Import file list into Excel + Word – Export file names: How to do it

Today I needed again a file list in Excel. Importing and exporting takes a long time when you do it manually. You can easily import the file names into Excel and Word. Listing file names and reading them from folders is very important for many – for example – content marketing applications and saves a lot of time. Here is the answer.

More powerful tips for Content Creation & Marketing?

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Export list from file name or import to Excel

To put many files in a folder in a list (file names), you need to do the following. First, open command to merge the texts, as before. You can do this again with Ctrl+Shift clicks, then right click in the empty area inside the folder. Then open “Command Prompt”. Now enter the following:

dir *.jpg /w

The value *.jpg>/strong> stands for your desired file format (probably image files). /w outputs the file name.

You will now get all file names in the command window one below the other. You can copy and paste them with Ctrl+C. If you want a text file directly, enter the following:

dir *.jpg /w > images.txt

The value > images.txt outputs a text file.

Instructions: Export file names to list

To open your command prompt (Ctrl+Shirt+Right click):

All file names of the folder will appear in an overview:

Or get the names output directly to a text file:

If you have exported a text file, your result will look like this:

SEO content spinning

This feature is often required for text correction (before export) in content spinning for industries such as real estate or insurance. You want to learn more about mass text creation? Then read my tutorial on the topic: SEO Content Spinning.

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Optimise real estate advertisements: Photoshop, WordPress and SEO – Video Tutorial

You have your first real estate agent as a customer or you are an agent yourself and want to build up your own website for your company? Then you will eventually come across content management systems, such as WordPress. With content management systems like WordPress or plugins and extensions, you can build your own website today, with a lot of practice and diligence, and save a lot of money compared to an advertising agency. For those who have fun with the subject matter itself or those who run a small advertising agency and build their first real estate portal or first real estate agent site, this tutorial is just right. Whether real estate portal, house sale or real estate evaluation – real estate agents have a hard job: We help today free of charge to create exposés.

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Many sites fail because the visitors they attract do not feel 100% comfortable. This may be due to the fact that the images are not compressed and a page takes 30 or 40 seconds to load. Especially in rural areas, where there is no fast internet connection, loading photos with a large file size and maybe an additional video can quickly paralyze the computer. Of course, you don’t wait forever but simply switch to another page. You must prevent this termination!

There are several ways to reduce the abort rate. You can find some important information and videos in my blog or on my YouTube channel.

Today we will take a special look at the topic of compression and inclusion with aspects of search engine optimization.

Selection of the camera format with 4:3 or 16:9?

Before we can even begin to build our site, we need to make sure that any real estate elements output through our WordPress themes are well formatted. This means that the CSS of the WordPress theme is written so that every photo, no matter how it is uploaded, is always output correctly. In practice, however, this may not work, because you may also take portrait photos, for example. Portraits in photos are then automatically centered in the middle and thus do not show the image section you originally intended for the project. Another important point is that sliders are often used in individual property listings. Again, this is again designed to a certain size, so that they are played correctly on all devices, from notebook to desktop to tablet or smartphone.

So how do we guarantee a good function?

For every new real estate advertisement and every new photo of an apartment or house, there must be a uniform format. All photos will be cropped to this format before they are imported into the WordPress system.

What are the advantages?

  • Same layout on all pages and individual pages
  • Compressed photos for fast loading times
  • search engine optimized file names

The more similar the elements are, the higher the quality of a website. High quality websites are a guarantee and for us there are good sales. Therefore you should pay attention to such details from the very beginning. Once you have established such a template in your company, your employees or yourself can fall back on it at any time. This will save you a lot of time and personnel costs afterwards and will lead to higher sales. Your website will also be better rated by the search engines, as the time spent on your website usually increases when the design elements are perfectly suited. That is why we focus on the creation of the advertisement.

Each photo camera has in principle two formats with which you can take pictures. You can easily change this in the settings, no matter if Canon, Sony or other camera manufacturers. It is important to decide only for one format. Which format comes from the camera is usually not that important. What is important is that it is now correctly entered in the Photoshop template.

Video Tutorial – How it works

Photoshop file template

Now that we have learned all the important things about the reason for the optimization, we can take a closer look at the Photoshop template. Of course, as always, this template is available for free download, for real estate agents, advertising agencies and media managers.

