Find influencers: Search engine for Instagram

Quickly and easily find the right influencer with a tool for Instagram? That’s it! Especially the search for cities and conurbations is important for Influencer Marketing. Because here focus the buyers who daily flow into the shops of the city center and suburbs. That’s why many people are looking for an Influencer tool for Instagram that will help them find the right bloggers quickly and easily. Of course the search must not be complicated, especially for patches and offers the search has to be fast. Social media managers are therefore dependent on good software to analyze and detect influencers.

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Influencer Search Engine: The Online Tool for Instagram

A simple Influencer search engine does not exist! I do now! Instagram belongs to Facebook. Facebook’s business model is data about users. If Facebook or Instagram were to make this data available so easily, the business model would no longer be exclusive to them. Other companies and enterprises could quickly settle down to steal their own programs from the data. Facebook or Instagram acts as an intermediary here and therefore keeps all data to itself. If you remember the data scandal of Cambridge Analytica, you will see what you can do with large amounts of data. In the course of the data affair and after Mark Zuckerberg’s hearings with senior US officials, access to the data was further restricted. Instead of thousands of hits again, only a few hundred per minute are now possible. Therefore companies, software in addition, most on-board systems cannot pull large quantities of data any more. Since Instagram has nearly a billion users, you’d have to update all of these profiles every day to get really meaningful values. With only 200 requests per minute, you can’t get that far in a day. Therefore, there is no exact analytics software for Influencer on Instagram. The best alternative to tracking Influencer on Instagram is therefore a search engine that is easy to use and our social analytics software.

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Instagram Analysis Online with a few clicks

Social Analytics can, of course, do much more! With our online tool you can perform instagram analysis online. It’s easy and convenient, from your notebook, tablet, desktop PC or smartphone. Our tool offers not only the online analysis for Instagram, but also the possibility to compare different influencers with each other and to create a list together. So you always have an overview of your current influencers, for different projects or campaigns. All important data is recorded for you, so you can see retrospectively what effects certain actions have.

Find influencers: Free of charge for users

Most influencer agencies as well as social media agencies still work in Excel lists. The individual influencers are collected here, with their channel ID, the individual URL but also the current followers and the current news. The data must be constantly updated, this costs a lot of time from employees and therefore a lot of money! Finding influencers is definitely not free of charge. For some campaigns it’s easy to save 97.98% time. Our tool offers so many advantages to your company. We also see in our consultations how much time can be saved in some agencies. Especially if one or two employees update data every day. After our online tool for influencer search was integrated into everyday agency life, these people were able to focus directly on more effective work.

Influencer database for exact search

Our current influencer database contains the profiles of over 400,000 individual persons. This gives them a huge selection of influencers to find not only in Germany, but also in Europe and worldwide. So far the search is focused on Germany, but they have protection access to many countries and cities in the world.

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Data scandal on Facebook / Cambridge Analytica and criticism of influencer marketing | Social Media Week

This week, the social media world was overshadowed by the data scandal around Facebook. The exact details are still about 300 million data packets, which were obtained by the social media analysis firm Cambridge Analytica by dubious methods. Quite simply explained:

Why is the data scandal so big?

Previously, it was always possible to retrieve information from friends friends. So if resourceful developers develop a tool that people use, they sign up for, and also authorize their personal data to be forwarded, you’ll receive large data packets (many people) – from just one person. If a Facebook user has an average of 500 friends, you can already cover 50,000 people with just 100 participants (50,000 data packets). We all know postings in our timeline titled “So you would look like an actor” or “What is your zodiac sign?” These applications are written solely to collect data, the more data you have collected, the better it is possible to evaluate user profiles and target them with advertising. As far as the current data security scandal is concerned, this is about two points:

1. Advertising can also contain political content

Advertising does not necessarily have to be run by companies, advertising can also contain messages of political opinion. So data packets can influence elections, as is currently being debated, about the US election and the decision to “Brexit”. If you want to read more about it, you will find all relevant links in the press review below!

2. Analysis of persons for loans, loans and more

Who owns names and geodata, can connect people with more information. Let’s just say – a database about credit card information and a second one with Facebook data packets. From this new conclusions can be drawn. The more data a large company collects, the more accurately it can create profiles of individuals, but also of streets or neighborhoods. In the end, for inquiries, for example, for loans for houses, resorted to many data. As a result, our “private behavior” in social networks has an influence on our “public reputation”. Once the data has been created, it can be copied many times, very simply. If a person is thinking for a company, he can become it for other companies as well (data sales).

