Selfie: Definition, ideas and tips for beautiful photos

Social Media & Selfie! The magic word for the new generation. The better the cameras on smartphones get, the more media are uploaded to social networks every day. Lunch? Selfie! Sports? Selfie! The so-called Selfie is a portrait, which is made with the own camera. You hold the smartphone in front of you with your hand outstretched, switch to the front camera, look at the screen and find the best angle, light and perspective and snap!

Private, always and everywhere

The special charm of Selfies lies in the fact that photos are not taken by photographers, so to speak they are posed and guided. Selfies can be made in any situation and anywhere. Fast, simple and uncomplicated. Bloggers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, but also Twitter and TikTok can constantly take pictures of themselves, shoot small videos, take their followers with them into their private everyday life, but also at events and galas without being dependent on another person.

How to make the perfect selfie?

In the meantime, there are even whole books on this subject that report on how best to put oneself in the limelight! There are very simple tips that you can follow in order to make good selfies yourself.

  • Shoot always multiple photos, then select the best photo
  • Photograph ideally in daylight, but never against the sun
  • Change perspective, slightly swing the arm from left to right and take multiple shots
  • By changing the angle, perspective and light situation are also different

Do not use filters! Maximum small adjustments due to corrections. You will find these correction options in all social apps, e.g. Instagram directly after you have selected the photo.

  • In the advertising industry “light attracts people” applies, the brighter and friendlier a picture is, the better. Brightness correction up to 10, 12%
  • heat, in this setting you can make photos warmer and colder. Simply explained, so the light should not be like in Brazil, or like in Moscow? Correction of heat + / – 8 %
  • Saturation, here you can add more color to the image, more green for the trees, more blue for the water, more yellow for the flowers. Correction of saturation + / – 8 %

One last tip! Remember these color corrections in general. Often photos, whether they’re used for Instagram only, or ultimately for your company’s image brochure, are edited far too much. The skin becomes a single mud stain, contours disappear completely. Our tip, natural photos, easy color settings, light and done. With Photoshop, you can also apply these color settings to natural, slightly optimized photos.

Response Rate: Definition, Social Media & Calculate

The response rate indicates the response rate to a particular campaign. In comparison with several campaigns, it is shown which success factors can be derived from them. The response rate can have very different reasons, a simple example would be a marketing survey sent to 1,000 companies. When 400 questionnaires come back, put the rate at about 40%. Packaged into a social media campaign, this could be a survey played out through media budget and advertisements to 10,000 people. Four different graphics are tested in combination, each reaching 10,000 people. At the end of the test it is determined which of the four individual campaigns had the highest response rate and thus the greatest added value.

Calculation of the Response Rate

The calculation of the response rate does not need many numbers. In the example of our marketing survey, this would be the number of questionnaires sent out and the responses.

  • ( received / sent ) * 100 = Response Rate

Monitoring with Click Rate, Response Rate and Interaction Rate

In our Social Media Blog we have already talked about all important key figures. In reporting and monitoring, various key figures are decisive for the assessment and evaluation of success.

In relation to the response rate, the click rate is merely an indicator of success on the social platform. Ultimately, however, it is always about conversion, which also means fulfilling the goal. The objectives can of course be extremely different, from newsletter registration to answering the market research in our example, or even the sale in the online shop. For all these actions behind the click, the response rate is used. So how high was the response? The interaction rate, one could easily confuse in the first thought of course with the response rate. After all, both factors are about the actions of the users. However, there is a subtle difference, the interaction rate refers to independent action without defined objectives. For example, the commentary in response to a video that has already been online on our YouTube channel for two years. A response rate asks for an exact target instead. As in our example, how many questionnaires were answered? These are the small but subtle differences of three of the most important indicators in social media marketing.

Microblogging – Topics, Networks and Definition

Microblogging refers to blogs within social networks. While classic blogs usually contain very long texts, but also media such as photos and videos, contributions on social networks are extremely short. On Twitter, for example, there are only a few hundred characters. In the same way, you are also limited to Instagram and Facebook in such a quantity of information. Therefore, this form of daily, small reporting is called microblogging.

Microblogging on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Especially popular is microblogging, which means not only personal postings but postings on other topics, from politics of fashion, music, gaming, much more on Twitter. Here many people explicitly deal with a topic, daily updates, innovations, but also opinions and comments. Microblogging is therefore a mix of the classic blogs, newspaper commentary but also the new social networks.

Instagram Direct – Private Messages and Chat Bots

With Instagram Direct, for several years users have had the ability to publish not only postings to Instagram, but also send messages to individuals, or to specific groups, as on other social networks.

