Twitter at a glance

Twitter is one of the great networks besides Facebook, Google+ and Youtube. That’s why, as a Twitter agency, we also keep an eye on the social network. Twitter is something special. Twitter is a microblog. Microblogs have the task to send small messages in the form of text messages, mostly with limited text volume. On Twitter you can reach people who are looking for fast, sorted information.

Twitter that text network for politicians

In the Twitter social network, you can send messages in short text form. These are immediately seen by the community in individual timelines and newsfeeds. The special thing about Twitter is that you have to limit your message to 160 characters. Of course, within the 160 characters, you have various ways to bring your message to your readers, such as by setting up link URLs to your company website, uploading individual photos, or adding or marking users and friends in the social network.

Fast flow of information in 160 characters

Twitter is a very fast-moving network, in which nearly in the second act news is quasi-free house are served. In Twitter, therefore, it is essential to stick to the “trends” and to integrate different catchphrases with hashtags (#yolo) into their text messages. Twitter is also very suitable for integration into your own company website.

Twitter as a newsfeed for your own website

Through the constant flow of news, you not only have constantly new content, that is, constantly new content relevant to you on their website, you also have a very efficient tool to quickly spread advertising messages to the world. This makes Twitter a special network – with a strong USP. Here, young and digital people, creative and fashionable people, are particularly active. Twitter is also very popular in the boulevard, especially stars and celebrity people, who want to quickly and uncomplicently exchange your thoughts with others.

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