Satellite Project (SEO): Increase reach through backlinks in your own network

Satellite Project – Tip! Have you ever heard of a “satellite project”? In online marketing, a satellite project is a second website, a second blog or a second social media account that generates additional reach.

Satellite projects for search engine optimization: How does it work?

Here’s a little best practice of mine, to support my modeling agencies worldwide, we have founded an online fashion magazine in six languages. On my model agency page I can of course not report so extensively on topics and names, after all, we work with very high-priced and exclusive customers. So when client A reads the headline “Client B: New collection in the shop” or relatively flat topics like “The five vitamins to lose weight”, “The three best diets”, “That’s why the food industry doesn’t want you to lose weight” – all topics that don’t fit to a high fashion model agency.

Topic shift

But perfect for a fashion magazine: fashion, trends and nutrition! At the same time, of course, the fashion magazine also writes about fashion shows, supermodels and advertising. These are again perfect backlink sources (links that positively influence search engine optimization) for my model agencies. So the pages complement each other and form a network. Visitors wander between the pages. The fashion magazine is a satellite traffic (visitor) source for the model agencies.

Think Big! More than just a project

This shows you that even as an established company you are constantly looking for new and better concepts. My path led me from felt 100 pizza flyers and 400 logos, away from my advertising agency and brand building for customers to brand building for my own brands, from employees for our brands to flexible personnel structures, from freelance models, influencers and speakers to current investments in passive revenue sources. This includes not only software, but also rights of use, in the media area and model management as well as brand new, music management. Even better than recurring subscription customers are passive sources of income, such as rights of use. Rights of use do not require any acquisition of new customers or marketing campaigns to hold. Continuous further development. A long, rarely predictable, daily exciting away.

That’s why the motto always applies: ideally, you feel like a little boy or a little girl on the football pitch and enjoy what you are doing without a concrete goal, the path is the goal. You want to win, that’s important! Always be open to improving your own business models. Optimization and further development is the core of successful companies.

Digital development and cross-media for entrepreneurs

A business model is never really complete. Times change, people change and so do their needs and desires. The car is no longer what it was in 1920. Smartphones are no longer those that were in 2010. TikTok is no longer what it was just a year ago. You too will always have to keep your finger on the pulse. As you can see, automation also plays a central role. Which business processes can be automated at all? As you can see from the best practice above, there are numerous possibilities to exclude logistics, e.g. through Amazon FBA, software products or agency services of distribution. Orders can be automated, e.g. by uniform price models and digital payment systems like WordPress in connection with WooCommerce, completely free of charge. Distribution can also be completely outsourced, as can music usage rights, from old control models such as GEMA to modern distribution via RecordJet. The own work focuses only on the production, everything else behind it is done by someone else. The daily income from the various music portals such as Spotify, iTunes or Deezer can then be easily viewed online as a manager, updated daily.

The better the business processes, the more satisfied the customers are. That’s why it’s important for me to emphasize for the topic “keeping customers” that especially a fluent service, punctual fees, punctual transfers, typical German virtues, if you like, contribute a lot to building up satisfied regular customers. Ultimately, this is especially true of customer service over a long period of time.

30.000 visitors per month for free! Best Practice Influencer Fee – Small Software, Big SEO

Influencer fee is read in English, “fee” stands for fee (payment). Practically, however, it also reads very well in German, as “fee”… Influencer Fee is a website where anyone can calculate Instagram prices for sponsored postings for free.

What can the software do? Free evaluation of Influencern

With our price calculator, we give agencies, brands and companies, but also the influencers themselves the opportunity to calculate their prices for individual sponsored postings well-founded. All they have to do is enter the name of the influencer. The rest of the calculation is done by the algorithm, based on the media data from the latest 15 postings. At the end you get an immediate and free price evaluation, which is fair for both sides. With the price, Influencer Fee shows the most important statistics on the engagement rate and number of impressions per posting.

The principle is very simple. Agencies do a lot of the work, because otherwise they have to sight every single person by hand. Every week the last 10 to 15 postings are analysed, all data is entered manually and then calculated. The comparison takes a lot of time. At Influencer Fee all this is done with one click. The price and the statistics can then be printed out and, for example, taken directly to the price negotiations. The algorithm is programmed so that the prices are fair for both sides. A solid negotiation basis and 100% free.

Where is the business model?

