Social Media Marketing - Inspiration für Modelabel von Stephan M. Czaja (Lukinski) by Social Media One

Now on sale – SMO Book: Social Media Marketing

After many months of time investment it is finally out today! Our book about social media marketing – inspiration for fashion labels (fashion companies and fashion online retailers). The book describes in particular how you as a fashion company effectively reach target groups in social networks. The choice of the network plays an important role […]