Both Photoshop files are already set to a smaller format, with a maximum width of 1920 and 2000 pixels respectively. So your photos are still large enough for a visitor to view them on the computer at full resolution. Just download the Photoshop file.

Free download: Photoshop template for brokers

Insert in Photoshop

After you have taken the pictures, all you have to do is drag the pictures from the memory card to your computer. To do this, simply insert your SD Memory Card into the appropriate slot of your computer or card reader. A file folder will already open and from there you can drag the pictures into your Photoshop file. Proceed as follows:

    • activate card reader or insert SD card directly into the computer
    • open folder with image files and make selection

reduction of the images with shortcut

Since all your images are in the same format, as you can see in the tutorial video, you can zoom in or out all your images at the same time. To do this, select all layers, start with the first one and press the mouse on the last layer while holding down the Shift key. In the following step press Ctrl+T to get to the transformation model. This sounds complex at first, but it is actually quite simple, to enlarge or reduce the images. Always make sure that you only drag the images at the edges, not at the sides. To do this, always press the Shift key. This will enlarge or reduce the images proportionally. The format is not distorted. Here once again summarized

    • Confirm with Enter to place the images
    • If all images are stored, select the layers and press Ctrl+T


  • Now scale the images in size while holding down the Shift key

Compressed saving for web and devices

Now we come to saving the images for our real estate ad. Here comes the clou, save your photos always compressed. While a photo in the same format without compression still loosely 1.5 MB, we can compress it by 60 to 80%, maybe even from 200 to 300 KB.

To do this, simply select File in Photoshop and Save for Web and Devices in Photoshop under the Cloud version. Here you only need to make the following settings

  • Output – JPEG
  • Compression Quality – 50%

The next step is about assigning the file name, here too you can do a little bit to optimize your rankings.

search engine optimized file names naming

When you assign a file name, be careful not to use the file name formatting of your camera. Cameras only output numbered images, so they cannot describe what emotions an image reflects or what objects or locations are hidden in it. That’s why we rename our images and name them instead of the standard output:

    • DCIM45592.JPEG

We do this with all photos of our current property and vary the individual files depending on what is shown in the picture. The prefix with the respective real estate object, location and district remains the same.

Insert in WordPress

We did it! Now we have prepared our new real estate homepage perfectly and have not only a beautiful WordPress theme but also perfect pictures that look the same on every page. Instead of landscape and portrait format we only use landscape pictures and of course all are compressed and optimized by the file name for the search engine.

SEO: Video Tips

Learn search engine optimization and software! Whenever there is some time in the evening in the agency, I make explanatory videos about social media marketing, Photoshop but also search engine optimization. A few free SEO Life Hacks on our agency. What does a good SEO optimization cost? Nothing, if you do it yourself! As I have already shown in my Youtube channel and in many blog posts, you can build your own big sites especially with WordPress, even whole online shops with strong performance.

Real estate: Helpful links

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Adobe Premiere Pro – Video training for beginners: From autocorrecting to editing

Adobe Premiere Pro – More and more photographers are switching to video editing! Why shouldn’t they? Not only for social media marketing ideas of customers you need more and more video material, also at the points of sale, directly in the stores, POS more and more video marketing takes place. Large chains are now equipping entire cash register lines with huge screens on which advertising is permanently running. For photographers it is also a good idea to simply shoot a video parallel to a shooting. Of course not only photographers need a video editing program, but also many advertising agencies, marketing agencies or in-house agencies of larger companies such as fashion chains. There are various video editing programs available on the market, as well as Sony Vegas and the most popular software, Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Adobe Premiere Pro Video Training

Adobe Premiere: Learn video editing from A-Z in an online course

Adobe one of the largest software forges for the creative industries. Premiere Pro is part of the Adobe family. In addition to video editing software, it also includes image and graphics software called Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, as well as software for audio recording and animation, and Adobe After Effects.

With Adobe Premier Pro you can edit, change and cut videos. The video editing software is in principle very simple, as Final Cut on the Mac or as the Movie Maker for Windows. In principle, the program consists of a video editing track and a media window. There you can put everything together and preview it at the end. But we will come to the individual windows later!