Accept and open direct messages

Each user can write to any other user. If you have an inquiry, you can call it up on the start page, via the small house symbol (bottom left). As soon as the symbol is pressed and the news feed appears, you will find the access to the news in the upper right corner.

Direct messages appear in two stages. In the first overview you will see all messages from persons with whom you are already connected or messages from persons whose request for communication you have accepted. All Instagram Direct messages still waiting for confirmation can be opened again in the upper right corner. In this feed you can see all news requests from other users.

Messages can not only be sent from person to person, on Instagram you can also write to groups of 20, 30 or 40 people.

Factor of success for the algorithm?

The interaction rate, i.e. the engagement, determines the positive and negative evaluation of the own Instagram channel by the platform operator. Just as answering comments is a success factor on Instagram, so is answering questions promptly. Particularly for channels that are not marked as private, but run as corporate channels, communication should always be the focus. For postings, but also for answering inquiries.

Of course, this factor is very small, but plays like all success factors in the choir together an important role. Just like a short biography of the profile, the link to the website, a profile picture, regular postings, replying to comments also belong to it. Of course, replying to Instagram Direct messages is also a point in the rating.

Is it worth actively acquiring users who use Instagram Direct Messages? In principle, the Instagram inbox is the same as the inbox of any e-mail, or the mailbox at the house entrance. What lands here is usually read briefly. It is not always reacted to, but it is often read. Of course you can use this as a company to market new products or services. Either manual or automated.

Direct Massage and Social Bots

Anyone who has ever had anything to do with social bots knows that their job is, among other things, to comment on posts made by other users. Why is that? The more frequently other users perceive us, e.g. through comments under photos and videos, the more reach your channel will get. Of course, the principle can also be converted to Direct Messages.

Here is a small example of how something like this could work. As a realistic example, we take the subject of “looking for accommodation”, a huge market, because 10 million people are living in this country every year.

  1. Social bot searches specifically for posts with variables you specify
  2. Your default, whenever a user posts the hashtag #housing search, the posting is not older than 7 days, your social bot will write a direct message to the user
  3. The message then contains a spun text, which could look like this: ” Hey, I just saw your posting, you are looking for a flat? Do you already know the new portal”

Thus one could orient the procedure of a social bot outlined above towards addressing people who are currently looking for accommodation and perhaps have not yet found what they are looking for. So you get, quasi free of charge, new reach for your real estate portal.

The link is written directly as a URL so that users can click directly on it and immediately land on the right website.

What is Content Spinning? If you want to read more about the topic, then we have two interesting pages for you here, on the one hand in our blog of the article spinning comments, you will find here a detailed guide to the topic Content Spinning.

Meme – What is a Meme? Definition and Best Practice

Social media memes are an absolute phenomenon of the social media world. They are relatively easy to understand. Graphics consisting of a picture, or a short video in connection with a striking text. If you take as an example a famous actor, like Will Smith in his then parade role as Prince of Bel Air Dance, you will see “Weekend!” in big letters above. So memes express a certain emotion.

Memes as an integral part of digital communication

Small graphics are now built into every Direct Messenger, from Facebook and WhatsApp to Instagram and TikTok. Everywhere there are small GIF animations in which famous people dance, jump into the air, or even put on a legendary look. Short, small sequences of one or two seconds running in a continuous loop. Above them are extremely striking texts, in large lettering. This means that the content can also be read excellently on small smartphone displays.

Pictures or memes say more than a thousand words! That’s why memes have become so successful. From absolute classics like GrumpyCat, the constantly evil-looking cat, to comic heroes like Donald Duck, to real people like Donald Trump, or even great actors like Will Smith and Brad Pitt. Moments everyone knows, e.g. Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wallstreet and a matching comment on the subject of wealth “I am rich bitch” – provocative, simple, funny, these are memes.


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Interaction Rate (Engagement) – Definition and Tips for Improvement

Interaction Rate (Engagement) – Definition and Tips for Improvement

Interaction rate and user engagement play a major role in two areas in particular. On the one hand, in monitoring, i.e. the measurement and evaluation of success following campaigns. On the other hand, the interaction rate or commitment is a decisive factor in the pricing of influencers or their social media channels. The calculation of the formula is different, because of course agencies but also companies weight the individual positions themselves. But let’s start at the beginning, with the basic definition and calculation of the interaction rate.

Definition of the interaction rate

By definition, the interaction rate is the quantity of reactions to the quantity of sightings. With the use of technical terms one would say the views in relation to the interaction. This results in the commitment, i.e. the interaction rate.