Not only Facebook was considered critical this week, but also influencer marketing.

Criticism of Influencer Marketing: Disadvantages of Hypes – Contribution to WDR (German TV)

We met with WDR this week to look at the critical aspects of influencer marketing. The reason was the new sugar tax in the UK, it is levied on food that has a particularly high sugar content. At the same time the big soft drink manufacturers advertise with young bloggers. It creates interesting videos for young target groups that work well on YouTube. For the adolescent user it is not easy to differentiate that these videos are ads. For the user, at first, only the connection of their own favorite blogger and the soft drink brand is: positive brand image! But that the coveted fashion blogger hardly ever drinks soft drinks because he or she is actually eating healthily and paying attention to the figure, as well as doing sports, does not become clear. What stays in the head is the linkage between the brand and the blogger. What other risks are there in influencer marketing? We have taken a critical look together with the WDR.

Advertising marking in influencer marketing

How do you characterize advertising in social media networks properly? Many companies rarely know the legal aspects of their daily work with bloggers. There are general guidelines of social networks and advertising must be featured in some social networks. When working with young bloggers, you should point them to this aspect. Also, the advertising tag was one of the topics this week.

Criticism of Influencer Marketing: Disadvantages of Hypes – WDR (German TV)

Young bloggers and influencers today reach 10,000 fans, some 100,000 and some millions. If I’m allowed to cite one of the classic movies, Spiderman’s uncle said the moment he died, “out of great power, comes with great responsibility.” How is it in influencer marketing?

Change of topic, today a new “sugar law” was adopted in the UK, which taxed products with high sugar content additionally. As a social media expert, WDR wanted to ask us about this sensitive issue for the current hour this evening at 18:45. Soft drink manufacturers are increasingly relying on the marketing strategy influencers. Influencers reach young target groups, very precisely and very specifically, with a high degree of commitment. Especially on YouTube, videos are consumed not just for a few seconds, but intensively over several minutes.

  1. Youtube home pages algorithm and subconscious advertising
  2. How does the YouTube algorithm work?
  3. Differentiation: How easily is advertising for young people recognizable?
  4. This is how sugar gets healthy through marketing messages
  5. Difference between classic advertising and influencer marketing
  6. Advantages and disadvantages in influencer marketing

Youtube home pages algorithm and subconscious advertising

In the algorithm of YouTube, recommendations for us appear on the start page, whether they were shot privately out of the living room or produced commercially, that is to say in the real sense of advertising are not immediately apparent to us. More and more large companies and companies use this direct contact, the immediate recommendation, to convince young target groups of their product and to make new brands fans for the coming decades. Then we take a critical look! If you want to see the full article on Influencer Marketing and influencing target groups, you can find it here in the WDR (German TV) media library (from tomorrow).

How does the YouTube homepage work? How does the YouTube algorithm work?

Each time you visit the YouTube homepage, you’ll see videos that you’re probably interested in. The YouTube algorithm responds in particular to which video titles we choose and which video lengths. Here are the videos filtered. This gives me z.b. in the interest of “football” videos from the field of football. Especially from channels, which I already follow as a user anyway, I get permanent recommendations. This ensures that YouTube can always access material that I like. The disadvantage of this is that discovering new video footage is very difficult, because the material that we see is always what I want to see.

Differentiation: How easily is advertising for young people recognizable?

At first glance, advertising on YouTube is difficult to see. As in all influencer marketing campaigns, personal character plays an important role in blogger videos. The secret of success: Authentic, honest postings submitted by private individuals. A commercial aspect, (should) not be recognized.

When large companies and corporations book bloggers for their marketing campaigns, fans will see a video of their favorite blogger, not a commercial, but an authentic clip. As we get older, we learn the differentiation between advertising and authentic content. Especially for a young target group, however, a separation between authentic content and commercialized advertising is difficult to recognize. Especially through skilful marketing methods of older people who use the knowledge of their own youth to reach today’s youth.