The free calculation brings us a lot of traffic. For many important keywords we are international number 1 / 2 in the search engines like “Influencer Calculator” or “Instagram Calculator”. Agencies, blogs and magazines can buy the price calculator as HTML embedding for their own website. The advantage: Visitors through SEO option and retention time of visitors as well as interaction (clicks) with the website. All important criteria. If, for example, you want to enable your Spanish customers in Spain to calculate prices or the readers of a large fashion magazine from Great Britain, you can buy the embed code for only 9.99 dollars a month. The amount is then automatically debited from the account every month. The customer gets a price calculator for his own website, which can be integrated into articles dealing with social media marketing, influencer marketing or influencers themselves. The readers can calculate now independently the prices of their favourite Influencer.

  • advantage 1 – We “determine” the price worldwide
  • advantage 2 – Excellent backlink source for our social media agency (30,000 unique visits / month; One Pager English), keyword: win customers
  • advantage 3 – Monthly, passive income
  • advantage 4 – network expansion worldwide
  • advantage 5 – press references (including Rolling Stones [USA], El País [Spain], RTL [Germany] and Daily Mail [UK])

From Waste Product to Cash Cow

What I like most about this project is the story behind it, it was actually a “waste product”. Much bigger was our software “Social Analytics”. We were pioneers for instagrams and monitoring. Of course, as you are used to in Germany, completely without investment and help, because this is all “new territory”. Nevertheless, we competed with US Americans and a Russian team.

Then came the Big Bang. Unfortunately, a month after the release of the big Cambridge Analytica scandal in the USA, the Big Bang came up. Due to the influence of the US presidential election, the topic of “influencing opinion in the social media” was so high that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg even had to testify in person before the US Senate. As a result, many changes were made to Facebook. Essential updates came in the next 48 hours. In the end, we only had a few hours to think and had to stop the service immediately, as did the Americans and Russians (competing products). Because Instagram belongs to Facebook, we lived on Instagram profile data. A sad moment for founders after investing half a year and a lot of money in the monitoring software. Nevertheless, you should always see the glass half full! We don’t have any social monitoring software anymore but a great story.

“Influencer Fee” was only one feature of the “Social Analytics” software, a small extra product besides the big (also expensive) monitoring software. Mini-monitoring for everyone. This is how one of the price calculators for Instagram came into being, which today brings us 30,000 free visitors a month through search engine clicks.

Social Selling – Shopping on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

Social Selling deals with the art of generating sellers from social networks. Through creative and good content, through targeted advertisements, through influencer marketing has also been through its own online stores in the social network. This works with Facebook as well as with Instagram. One of the latest trends, your own online shop on Facebook and Instagram.

Products & Shop on Facebook and Instagram

Social selling is becoming more and more important. In online marketing, the aim is to have as few barriers as possible, since the cap concludes the desired action. On a website, for example, this is the number of clicks until the purchase has been made or until a specific product has been found. Each additional barrier, which means each additional step, makes the purchase more difficult and thus lowers the conversion rate. The shorter, simpler and more understandable the paths are, the better. That’s why it makes sense sooner or later not to lure people out of the social media network into your own online shop, but to sell products directly via social media networks. The so-called social selling.

Some platforms now make it possible to create your own online shops. The online shops are then linked to the real platform. The big advantage is that the users have the possibility to browse the products directly in the social network. On the other hand you have the possibility to link products directly in your media, for example if you post a photo. If users are then more interested in the posted product, you can find out which product it is by clicking on the medium. In addition, they get all price information directly and can click directly to the product in their real online shop. Social selling, with its own online shop in the social network, lowers the hurdles for sales from social media networks accordingly.

Regrammen, Repin, Retweet + Responsive YouTube Videos with CSS

Regram, ribs, retreat, important names for social media managers. But what makes the terms so special? Content production is extremely complex! For Instagram less than for YouTube but still it needs almost daily content on social networks. Showing your creativity every day is difficult. This is not only about creativity itself, of course there are also holidays, holidays or weekends. Maybe they have their own social media manager in the company, suddenly there is a change of personnel or shortened working hours, who takes care of the appearance? Content production is so elaborate that many resort to the publication of other people. Why write yourself when someone has already written a good tweet? Why take a photo yourself when there are already many good photos on Pinterest? Why make a new funny little video when there are already millions on Instagram?

Share and Embed for Business (and private)

Tip for all webmasters! At the end of the article you will learn how to bring YouTube videos responsive to the different devices by separating CSS classes. This means that YouTube videos are adapted to the screen size of the different end devices between computer, notebook, tablet and smartphone. And it’s completely automatic.

Regram, ribs and retreat, but all this has not only something to do with content production. Because of course also private persons use the sharing of other contents. Funny videos, informative, jokes, memes or just videos of sweet animals. The Internet and especially social networks are full of creative photos and videos. When content triggers emotions, you want to preserve them for yourself. That’s why a lot of content is shared on your own timeline, for yourself but also for friends. After all, you can always use it to show how trend-conscious you are yourself. Trend awareness as well as “seeing and being seen” is exactly what social networks are all about.