What makes the interaction rate so important? In many social media networks there are many fake accounts, ghost accounts and of course bought likes and comments in addition to the many real accounts. The interaction rate, in particular distributed over several postings, i.e. taking into account several publications, not just one, provides information about how active the own community is. For example, if you have bought subscribers, their interaction rate will decrease because these channels will never interact with your own social media channel. Purchased subscribers are usually bots or individuals who have a variety of so-called ghost accounts. With this you can link pages whose owners had bought fans before.

The interaction rate is therefore a quality indicator, which can of course also be bypassed. Who buys e.g. not only subscribers but also still purposefully Likes buys, these over several hours and days distributed, in addition also still English-language comments in addition buys, is on the first, fast way difficult as Fake account to identify. Nevertheless, the interaction rate is a first indicator for the quality of the social media channel. Because the targeted purchase of subscribers, likes and comments, systematically and daily distributed, is very complex and of course also expensive. This is why the quality control of influencers by an experienced social media agency is so important for clients and campaigns.

Calculation of the interaction rate

The formula for calculating the interaction rate is not complicated and easy to remember. The only variable in the formula is the weighting of the comments. You could easily add up the likes and comments. But the question is, how important are individual comments? A Like is given quickly. But for a comment you have to take your time, think about what you’re writing and of course you’re also to be seen more publicly than with a simple like. Many factors that make the sending of comments more important not only for customers, but of course also for the algorithm of social networks. The more time users invest in interaction, the more valuable it is in itself. Accordingly, the comments are weighted differently depending on the agency and company.

The basic formula for calculating the interaction rate is this:

  • ( Likes + Comments x 5 ) / Views = Commitment

You can adjust the value x 5 as desired, upwards or downwards.

Examples for measuring success or monitoring

Provided that all channels are purchased at the same price, the interaction rates can be directly compared with each other. After a social media campaign, the different participants, bloggers and influencers, can be compared with each other based on the interaction rate. The higher the interaction rate, the better.

  • Influencer AA with interaction rate of 2.34 %
  • Influencer AB with interaction rate of 3.15 %
  • Influencer AC with interaction rate of 2.63 %

Influencer B had the best interaction values in our small comparison and would therefore remain booked for further campaigns. Influencers who tend to have a lower click rate would not receive a follow-up booking.

Example for the purchase of Sponsored Postings

Advertising on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube is more popular than ever. Numerous brands invest in social media campaigns and, of course, in influencer marketing. The purchase price for social media postings, especially for the various parameters, from celebrity to organizational effort for micro influencers, many do not know the exact prices for influencers and sponsor postings.

If you want to calculate prices online, you can fortunately find good online price calculators. One of the most popular price calculators for Instagram Postings is currently Influencer Fee. Here you can calculate the prices of sponsored postings for free.

Also with this Instagram price calculator the interaction rate is the basis for the calculation.

Prices on YouTube

Prices on YouTube are always the most expensive for sponsored posts compared to other social networks. Why is that? YouTube videos are on the one hand more complex to create, which means that there is less competition, as for example with Instagram or TikTok. This means that special topics can be dealt with much more effectively. On the other hand, postings on networks such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok usually have a half-life of 24 hours to 7 days. After that, the postings lost their relevance. Youtube, on the other hand, brings videos with an age of five, six or even seven years to many search queries. This means that whoever manages to place a product or a topic on YouTube will collect long-term success for it. This makes placement in YouTube videos correspondingly more expensive.

Prices on Instagram and Facebook

Currently, the media purchase prices on Instagram and Facebook are relatively the same. On average, they range from 10% to 30% of the equivalent YouTube budget. If you plan your campaign for Instagram or Facebook, you will be able to book a higher reach for the same budget. In addition, there are of course other subtleties that should be considered when shopping. On Instagram it is not possible to place links within the postings. This makes subsequent reporting and monitoring more difficult. If you need exact key figures, you should access Facebook. But here comes the next variable, the target group. Roughly speaking, people over the age of 30 can be reached very well on Facebook, people under the age of 30 on Instagram. If you want to reach users under the age of 18, you should use TikTok.

Prices on TikTok

TikTok is currently the absolute insider tip for working with influencers who want to reach a young target group. From 6 years to 16 years one has here the largest number of persons, meanwhile the user space extends however also a little towards 18, 19 years. Due to the novelty, the prices are still a little cheaper in relation to Instagram or YouTube, which is naturally also because the target group is not yet as powerful as a 50-year-old person on Facebook, a 30-year-old person on YouTube or a 25-year-old person on Instagram. Accordingly, you can be more creative as a company and also do a few tests to gain experience within the current, youngest target group.

In conclusion, the interaction rate or commitment is an indispensable point for success in social media marketing, but also in influencer marketing. If you have more questions on the subject, you will find many free posts and tips on the subject of interaction rates in our social media blog.