Easy to learn: Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing

Video production is easier than ever before. Especially through the spread of video, e.g. through the mobile web or social networks, the trend is clearly towards the moving image. Similarly, ads with video convert much more effectively and generate more interactions and clicks than a still image. This principle works, as described above, not only in social media or online marketing, but also directly at the point of sale, in the store. People pay attention to movement and are therefore very fixated on looking at moving objects. This principle is very simple and has always worked.

Just think of Times Square in New York and the huge video screens. Even though we humans know it’s advertising, we look at it and, even if only for a few seconds, we receive the marketing messages that are placed in the videos. Even in popular places or in media where we know for sure that advertising is placed.

Video marketing and video editing, this is how you achieve more

With the video editing program Adobe Premiere Pro you can easily create such videos. The video software does not only allow movies in HD, you can also cut directly to different formats, e.g. for Instagram. This way, online marketing companies can also adapt their advertising clips to the individual networks and thus adhere one to one to the given formats. By adhering to these specifications, the interaction increases as the space in the social networks or in the sales outlets is optimally used.

But the software can do much more, of course it also offers numerous effects and possibilities to optically improve the video. You can change colors, make tonal value corrections or adjust contrasts. And these are only the simple possibilities that are available to beginners and novices who want to learn how to work with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro for experts and beginners

For beginners and experts alike, Adobe Premiere Pro is an absolutely reliable software. With it you can create subtitles, for example, with individual Photoshop layers. These are extremely effective, as nowadays not all videos are played with sound. Often people are on the road, in the subway or at work and consume videos silently. There, subtitles help to convey the message even more than they would without them. In the program you can also create sequences in parallel or make much more extensive changes to the video. For experts, Adobe Premiere Pro is therefore an absolutely reliable tool for creating videos.

Of course, beginners can also learn the software relatively easily. Especially those who already have some experience with other graphic programs will be able to get used to it quickly, as the usage does not differ significantly. In principle, it is only a matter of getting to know a few new functions and to move from the idea of the individual picture to a moving action. The story of the clip makes a big difference, even if it is small.

Video Marketing: The plot, stories arouse emotions

In video marketing, the story is what counts most, just like in any good Hollywood movie, it needs a story and a thread that moves, grabs or interests people. Only with the budding interest, the focus will be on the video. If we now tell a very simple story, the video could be opened with a simple question. This could be, for example, “Have you already heard this? Many people will look at what exactly they do not know yet! Already here the first step to interaction is done, the user is interested in our video.

In the next moment, of course, it depends on the person who cuts the video or the person who has designed the video in advance. Is it now possible to attract attention? Exactly that must happen! In video marketing, whether on Facebook or YouTube, online marketers only have two or three seconds to inspire a person. On YouTube you have about four to five seconds to pick up the user. That’s why advertisements are only placed for a period of 5 seconds, after which the user can actively decide to watch the film or watch the commercial to the end.

Working with Adobe Premiere Pro for beginners: The software

If you open Premiere Pro for the first time, you will first see an empty window, as with all other programs from the manufacturer. In this empty window one can now choose what kind of project one wants to create. Usually you will now go to the usual “cuts”, in the format 16 to 9, a format known to everyone from the usual HD standard. You also have the choice of how the output should be and will usually be 25 frames per second. 25 frames per second means that 25 frames are played out in one frame. The human eye only perceives a little less and so the optical illusion of movement is created. In the basic settings we could also choose other camera formats.

As soon as the basic settings are made, the editing window opens. Here, too, the usual basic settings will open first. This means that we now have a screen that is divided into different areas.

  1. Media window, top left
  2. preview (media, video editing), top right
  3. Effects, lower left
  4. Video editing, bottom right

Let us now come to the individual windows and elements in the program:

The media window is your video, picture and sound archive

The media window is a very important organizational element in Adobe Premiere Pro. Here you can store and sort all media. Before you put a video into the edit, which we’ll talk about in a moment, it must first be placed in the media window. Here, not only video files are included, but also graphics. All special elements are also stored here, e.g. subtitles or banners.