May foreign content be shared?

Anyone who registers on a social media platform enters into the general terms and conditions of the platform. Here it is already specified that the contents may be freely shared within the social network. Therefore, media, provided they do not leave the platform, may be shared by users in certain predetermined ways. Depending on the social network, the form of permission differs. Because sharing content is not the same on every network. Some networks encourage content to be shared by others. Other networks, on the other hand, try to make it more difficult to share content. Let’s take a quick look at the social networks in detail and how simple or complex content can be divided.

Share Posts, Links, Photos and Videos on Facebook

Facebook is by far the most open network for sharing content alongside Twitter. No matter if it’s links that lead to your own blog, online shop or to external media such as magazines, photos of yourself, your girlfriend or even of company websites as well as videos and all articles themselves. Facebook is therefore the best platform for distributing multimedia content. While other platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat or Tiktok have relatively many restrictions and do not allow direct linking, Facebook as a social media manager is a great place to let off steam.

Within Facebook, you can not only reuse any form of media, but of course you can also use other people’s media yourself and recycle them accordingly. At this point, however, you should always take a legal look at the current situation and, of course, at the current general terms and conditions. Because despite being up-to-date, the terms of use are constantly changing, even if they are only details. For example, in our article about privacy settings on Facebook in the changing times from the Cambridge Analytics data scandal to today’s Facebook Privacy 2.0.

In principle, however, one is quite independent within the social network as far as the use and reuse of foreign media is concerned, insofar as one is within the limits of the terms of use but also of national laws.

The advantage of Facebook, the target groups are very broad. From the 20-year-old person to the thirty-year-old to the 40-year-old woman, the 50-year-old man and even the 60-year-old pensioner. On Facebook you can therefore reach people very precisely through so-called targeting and retargeting.

The disadvantage is that because Facebook is already the largest social network in the world, placements are highly sought after. Billions of photos are uploaded every day, billions of articles are written. Who gets presence and is immediately visible in the Facebook app and who doesn’t appear in the newsfeed of the app? This is where Facebook earns its money and therefore, if companies want to achieve large reach, they must not rely on organic reach, but on paid reach. Of course you will also find many tips on this in our Social Media Blog!

How do I share Facebook content on the website? If you want to embed Facebook photos, videos or posts on your own website, you need to embed HTML code. It’s very simple

  • Open
  • Comment, select photo or video
  • Choose now the option “Embed post”
  • Now you can see the HTML code, the iframe
  • Copy HTML code
  • Insert HTML code into the web page

Share Posts, Links, Photos and Videos on Twitter

Twitter is the most open network for sharing content alongside Facebook. Here you can also share a wide variety of media content. At the beginning Twitter was relatively limited to text messages with a maximum length of 140 characters. Today many things have changed, the tweets may be much longer, media content is no longer limited to text only but additionally photos may be uploaded, videos even better, links to articles or products in the online shop may be shared.

The disadvantage of Twitter is that you don’t get much coverage here, if only on very specific topics. So if you want to have reach, on a larger scale, you should focus on the other network. Especially Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

How do I share tweets on Twitter?

  • Open
  • Log in
  • Select a tweet of your choice
  • Press the second icon, bottom left, Retweet
  • Optionally you can now add your own description
  • Send the tweet

How do I embed a tweet in WordPress or another website?

There are basically two ways of embedding the data in Internet pages. By default, tweets are embedded by HTML code, a so-called iframe. Especially for users of WordPress there is also the possibility to insert links directly in the post. The content management system then automatically converts the link into a Twitter embedding.

Twitter embedding on websites

  • Proceed as above: Open Twitter, log in, select Tweet
  • Press the arrow
  • in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Embed Tweet”
  • Now you can see the HTML code, the iframe
  • Copy HTML code
  • Insert HTML code into the web page

Twitter Embedding on WordPress

  • Go ahead with it upstairs: Open Twitter, log in, select Tweet
  • Press upper right on the arrow
  • Choose “Copy Link”
  • Insert link into WordPress page
  • The system automatically converts the link for embedding (tip! This also works with YouTube videos)

Share photos and videos on Instagram

Instagram is less open about sharing content than the two previously mentioned candidates. On Instagram there is no way to share content directly.

Tip! Use a Repost App. Such Repost Apps can be found for free in Google’s PlayStore but also in Apple’s iStore. With these apps, you can easily copy links from each media content, paste them (in the app) and you can share the photo or video on your own channel.

Can I embed Instagram on my own website?