GIF: What is a GIF? Creating animated graphics

GIF is a mixture of image and moving image. GIF´s are small animations that are composed of different photos and thus result in a video, or even just several scenes. GIF´s are often used to digitally draw attention to something. Instead of using simple static photos, you bring some movement into the game. Online users are already becoming more aware of the graphic than before. GIF´s has been around since the beginning of computers. Already with the first graphical user interfaces and simple drawing programs one could create small GIF´s.

What is a GIF?

GIF´s are pictures in a row. Depending on how fast the images are played back, a more or less fluid video is created for the head. Did you know? To make moving images appear fluid, you need 25 frames per second. Only then does our brain think that it is a fluid movement. GIF´s is available in different versions.

  • Single sequences or images that are played back one after the other, scene 1 is e.g. the campaign image, tendon 2 is the brand name and scene 3 is the offer price
  • Small animations, e.g. ascending oxygen bubbles. Thus one has e.g. an offer price in the midst of an aquarium
  • Video scenes, very popular is for example to convert existing MP4 video scenes to GIF´s, so you have real video as GIF file

What does GIF?

The file format GIF stands for “Graphics Interchange Format”.

Create GIF: Free online or Photoshop?

The simplest exercise for beginners who want to create a GIF themselves is for example a black block that flies from left to right through the image. The background is simply white. The result, in an infinite loop, will be a small square black block chasing from left to right through the image.

For example, if you simply want to convert existing video material into a GIF, for example to be able to run it permanently on Facebook, you can have your MP4 videos converted to a GIF online free of charge.

Tip: MP4 to GIF – Convert video for free

GIF´s can not only be used for social networks, like Facebook. Of course, you can also send GIF´s as a moving image via WhatsApp or integrate it in your own blog on the website. Here are our recommendations for free online services to convert files:

YouTube Tutorial – Animated create GIF´s yourself

You want to learn yourself how to create animated GIF´s with Photoshop? Here we have the best YouTube tutorials for you, where you learn how to create your own animated GIF´s in just a few steps.

Free Online


Follower – definition, creative content and interaction

Follower is the English term for people who follow you on social networks. The more precise definition of the term follower comes from people who follow a channel, whose information is subscribed to and therefore constantly want to see information and updates. A follower may be interested in a particular channel due to many properties. It could be beauty tips that a young schoolgirl looks at in the morning, craftsman tips that the journeyman looks at, or inspiration for the next destination. On the social networks between YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Facebook there is everything your heart desires.

How to win Follower?

As we described in the Facebook Marketing Online Course, young and new companies in particular are represented on social networks. The age of the company plays no role, only the presence on the medium, the first 1,000 fans are the most important in this case. In many conversations and consultations as an agency, we are asked whether it is worthwhile to work for 1,000 fans and produce content? See the first 1,000 fans, followers always as their state. Imagine your business and around 1,000 customers. Would you ask them, is it worth talking to these 1,000 customers?

The first 1,000 followers are, so to speak, your first brand advocates and multipliers in the new city called Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. These are the first 1,000 people to trust your company, brand, or service. They would like more information about it and they would like to receive it regularly. That is why they are crucial for the success of your company.

Creative content promotes interaction and commitment of followers

After your social media channel has won the first followers, your goal is to increase interaction and engagement. But why exactly is interaction so important? It shows how active your community is. Of course you can buy 100,000 fans today for $99, but it’s just ghost accounts that don’t give out any likes, don’t comment and of course never go to their online shop to buy one of your products. If you want to read more about this topic, have a look at the article about Ghosts and Fake Accounts here.

Please feel free to ask us questions! Take a look at trends from the world’s major metropolises! You experience something funny in the office? Post it! You have 5,000 T-shirts in stock but never made a raffle? You can use all these points to increase the interaction with your followers. Don’t ever pack a competition like you did in a 1990 magazine. Just do a little Instagram-story with your warehouse worker, or something like that. Don’t think too much about the video, as long as it reaches your followers authentically. Social media is very much intuition and “just do it”, be spontaneous!

With this social media spirit you increase your reach and the number of followers.

Following – Translation, Instagram and Formula

Following is the English term for following another person on social networks. So if I follow your company, or your project, then I’m your follower. In my following list you are then also listed and my followers again you can see in it.

What makes the term following so important?

Following is thus an important term in social media marketing. Because the number of followers expresses how many fans a certain person, project, product, or service has. Followers can interact with our information and media content, for example by “like me” or by commenting on our photos and videos. The more of these likes we collect or comments, the higher we are ranked by the algorithm of the social media network. The more interaction we have, the more friends our followers have with us and we can expand our reach.

There is even a separate relationship calculation to the term. This is called Follower Following Relationship.