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Social media marketing is on everyone’s lips! Trend-conscious fashion chains or medium-sized businesses. All have recognized the positive effects of effective strategies and concepts for social media. According to our large social media report for all major German cities
We wanted to see in the Wiki today, for which topics social media managers are interested in Germany. In a nutshell: What are managers looking for in connection with “Social Media Marketing?” We have evaluated millions of keywords and then created a clear structure as a wiki, which shows an interesting picture of social media marketing, giving great inspiration and new ideas for one’s own You will find interesting articles that help you to promote your company’s online marketing, which is why you can find all the basics here: sales and sales promotion through social media marketing.

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Social Media Marketing Terms and Helpful Blog Links!

Here are the main keywords on the topic, from strategy to objectives.

Agency – consultants, experts and managers for your brand

Agencies take care of strategies and concepts for companies that want to increase the above-mentioned points (image maintenance, publicity, sales, etc.) with higher social media activities. Agencies offer know-how and experience on various projects and the expertise of different managers and experts. The investment is worthwhile, as much apprenticeship is saved for companies. Especially in younger networks like Snapchat or Instagram.

B2B – Communication concepts for companies

Marketing in company networks is just as possible, as are concepts and measures aimed at a pure B2C audience. Why? Most decision-makers in companies and companies are registered in social networks. They have to make decisions every day. If you use social networks for your own PR, you can also quickly reach the important decision-makers in the B2B segment with good campaign management. You save as much time as you would otherwise have to invest in calls or cold calls.

Best Practices / Case Studies

In our social media blog you will find some best practice examples. Especially case studies prove the experience of an agency. If you have any questions about our customers and references, please contact us at any time. Alternatively, you can find best practices from customer projects in the blog. For example, right here: Best Practices / Facebook Video Marekting.

Definition and Basics: Concept of Social Media Marketing

Marketing in social media always serves the image management of companies. It is to increase the notoriety and, of course, conclude (in the form of Maillinglists, sales, etc.). But it is also a powerful tool for the exchange of information with the visitors. Here you can transfer all classic advertising campaigns: Pure advertising, positive PR or service-oriented customer support.

Facebook / Online course / Facebook Tips / Seminars and advanced training for companies

80.8% of German citizens know the social network. More than 50% are registered. Thus the network of founder Mark Zuckerberg has incredible performance capacities for digital advertising. If you are looking for a social media agency alternative, you will find the best social media marketing online courses here.

Instagram and Influencer Marketing for young target groups

On Instagram, especially young people and thus a very trend-conscious target group. Also with financial resources, as parents often make sure that their children have the latest products.

Jobs / Internship in a social media agency

For jobs as a social media manager, practical experience is recommended. This is why internships are of great value, they can quickly show your future employer in which areas of online marketing you already have the first expertise and experience, but also show your willingness to work as a manager. Channels, followers, target groups, all this should not be a stranger to you if you want to start as a manager in a good agency.

Costs or social media marketing agency prices

The prices vary greatly, depending on the project, there are different sizes of services. For a successful start with an agency, however, you always need a good five-digit budget for regional, partly small, Germany-wide campaigns including strategy and planning.

Plan / Planning / Campaign / Goals of Online Advertising Campaigns

Quick and easy is often the best. While TV advertising requires big budgets and billboarding burns a lot, social media marketing is essentially simple. Why? Authentic content comes with the user. The most important basics we have here for you in the article: First digitization, sales and sales promotion.

Strategies for reach and success in social networks

Social Media Marketing Strategies For Twitter Facebook & Co.

Studies / Remote Studies / Universities / Unit / Bachelor Thesis / Master Thesis

For many years now there are also courses on the subject. We can only recommend to all those who are interested in the study: Learn for yourself! A university can not teach you a fraction of what you should master. Good tips for students are available free of charge in the social media blog! If you are looking for good literature, here is the perfect Social Media Marketing book.

Other important buzzwords on social media management

Every time we reach a new question, we will be included in our Social Media Wiki. With every free Sunday, we answer a few more questions! We hope you enjoy reading and inspiring!