Just like in the other networks, they simply take the post of your choice and press in the connection top right on the small arrow and choose Embed. Instagram will immediately show you the right HTML code for your website. Tip! On WordPress it is enough to insert the link to the post. This means you don’t have to go to the settings to get the code, you just have to click on the post and copy the URL of the page and paste it into your WordPress post.

Share photos on Pinterest

Pinterest is an excellent source for link building in search engine optimization. At the same time, Pinterest is very open to sharing media content. Every user has the possibility to create different galleries, so-called pinboards. On every single pinboard you can upload or share different photos, every single post is called a pin. Just like a post on Twitter is called a tweet. Thus, the social media channel of users consists of several galleries, the so-called pinboards. Users can freely access the content of others. So you can also create complete pinboards without taking a photo yourself. Media contents are therefore also valuable here by the compilation. If you focus on one topic and specialize in tuning cars, you can create very special boards here. For example to the individual car brands, all around Mercedes, BMW, Renault, VW and many others. It goes even deeper, how about single pinboards for the different parts of the car in conjunction with a car brand. For example, you could create Mercedes interiors, Mercedes sound, Mercedes rims and so on.

The more boards you have created and the less competition you have, the faster you can increase your reach on Pinterest and then use the traffic to link some products to your own online shop that you have in stock. Now they have a free link source, congratulations!

Can I embed Pinterest on my website?

Yes, of course! Just like on Facebook and Pinterest but also Instagram, you only have to select a specific post and look in the settings for the Share or Embed option. There you will find the HTML code for the iframe under Guarantee. All you need to do is copy it and paste it into your website.

Share videos on YouTube

Last but not least, YouTube. YouTube videos are great for embedding but also for sharing.

If you want to share Youtube videos on your own YouTube channel, you have to create playlists. Within this playlist you can save different videos so that the playlist serves a certain purpose. So you can put together playlists from the current chart songs or playlists on various topics, for example explanatory videos for the iPhone or explanatory videos on bicycle repair if your online shop deals with the subject of bicycles and bicycle accessories.

However, YouTube videos are also profitable for search engine optimization. Because by embedding them on your own website, blog or online shop, users stay longer on the site. The time spent on a website is a very important indicator for the rating of Google but also of other search engines. Because in a nutshell, search engines are all about showing users the best possible content. Best possible is defined after a long stay and frequent interaction as well as the visit of following pages. The more active the users are who have clicked on a search result, the higher the page will be rated. Of course, always in comparison to the competition. For example, if we stick to the subject of bicycles and bicycle accessories, they could describe various video tutorials in their own blog on the subject of bicycles, riding a bicycle and bicycle accessories in more detail. You can also embed videos in existing articles. What is the advantage? Suppose you have an 800 word article. The average reading time is 1.12 minutes. By embedding a YouTube explanatory video, for example on the topic of patching bicycle tubes, with a total length of 10 minutes, you can encourage visitors to watch the entire explanatory video, repair the bicycle on the side and thus not only stay the 1.12 minutes on their side but raise the average dwell time to 3.5 or even 4 minutes. That by embedding a YouTube video created by a third person. Wonderful content!

How to embed YouTube videos in your blog?

For YouTube there are two ways of embedding, again the standard website and specifically for WordPress, the content management system’s own conversion of direct links.

YouTube embedding on websites

  • openYouTube, select video
  • Select “Embed video”
  • Now you can see the HTML code, the iframe
  • Copy HTML code
  • Insert HTML code into the web page

YouTube Embedding on WordPress

  • Go ahead with the above: Open YouTube, select video
  • Copy the URL of the page
  • Insert URL in the WordPress page
  • The system automatically converts the URL for embedding

Here is another unbeatable advantage of WordPress: WordPress converts the respective video link, suitable for the end device, responsive to all sizes. The standard YouTube video embed on the other hand has a size of 516 x 350 pixels. For devices with higher image resolution, the video will quickly appear clear. Accordingly, one should think about adapting the video size to the respective end devices using CSS.

Tip and Excursus! Responsive YouTube videos through CSS

If you want to change the YouTube formats using CSS, you can assign individual classes to the individual iframes. This allows them to specify that there is one class for smartphones, one for tablets, and one for notebooks and computers. Depending on the size of the screen, the size of the Youtube video embedding adapts to the screen or the screen resolution.

To keep the example simple, we distinguish between stationary devices such as notebooks and computers and more mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.  We define our breaking point, i.e. the number of pixels on the screen at which the CSS classes change, at both 980 pixels. First two new classes are created in the CSS file.