In the media window you can also create new sequences (video editing). Sequences allow the editing of videos in several superimposed tracks. Each individual sequence has a specific output format. That means, for example, we could create a sequence especially for YouTube in HD (1920x1080px) and a second one for Instagram in 640×640 pixels. Both sequences are in media windows with our videos. From here we can look to the editing window. With a double click on the sequence it opens. But there are also different tabs in the cut window with which you can select the desired sequence.

The cut window: Video editing and effects

In the Adobe Premier editing window, video files, but also images, graphics and titles and subtitles can now be merged. As in all common video editing programs, the editing window consists of several tracks. These tracks are stored on top of each other. If we place a video in the first track, and then a video in the second track, directly above it, only the second video is displayed. In this way, video effects can be created later, e.g. arrows can be added to a video. If we place a video in the first track and a transparent arrow graphic in the second track above it, the arrow will be displayed above the video. This would be a simple solution, e.g. for online marketing companies to refer to a certain detail, the product or service, in the video.

The explicit product reference in videos is very useful anyway! Also from our experience we can say that videos that are kept relatively simple and that clearly identify and name the product, convert best. No matter if painted circle or arrow.

The Effect Palette: Colors, speed, effects and more

While the media window is located in the upper left area and the editing window in the lower right area, the effects are located in the lower left area at startup. The effects in Adobe Premiere are very versatile for video editing. From very simple things as for example a black and white filter or tonal value corrections (here, one determines the white values and the black values so that the contrasts are perfectly spread) one can really do everything here! The effects palette is so diverse that it’s worthwhile to watch a lot of YouTube tutorials, as each one offers special possibilities in video editing. Tutorials explain the effect settings at your leisure and you can always rewind the videos.

The preview window: Video output in individual format

The preview is located in the upper right corner of the screen. If you are still in the basic settings, you will see a preview window for the individual media file on the left, e.g. if you want to preview a video from the media library. Directly to the right of it is the preview video for the video tracks. Here you can see the cut video in a preview at the push of a button. Please note that a very powerful computer is required for video editing. Usually, these are very modern notebooks or a fixed computer. If you don’t have one, you can recommend a MacBook Pro.

Video Tutorials on Youtube: Many things are also available for free

Although there are many online videos available for free, investing in a Premier Pro online course can be worthwhile. The videos are sorted so that you have an A-Z guide. The videos are also in German language! If you still want to take a look at Youtube, I have a free short video alternative for Adobe Premiere:

Social Media & POS: Marketing with videos is easier than ever

After learning the basics in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can expand your skills in a variety of ways. The software offers numerous possibilities for this. If you have made it and then produce your own videos, you can play them on the different networks and sell products or buy traffic at low cost. Especially popular nowadays are e.g. in the social media YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. But also like at the previously discussed sales points, directly at the point of sale, videos can be used very well for promotion. Just think of large fashion chains whose models are always wearing the latest clothes, life-size and with real colours and in motion.

Video marketing works in all industries and can be expanded at will. Once the principle of video editing has been understood, a company can quickly and easily produce modern media for its company, which also converts very well with young target groups. Videos work, as we have seen, and video creation in Adobe Premiere Pro is also easy when you get to grips with the software.

Adobe Premiere Pro for beginners

Want to learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro? This online course covers all the basics, clearly summarized. The course is also ideal for staff training or continuing education, especially when it comes to introducing people who have had less experience. If you want to produce effective videos later, you can also watch Adobe After Effects. Adobe After Effects makes it possible to create animations, here you can not only fly in fonts fantastically, you can also create sandstorms or 3D models. The software is of course much more demanding and much more difficult to learn, it really takes time! For Premiere Pro, you don’t need that long, so it’s an absolute recommendation for everyone in online marketing!

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Merge multiple text files in seconds | Notepad++ Alternative

Today I once again encountered the problem in our advertising agency that I have to merge several text files into one. Therefore a small tutorial for merging text files. If you create a lot of content, you will often end up exporting several TXT files. These are then corrected by “Search & Replace” to standard errors. With mass text creation, for example by software, it can happen that errors are constantly repeated. These are double blanks or also errors that occur constantly like “test”. If every text has more than 1000 characters, plus HTML, YouTube embeddings, etc., mass replacement is worth its weight in gold, because it saves media managers a lot of time. In content marketing often the decisive factor for speed. With small programs like Notepad++ you can then easily use the “Search & Replace” function.