Amazon and affiliate marketing through social content

With good video content you can create on Amazon quite click costs of only 0.5 cent. In the case of precisely defined target groups (targeting), you can figure out how much the success is increased, with a CTA of 10%, the average purchase of relevant visitors is only 5 cents. Since many Amazon dealers would like to refer also to their own shop, there are many smart solutions. The easiest way to do this is with WordPress. Here you can build a, modern online shop by using additional affiliate themes in just a few hours. How to do it, here> Amazon Affiliate Theme.

Analysis / Report / Reporting / Study / Research / Trends

Outstanding analyzes on all major German cities can be found here in our Social Media Marketing Report.

Abbreviation for fast use in professional and everyday life

Abbreviation can be the word quite simply as SMM. This abbreviation use many, even in the literature.

Automation / Software / Tools / Development

Does SMM work automatically? Yes and no. With expert help, you will be able to access different networks without having to spend a lot of time and effort every day. In some cases, however, there are boundaries or grauzons. Even though networks offer development interfaces (APIs), everything that is possible can not be done. However, you can also profit from automatisms up to this graze. There are software solutions that facilitate management, as well as communication with fans and customers, as well as the amount of postings and the interaction in the networks.

Importance of marketing measures in social networks

From a philosophical point of view, SMM is a tool that brings enterprise reach. It can also have negative influences on society, as we see on the latest news about “Fake News”. Through the paid, targeted diversification of information, within a medium which I trust in which I meet friends, opinion can greatly influence. This is why social media managers should stick to a code. You should not use your talent to send incorrect information.

Occupation of the social media manager in companies

I can promise one thing for newcomers: the profession is incredibly creative and very strategic. Good, interesting content is just as much a part of success as skillful and accurate planning of methods and resources.

Advice and specific recommendations from the expert

Business consulting is a new, individual challenge for all project managers for each individual project. Not only is the different parameters and target groups of each advertising campaign different, the budgets and regional preferences are always different. While in traditional marketing the most common form of the campaign has been realized within a city, digital campaigns are rapidly transnational. Anyone who wants to take advantage of the consulting services of an agency should therefore go with enough budget into the conversation. It is also important for agencies to have an overview before giving concrete recommendations for action for companies.

Application in a social media agency

A tip: In your applications, it should always be clear that you are yourself active and know the networks. Especially older participants in the market have an extreme knowledge of the business in classic markets, but they can not connect themselves to young networks, simply because they themselves are not on Snapchat, Instagram, etc. A high affinity therefore helps with the applications for jobs in SMM.

Opportunities and risks in concepts and strategies

The balancing is simple: chances! They increase communication with customers, are more present in everyday media and pay little money. If you create clever content (photos, vides, etc.), you can build up real-world scope. Risks are solely negative comments and evaluations by, for example, competitors or persons who do not like their own company for subjective reasons. This is a difficult business. My recommendation: Most frequent contact attempts. If you do not have direct relationships, it will be very time-consuming to find a contact person. You must not give up, is important, often ask. So long until someone feels responsible. Constructive feedback from customers always helps with the improvement of products and services.

Data protection and law in social media

Data protection plays an important role, especially in German-speaking countries. While almost all countries have hardly any restrictions in the online area, German law is, as always, very precise and extensive. From the obligation to make an imprint up to the reference to the use of cookies.

Expert in digital communication and advertising campaigns

As experts in the digital transformation of companies and the related social media conventions, we help companies and companies to become digital brands. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Success measurement / controlling / success

The success measurement of advertising campaigns in social networks takes place via classical KPIs, but above all by the intercation rate of the postings. Especially in Blogger and Influencer Marketing is a high interaction rate with the posted content the A & O for companies. Here we have some practical tips for influencers.

Events / Conference

For Dummies / for Beginners / Guide / Ebook / Google Books / How to / learn

Yes, even for marketing, there are books from the popular series. It is important that the book is not intended as a manual for directors, managing directors and marketing managers. Those who want to put themselves on the shelf will find the original: Social Media Marketing for Dummies



In principle, you will find these forms: Social Media Management deals with the management and updating of your own channels. Customer communication and customer loyalty also occur. With Ads, you can reach more people than you would organically create by investing in advertising budgets. Added to this are the content or content of the postings in the form of text, emojicons, photos and videos.




Earn money


Gastronomy / crafts


Hype and challenge

You are not the first to discover advertising in social networks! Of course, in the last few years a regular hype has developed around ads. Everyone wants to participate and invest a few euros of the advertising in Ads. In the case of wrong advice, a lot of money can be burnt instead of earned. This is why it is a great challenge for managers to package content so that the users interact. Afterwards, check all results and reports using the KPIs for their individual success. The new hype? Influencer Marketing.