Example for CSS class separation:

@media only screen and (max-width : 901px) {
#no-youtube-video {
display: none;
}</block quota>
After the CSS file has been adapted, the code for embedding the YouTube video has to be extended by the class. This is the standard YouTube code for embedding:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

By the adaptation the code gets the class and looks like this:

<iframe class=”no-youtube-video” width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Monitoring: Why Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring is important, because in the end there must always be profits. Social media campaigns are never automatically successful. Previous experience is always combined with live experience, how does the target group react at the current moment? Based on this basic information, a social media agency develops concepts to make social media channels, advertisements and community management as effective as possible so that the company is in the black at the end of the day.22

Monitoring the successes – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Co

However, social media monitoring is extremely different. There are areas in influencer marketing that can hardly be monitored at all. The last action, for example, coupon codes in Instagram Postings. No direct links can be placed here and therefore clicks and sales cannot be traced. Of course, this is a big problem for many companies who are also building reach with the promotion through influencers. At the same time, there are options such as Facebook ads that can also be switched to Instagram, which are extremely accurate in report thing and monitoring. So accurate that even many critics are concerned about privacy, after all, advertising is becoming increasingly personalized. Here, paths can be traced extremely precisely so that you know and see exactly who likes your own brand, who buys the products, who is interested in similar products, how old the people are, where they come from and what their interests are.

The evaluation in monitoring is so different. If you really want to deal with this topic, you should start directly with software. The subject of monitoring is so diverse and special that it cannot be explained in a few paragraphs. The best recommendation is therefore Learning by Doing and YouTube videos! Add a portion of cleverness and the monitoring can begin.

KPI – Key Performance Indicator

There is only one term for measuring success in business management: key performance indicators. The so-called KPIs document the degree of fulfillment. In online marketing, these are primarily the conversion rate, which provides information on sales or contracts, the click-through rate (CTR), with a statement on the proportionality of clicks achieved in comparison, up to the interaction rate, the engagement rate, which indicates how many reactions there were to certain media content, and up to the response rate, which provides information on how many responses there were to a certain action.

Let’s take another look at the different KPIs:

Interaction Rate – Engagement Rate

The interaction rate or the commitment of the users plays an important role in two areas in particular. On the one hand, in monitoring, i.e. the measurement and evaluation of success following campaigns.

The formula for calculating the interaction rate:
( Likes + comments x 5 ) / Views = commitment</block quota>(
You can adjust the value x 5 as desired, upwards or downwards. More about Intercation rate

Click Rate – Click Through Rate CTR

The click through rate (CTR) is an extremely important indicator in reporting and monitoring. As a key figure, the click rate provides information about the relation between the views, the so-called sightings, and the clicks. The higher this percentage, the more successful the campaign.

  • A social media posting reaches 1,000 people,
  • of which 50 click on the offer,
  • gives a click rate of 5%

The click rate formula:
Impressions (views) / clicks = click rate</block rate>
More about Click rate

Conversion / Conversion Rate

For the interaction rate or the engagement, the conversation with the own target group is a decisive success factor for your social media marketing. Conversation is the basic model in media studies. By exchanging information, novelties, innovations, all conceivable forms of information are disseminated.

More about Conversion Rate

Response Rate – Response Rate

The response rate indicates the response rate to a particular campaign and, when comparing several campaigns, which success factors can be derived from it. The response rate can have very different reasons, a simple example would be a marketing survey sent to 1,000 companies. If 400 questionnaires came back, the rate would be 40%.

The formula for calculating the reaction rate:

( received / sent ) * 100 = Response Rate

More about the reaction rate

Influencer Monitoring

Influencer monitoring can be difficult in some cases. In other cases it is again relatively simple. Ultimately, the best way to monitor influencers is to have direct access to the statistics and analyses of each influencer. Of course, this is not always possible, so most influencers usually send screenshots of statistics. You can then use social media software to offset and check these in parts. In principle, however, the aim is not only to equip influencers with free articles and products, but also to report the actions and interactions in a sustainable manner. Just as with advertisements, the ultimate goal is to separate successful influencers from less successful ones so that long-term collaboration only begins with influencers who ultimately provide conversion.

The simplest and most effective way is to use so-called short links. Short links are then placed below the postings, e.g. in the YouTube description, the description below the Facebook posting and of course as a Swipe Up link in the Instagram Stories. In the back end of the short link provider, you can see in the statistics how often the user clicked. If you work with 20 influencers, you can compare all influencers after 30 days. Just write down the costs and the clicks next to them. From this you can calculate how much you paid for a click. The influencers with the most successful campaign will then continue to be booked. The tracking and reporting of influencer campaigns is as simple as that.

You have learned how to calculate the click rate before, with a small variation you can calculate the click price.