Active Responsibility also plays a role in advertising

In particular, when it comes to advertising in young target groups, that is the address of young people, sometimes even children, everyone is required to take special care in their own work. Which contents are taught and which values? All these questions I have to ask any media maker, self-critical in his work. The very idea of ​​maximizing profits should not be in the focus when advertising with young people. Especially when marketing products, care must be taken that the protection of this particular target group is always maintained. Critical is therefore to be considered if wrong incentives are set.

This is how sugar becomes healthy through marketing messages

Targeted marketing messages in advertising are by no means new and a true classic in advertising. Already 10 or 20 years ago there was criticism z.b. to a fruit yoghurt for children. We suggest “healthy fruits, delicious fruits and vitamins”. In the end, however, the content consists of quark, dyes and above all: sugar.

  • In what way should one promote (positive) for such, particularly sugary product?
  • How healthy is a commercial appearance for such a product?

All of these questions have been asked by creative people many years ago.

Difference between classic advertising and influencer marketing

The difference between classic advertising and influencer marketing: Back then, advertising was labeled as what it is, advertising. In influencer marketing and product placement in videos, such a differentiation is no longer given. If the Youtube homepage recommends us this clip, or if it just starts in the video after being seen, the user’s influence is low. However, we perceive ourselves as authentically pre-given video that probably fits our interests. Exactly here is the sticking point, advertising is no longer recognizable as such. This results in a discourse that we should lead as a media maker. The WDR has done some of today’s critical reporting on the new sugar law in the UK and how do influencer marketing campaigns of large soft drink corporations collide with the aspirations that young people live healthily (and that we teach them this lifestyle) ?

Influencer marketing in the future: criticism persists

Influencer marketing had not reached zenith by a long shot, and criticism of strategies and methods will increase in the future. Even bloggers and influencers will eventually have to face the responsibility. They are still young, but at some point they will not be 18 or 19 years old and will themselves recognize and accept their social responsibility. This will create a new generation that will lead the discourse with future influencers. How this controversial topic will develop, we will of course accompany you in detail as a social media agency.

Advantages and disadvantages in influencer marketing

There are several pros and cons that are emerging in Influencer Marketing. Basically, as a social media agency, we always talk about reach. For campaigns, specific reach and demographics are posted. For the right bloggers are sought. The current possibility of having “everyone” become a station has given rise to various stations: in the past there were few media houses, today there are countless stations all over the world, in every country and in every city. They influence people with their content, which was initially produced privately and increasingly commercialized. This results in not only opportunities but also risks, as described in the WDR contribution.

Advantages of Influencer Marketing

In particular, the direct approach of target groups and the high level of commitment within this process are worth a lot. While classic advertising is shown incidentally, on posters or distracting between films, this speech is very personal and direct. Referral marketing plays a big value here.

  • Great trust between influencer and follower
  • Reach exceeds classic advertising
  • Followers are multipliers at the same time
  • Direct and immediate feedback

Disadvantages of Influencer Marketing

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, great power also gives rise to a great responsibility. Large magazines like Vogue reach as a fashion magazine in Germany 126,000 people with each edition. 100,000 people, some of them are 15 or 16 year old kids. In doing so, you exert almost the same influence as an established media magazine, with a large journalistic or editorial team in the background. This imbalance not only creates opportunities, but also risks for target groups and consumers.

Bad campaigns without “attention to detail” take influencers and company reputation
Risk booking the wrong reach and overlapping bloggers (same reach, duplicate spend)
Advertising on Youtube is expensive

Youtube User Worldwide

Top 49 Cities of the World

Recently 1.481.840 people in New York (USA) are users of Youtube! Around 674.179 poeple in Los Angeles and 1.525.269 in London. How many Youtube useres does your city have?

City User
Shanghai 4.210.128
Beijing 3.734.422
Istanbul 2.434.247
Tokyo 2.345.509
Moscow 2.117.074
Seoul 1.769.946
London 1.525.269
New York 1.481.840
Rio de Janeiro 1.116.009
Singapore 960.682
Los Angeles 674.179
Cape Town 649.137
Yokohama 646.732
Berlin 610.501
Madrid 556.665
Rome 499.383
Dubai 497.361
Toronto 474.105
Taipei 469.488
Chicago 467.861
Paris 386.984
Montreal 286.299
Barcelona 278.494
Philadelphia 272.127
Kyoto 255.934
Munich 251.735
Milan 236.032
Dallas 228.746
Cologne 183.515

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