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Merge multiple text files | Video Tutorial for Advertising Agencies

First I tried to merge several text files with Notepad++. But it works much easier! To merge the files you don’t even need additional freeware. It works directly from your user interface. Under the video tutorial you can also find a quick guide with screenshots + the code! Compared to the usual 20-minute Photoshop tutorials this one is really fast!

Tip! Social Media Software & Learn Online: The latest tools, the best software and new: Online courses for Social Media Managers. Automate postings, newsletter marketing and learn new strategies online! Now on my Social Media Agency: Social Media Tool.

Create folder for content exports

Here you export your texts cleanly into a folder.

Open command to merge the texts

With Ctrl+Shift you click with the right mouse button into the empty area within the folder.

Then select “Open command prompt here” from the menu.

The input window already opens

Code for text merging

In the new dialog box you write the following:

for %f in (*.txt) do type "%f" >> output.txt

“output.txt” can still be adjusted, for example in “kundeA.txt”. Then confirm with the Enter key.

SEO content spinning

This feature is often required for text correction (before export) in content spinning for industries such as real estate or insurance. You want to learn more about mass text creation? Then read my tutorial on the topic: SEO Content Spinning.

Learn SEO: Video Tips

Learn search engine optimization and software! Whenever there is some time in the evening in the agency, I make explanatory videos about social media marketing, Photoshop but also search engine optimization. A few free SEO Life Hacks on our agency. What does a good SEO optimization cost? Nothing, if you do it yourself! As I have already shown in my Youtube channel and in many blog posts, you can build your own big sites especially with WordPress, even whole online shops with strong performance. Good luck with learning:

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6 Social Media Manager tips for the Facebook fan page – Beginner

If you choose a Facebook or Instagram account as a public figure, you are closer to your fans – definitely. Especially young people can be reached in social networks. But also agencies, managers and representatives of the press are in social networks. The big advantage: They kill two birds with one stone. They start with ‘PR’ – which of course does not look like advertising or public relations in the social network – and get ‘PR’. With clever strategies you will find new fans in social media platforms as well as new multipliers in terms of new reports, new contacts or jobs. So if you want to become a real social media expert, here are 7 practical tips to make your own Facebook channel look perfect.

+ Do you know?


Description – The most important information at a glance

A fanpage should always have a good description: What makes me as a person (of public life)? The description is important! That should always stand with it:

  • Link to own website

Title picture – eye-catcher on Facebook & Co.

The cover picture on Facebook, you always see first. Even before the profile picture, even before the description. Just by the size and presence in the upper part of the fan page, it automatically attracts attention. In the ideal case, you use a very expressive cover picture – an eyecatcher! By the way, also in other social networks like Twitter and Youtube, the cover picture is often the dominating element in the head area of the fan pages. To avoid boredom, the cover picture should be changed every 7-14 days.

The profile picture, in turn, should be as simple as possible. On mobile devices, even on the desktop PC, it is usually only a small preview picture. Ideally, you should therefore make sure to use a portrait. This increases the recognition value and makes it easier for fans to recognize especially you among the many pictures of friends and fan pages. Logos can also be used, but then they should have a plain background and stand out well from it. The best is and remains, a portrait of a person.

Posting – What does a perfect posting look like?

Before a lot of people come to your new fan page (through invitations or searches), it is good if you already have some content for your readers. If you come to an empty fan page, you won’t stay there long and wonder if it is (still) actively used. Therefore: Content first!

Contributions in social networks must always work visually. It is therefore recommended to start with existing content. This includes image material, existing texts (from press, media, etc.) or video content. They can easily be shared and then be found on your own timeline. The description should not be too long here, because only few visitors will deal with the concrete contents of the postings. Usually it should not be more than four lines of text. But you can also share external links, articles and pictures on your own fansite. For your fans also a piece of opportunity to discover topics for themselves.

But in the description you should also use hashtags. They have become essential and briefly explained, keywords that explain the respective posting, or the respective mood. For this article these could be for example: #socialmedia #facebook #fanpage #tips. Not only hashtags are strong, but also marking other people increases the range. You can always link friends or other fan profiles in your posts and mention them by name.