Calculation and formula for click price

  • Costs / Clicks = Click price

Let’s look at the comparison in a simple example:

  • Influencer A costs 2.000 € for 250 clicks = 8,00 € per click
  • Influencer B costs 10.000 € with 500 clicks = 20,00 € per click
  • Influencer C costs 7.000 € for 800 clicks = 7.20 € per click

As a result, the campaign with Influencer C would persist.

Of course there are other factors, but these are the basics. Of course, there are other factors that are important for the valuation:

  • Impressions, reach in the community
  • For major influencer branding and positive image
  • Conversion Raid, Closings after click

Reporting and monitoring software

If you are more interested in monitoring in social media marketing and want to work with analysis methods of a sSocial Media agency, then we recommend you take a look at Social Media Software. Especially on our large articles on the subject:

Scale: What is a scalable business model? + Advertisements

Scaling – the topic par excellence in business administration. Whoever has achieved his proof of concept, i.e. a profitable business model, must in the next step succeed in generating more profits with less investment. After all, many things that cost a lot of money to set up no longer have to be done. Certain processes can be automated so that some tasks no longer require personnel but only software and licenses. Scaling means turning a business model upside down, making it even more profitable. “Scale” means staircase and derived from it, scaling means expand.

  • What is scalability?
  • What is a scalable business model?

Learn how to scale from the online marketer: Advertisements

Most social media managers who start a search query in terms of scaling want to find out more about the topic, in other words, how can you make a lot out of little?

Many young entrepreneurs in the online marketing sector often start their first scaling in the area of affiliate marketing. The basis is often a small blog with articles, or a landing page (a single HTML page with a sales-optimized interface). On this blog there is then e.g. test report, to topics like E-cigarettes, the classical coffee machine or also the coffee pad test, exactly the same goes it naturally also for bicycles, E-bikes or also the automobile industry. In the individual blog articles are then the so-called affiliate links deposited. Every time a user buys a product by referring to the affiliate link, the blog owner earns between 5 and 20% (usually 10%) of the sales. This is how affiliate marketing and scaling works on a small scale.

The aim of the young entrepreneur is to buy targeted reach through advertisements in social networks so that sufficient sales are generated. Each page or advertisement that generates sufficient sales will then become a sustainable project for the entrepreneur. The advertisements start off with small budgets and, if they perform well, are turned up. Scaling!

With a small budget, they now test different advertisements for effectiveness and compare the campaigns with each other. The investment is not too high, because each campaign is tested with perhaps only 20 € or 30 € per day. This can be used to calculate results and identify the most successful advertising campaigns. These campaigns are then equipped with the budget of the campaigns that are not running so well. The less effective campaign will be shut down.

All clicks generated by the reach are then directed to a blog or the specially set up landing page.

Let us summarise the example once again: In our best practice, the young entrepreneur would have set up a blog with various comparison and test reports. These are advertised in social network by individual advertisements.

Monitoring, Optimization, Scaling

After approx. 50 articles, the articles are equipped with advertisements. Every single article gets an ad campaign. Within this advertising campaign there are then the different advertisements, which are tested against each other. So it could be with the e-bikes a photo in which a person rides. On a second graphic you can see the e-bike in detail. A third graphic shows the e-bike in the garage, without a person. Which of these three graphics will bring the most clicks and the most sales? With all 50 articles 150 different advertisements would develop in such a way. The results can be evaluated after a short running time of 2 or 3 days. Individual advertisements that convert poorly, i.e. ensure few clicks and sales, are switched off early. After monitoring, it is decided which campaigns will be shut down and which will be continued.

Of 150 advertisements, maybe 20 or 30 will survive, but these are profitable! Each single page or advertisement costs about 50 € per day and brings in turn affiliate income of 70 €. This results in a daily profit of 400 to 600 €, a monthly profit of 15,000 € without fluctuations. Thus a small blog or a landing page on the subject of comparisons and tests became a proof of concept. The functioning business model was then further optimised, budgets were reallocated and thus further expanded. For a single person, good work.

Pins and pinboard: use Pinterest for free, create and share pins

Pins are the speciality of Pinterest. Just as Twitter has its own name for postings, the so-called tweet, publication on Pinterest is called pins.

How does Pinterest work?

Pinterest is like Instagram, extremely focused on photos and images. Unlike Instagram, however, Pinterest is not designed for mobile use on smartphones, but opens to all devices. The special thing about Pinterest is that you can search photo content much better here. Through hashtags but also descriptions the search is really very helpful. In addition, here you have the advantage that you can set links, you can’t do that with Instagram, at least only to a limited extent. Each new release is then a new pin. Not only new publications, also shared contents are called Pin or Repin.

Tip! Use pins for search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is nowadays one of the most important fields for many companies, firms, physical or digital with online shop. Good link sources are worth a lot, with Pinterest you can collect qualitative links and not only support other social media channels by making the community on Pinterest aware of their other social media channels, they can also collect additional valuable trust for their digital media, for their own website, landing pages or even the online shop.

On Pinterest you also have the possibility to add links, but also very detailed descriptions. Of course, the titles of the respective postings can also be optimized here. Microblogging! In addition, Pinterest provides valuable visitors through its own users. People who don’t get to know us e.g. through Facebook or YouTube. Pinterest is especially worthwhile for inspiration. Whether it is for your own living room, the new home furnishings, your own kitchen, fashion, decoration, there are many different fields in the field of creativity.

The Pinterest Pinboard

Basically you work on Pinterest in different subject areas. Every single topic gets its own pinboard, a gallery.

Just create your own collection of pictures now, with different photos on your relevant topics. Each main theme gets its own gallery. Within the gallery you publish photos, i.e. pins. They have a title, a detailed description and ideally even a link to your website or online shop. You can not only publish your own content, but also use photos of others. With us you can expand your own gallery with great content from the community. So that their gallery and their Pinterest channel get more and more visitors, the community grows and they generate more and more clicks accordingly, increasing their reach.

Pinboard optimization for search engines

If you really want to end up in search engines, you should take a close look at your topics beforehand. Which keywords have high traffic? Sort your different topics into clusters. Simply put, you could say we are judging everything about house and garden! We offer inspiration for summer, autumn, winter and of course spring, when the garden blossoms and wakes up again. In addition, we have tips for living room, kitchen, bathroom, children’s room and of course also decoration, interior design. For all these topics, the individual clusters, we are now creating pinboards. Once the pinboards are well filled, with twenty, thirty photos or more, you can go one step further and act even more accurately. Kitchen and baking, Kitchen and furnishing, Kitchen and cooking, Kitchen and trend colours… The more precisely you place your topic, the more frequently users will become aware of it. The more varied and precise your channel is, pinboards, pins and repins, the more interesting it becomes for users to become followers so that they can get new updates on their favourite topic.


  1. How can I post something on Pinterest? As with any app or platform, the first step is to register with an email or phone number. Then you can start directly with the first pin.
  2. Is free? Yes, Pintererst is absolutely free to use. On notebooks as well as on all smartphones and operating systems and Android and iOS.
  3. How do I unsubscribe from Pinterest? To unsubscribe you have to go to the account menu (icon above right, three dots). After the click a menu opens. At the bottom you will find both “Add account” and “Logout”

Selfie: Definition, ideas and tips for beautiful photos

Social Media & Selfie! The magic word for the new generation. The better the cameras on smartphones get, the more media are uploaded to social networks every day. Lunch? Selfie! Sports? Selfie! The so-called Selfie is a portrait, which is made with the own camera. You hold the smartphone in front of you with your hand outstretched, switch to the front camera, look at the screen and find the best angle, light and perspective and snap!

Private, always and everywhere

The special charm of Selfies lies in the fact that photos are not taken by photographers, so to speak they are posed and guided. Selfies can be made in any situation and anywhere. Fast, simple and uncomplicated. Bloggers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, but also Twitter and TikTok can constantly take pictures of themselves, shoot small videos, take their followers with them into their private everyday life, but also at events and galas without being dependent on another person.

How to make the perfect selfie?

In the meantime, there are even whole books on this subject that report on how best to put oneself in the limelight! There are very simple tips that you can follow in order to make good selfies yourself.

  • Shoot always multiple photos, then select the best photo
  • Photograph ideally in daylight, but never against the sun
  • Change perspective, slightly swing the arm from left to right and take multiple shots
  • By changing the angle, perspective and light situation are also different

Do not use filters! Maximum small adjustments due to corrections. You will find these correction options in all social apps, e.g. Instagram directly after you have selected the photo.

  • In the advertising industry “light attracts people” applies, the brighter and friendlier a picture is, the better. Brightness correction up to 10, 12%
  • heat, in this setting you can make photos warmer and colder. Simply explained, so the light should not be like in Brazil, or like in Moscow? Correction of heat + / – 8 %
  • Saturation, here you can add more color to the image, more green for the trees, more blue for the water, more yellow for the flowers. Correction of saturation + / – 8 %

One last tip! Remember these color corrections in general. Often photos, whether they’re used for Instagram only, or ultimately for your company’s image brochure, are edited far too much. The skin becomes a single mud stain, contours disappear completely. Our tip, natural photos, easy color settings, light and done. With Photoshop, you can also apply these color settings to natural, slightly optimized photos.