Fans – How do I win first fans on Facebook?

After you have posted and shared your first content, there are several ways to generate more likes, or fans (or followers). One way is to invite your own friends. Friends are often good first contacts, they like to interact with your content. For a more comprehensive social media concept, other factors should also be considered. This starts with the integration of your new fan page on your own website and can possibly go as far as sponsored ads (Facebook Ads). Here, good monitoring can also be carried out afterwards. As social media consultants we always tend to try out several options for the success of the individual channel.

Postings – What should I post when?

With the first valuable content, an eye-catcher on the cover, the profile picture and the first fans, it’s time to get down to business: postings. Because it is important to keep your fan page up-to-date and active – especially as a company, celebrity or public figure. It is not always possible, as a social media manager, to follow all the recommendations of our guidelines – but it is always an orientation to the optium and experience from best practice and social media trends:

    1. 2-3 times a day you should post a new one
    2. It doesn’t always have to be professional pictures, even pictures from everyday life work. Your fans also always like to follow what you do, what outfit you wear or at which show you have been a guest.

Instagram – hashtags, mark friends and picture quality

Instagram is especially exciting for people in public life – many young, trend-conscious people cavort here, possibly the opinion leaders of the future. With regular postings it is very similar to Facebook: Likes are generated, then followers and later real fans. But a few things are different:

  • It helps to keep a clear style (design), e.g. always post with the same color filter

That was our article: “6 Social Media Manager Tips for the Facebook Fanpage”. We hope you can implement many new ideas and push your fanpage.

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Facebook Ads Campaign Design Templates

Advertising on social networks is the key. You can rely on this, at least if your target group is somewhere between 21 and 38 years old. From the young people of the past, today, a lot of buyers have become buyers. The living conditions have changed, the social network has not changed. Did you know how much time each German on average spent with Facebook? With targeted advertising campaigns, you reach the best and most efficient results for your product or brand on Facebook. Since we often have small questions in e-mail, we wanted to compile the most important designs for Facebook Ads:

Facebook Event Ads & Page Like

Designs for Facebook Event Ads & Page Like banners are best created with 1200 x 444 pixels. This unit is not used by Facebook, but today we have to think about many devices, from the notebook to the iPhone. With 1200 x 444 px, you always have an exact resolution on all end devices, even with modern Retina displays.

Create design with 1200 x 444 pixels


Desktop display will be 470 x 174 pixels / Mobile display will be 560 x 210 pixels
– is automatically scaled by Facebook

Facebook Website Link & Offer Ad

Facebook Website Link & Offer Ads differ only slightly in their vertical dimension. Facebook used here instead of 444 pixels, 627 pixels. Therefore, always set your design for Web site Link & Offer Ad Banner at 1200 x 627 pixels.

Create design in 1200 x 627 pixels


Desktop display is at 470 x 246 pixels / mobile display is at 560 x 292 pixels
– is automatically scaled by Facebook

Limit or disable revisions for pages and posts – WordPress Tutorial

Revisions in WordPress are intended as a backup for your blog. This means that every change can be revised at a later date. This makes it possible to jump back to earlier changes in the post, for example if errors occur. Yesterday I had an interesting conversation. We also talked at some point about this problem, which requires more database capacity than is often necessary. Also the MySQL database itself is very bloated.

At the end of the article there is also a tip on cleaning the WP database.

+ Do you know?


WP Limit or disable revisions for pages and posts

The solution to this problem can be found in the wp-config.php How to edit it you can find here in the WordPress Guide. There are two options to limit or disable page and post revisions in the WordPress backend. To do so, you have to modify the wp-config.php in the root directory of your WordPress installation:


solution 1: disable page and post revisions

The value here may vary depending on how many revisions are to be available:

* Revisions
define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', 5);

Solution 2: Disable page and post revisions

* Revisions
define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false);

In the forum on I also found the following PHP line to delete existing revisions via phpMyAdmin:

+ Do you know?


Tip: Clean WordPress database

DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = "revision";

You simply enter the targets in the phpMyAdmin backend under Menu > SQL > ‘Insert code’ > OK (confirm). Don’t forget to target a backup of the database first.