Permalink – Facebook, WordPress, SEO and Benefits

Social media permalinks are very important in the entire digital world. Because URLs can change when an article changes. If this article was previously shared in our social media channel, the link is no longer available after a URL change. Therefore, as a media manager, you should take care to set any links as permalinks.

What does a permalink look like?

A permalink is characterized by the fact that it has a unique ID. This ID is an entry in the database. If you look at it simply, as with a WordPress system, then every new post, every new image, every new page is assigned a unique ID. This ID is available in the URL. It looks like this


However, article names or URLs are best optimized for the search engine. Therefore often not IDs are used but text URL. These usually convert the headline of the respective article into a URL. And that’s what it looks like:

  • Title – Search Engine Optimization for Automotive and Tuning
  • URL –

If the author changes the title and does not pay attention to the URL manually, most systems also change the URL. If the heading changes, the new URL will look like this:

  • Title (new) – Search Engine Optimization for Automotive and Mercedes Tuning
  • URL (new) –

If you have previously shared these articles in your social media channel, all users who click here will come to a 404 error page. But don’t worry! Very few blog authors change their URL. However, this is possible if an article is updated in the following year. It is not only about content from third parties, but also about own content. If you share a new blog article about Facebook for example. If your Content Manager makes changes again later and the URL is also changed, this link also leads to nothing. For this reason, a participant in the company or the social media agency should make sure that the link structure is clean.

What is a 404 error page?

Whenever a link leads to nothing, i.e. no corresponding post exists on a page, an error code is displayed in the user’s browser. This special error has the number 404 and indicates a non-existent page. If users are too frequently directed to a non-existent page, this has a negative effect on the placement in the search engine. Therefore, as a social media manager, you should make sure that you pay attention to permalinks if possible. Because these will never change due to the unique ID.

How do I get the permalink of a website?

If you know a little bit about HTML, you can right-click and search the source code or examine the element, depending on your browser, open the HTML source code and find hints on the permalink here.

Troll: Social Media Hate Speech & Shit Storm

A so-called troll is an anonymous person on the Internet who attracts attention through a high number of negative and critical comments. The so-called trolling has even managed to become a fixed term. The goal of the trolls is to defame people or companies, ideas, projects, even countries. In Russia there are whole trollfabriken, houses in which employees work, which influence the opinion of the people purposefully by a high number of comments.

What does a troll do? Troll factories

Away from the single working faithfully, in the nursery or even the old man on the sofa, there are professional troll factories. First of all, it is important for a troll to have different accounts. After all, everything has to look real and of course the posted content has to be likened and again commented by supposed third parties. If one person manages 30, 40 accounts and ten people work together, you will quickly reach an amount of 300, 400 accounts that are disproportionately active. Although the number is not extremely high, their influence is great. Normal users publish a few postings a day, maximum. There might be an Instagram photo listening, 3.4 stories and maybe something being shared on Facebook. Troll, on the other hand, publish comments all day long, search for specific fan sites, profiles became also groups. Something new is constantly rated negatively, critical newspaper articles are shared and of course YouTube videos. Through the extremely high mass of publications, her opinion gets a very high presence. They also hardly take a break, while the normal user is offline for four or five days, doesn’t publish anything new, they produce new content every day. Trolls have become an extremely important topic, news they take as a theme, in Denmark Lan become a well-known sportswoman’s life. Even one of the biggest series in the world, South Park, turned it into its own show. Hate speech, hate speech on the Internet, has become a real problem. Especially for people who perceive digital life as serial, have less self-confidence or social relationships. Apart from the private hate-speech, troll factories are problematic worldwide. Because not even political elections are stopped. Social networks tend to react passively to this. Although there are algorithms and a human check of critical content, Fred sensors receive up to 4000 media per hour for evaluation. For a single image or comment, often only a fraction of a second remains. 4,000 media? That sounds like a good idea at first, but realistically, every minute over 1000 hours of video material are uploaded to YouTube alone. Accordingly, the human control, following the evaluation of the algorithm, it is random. Therefore, users in social networks also have the opportunity to report offensive content. If enough users have responded to a comment in this form, it will be checked. During this process the troll has most likely already published ten new postings. So it remains an eternal cat-and-mouse game.

What to do if you are trotted? Crisis management

When we are booked as social media consultants, we answer the question Trolle, Shitstorm, hate speech by saying: if we were in their front yard, would they tolerate that? No. In the same way you should consistently report and delete actions in social networks. Of course, constructive criticism should always be considered, unfounded negative and critical comments will be deleted consequently and immediately.

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