IHK: Training of the Industry and Chamber of Commerce

Yes, there are actually certifications of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), here an example of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK Köln) as well as the Social Media Manager

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Influencers are potential long-range brand ambassadors

Influencer Marketing is one of our absolute favorite subjects. We even have an entire area in our blog, here you can not only learn to become Influencer, there are also helpful tips for influencers and companies.

Concept / Instruments / Ideas / Channels / Mix

It is worth in the concept always several channels to use. Different users are registered in the various networks. While Snapchat has a super young target group, one finds on Facebook older persons. Youtube use all, while Instagram is very trendy. The decision is, therefore, also falling with the concept around the channels.

Customer loyalty in social networks through permanent ads

Social media management is particularly suited to customer loyalty. Through the permanent and target audience accurate placement of advertising, you can remind people on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Co. daily of your brand. The same effect arises in classic marketing in inner cities. If we see a promotional poster for a long time, we’ll take note of it. If it does not change immediately after a few days, the brand remains in our memory. The same concept can, of course, also be used to coin corporate services or to offer offers for existing customers.

Communication policy

The communication policy is always based on the classic transceiver model. In other words, who is talking to whom? Depending on which, which group communicates with which and which contents are exchanged here, the communication policy changes. Even situations change the policy of language and content to the outside. It is important for brands and companies to have their own statements always at a glance. The more employees and people involved in projects, the more essential a well-defined and well-known definition of the statements becomes. Communication policy is part of the classic marketing mix and, of course, is also used in the social media.

KPI / KPI / Success Factors / Monitoring

Through the different analysis possibilities within the social networks and their special advertising areas, campaigns can be very precisely evaluated. While success factors in the form of KPIs (key performance indicators) are difficult to comprehend in many classic measures (such as posters). A lot of successes, especially on these key figures: Clicks (forwarding to the desired content), leads (predefined deals), shares (shared content), Likes (Likes).


Luxury Brands

Exclusive watches, expensive hotels or chic sports cars. As an agency, we are already dealing with the first days with high-quality brands. Especially in the field of fashion, we have developed competences that we actively bring into the market every day. For luxury brands there are special bids, on the one hand is “less more” and on the other hand is “more, more”. Few content, exclusive and with credo “wow, I want that too!” Or “so I will live also!”


Or Social Media Marketing Modebranche – As already said with the luxury brands, we have special expertise here. Fashion itself is something extraordinary, trends are constantly being reinvented. If a look is still present in New York today, he will soon conquer the whole world through Snapchat and Instagram Live!

Methods and measures: tasks in agency marketing

Manager salary / employee / internship

Magazine / News

Instead of a magazine, we have a modern social media blog.

Disadvantages / hazards / risks / problems

Anyone who wants to show up with his company in social networks, of course, is always in the spotlight. That is, people take you more true than before. Social networks, through their relative anonymity, always provide a platform for negative utterance. What is an advantage can thus also be a negative example. However, one should always take advantage of the possible dangers and you will see that the advantages of communication in social networks always prevails. In addition, you have the opportunity to learn from constructive criticism of your fans and users. The findings of individual persons often help to solve problems of larger groups. So criticism also ensures growing success – if you are open to it.


Customer acquisition

The measures are very suitable for new customer acquisition! There are different possibilities. On the one hand postings spread through divided contents or also Likes. Here, the person’s joy will see your content and become fans. If you invest additionally in ads, you can win new people for you by means of strategies like the Look-Alike Audience.


Newsletter are out! Because of … newsletters are still one of the most popular communication media of marketers. The opening rates of newsletters are still very high and are only topped by a few systems such as SMS marketing or Whatsapp marketing. Even young online marketers, who founded their busniess on affiliate marketing, set up a newsletter to build their funnels. Conversion options and the perfect description of headlines enable the success of the newsletters to rise quickly. Through A / B testing and other methods such as the setting of pixels, newsletters are also becoming an absolutely effective tool in the sales process in social media marketing.


Online Marketing


The prices differ extremely depending on the conditions. It depends on whether you want to advertise regionally, nationally or internationally. Also, you have to pay attention to how many variations there are. This means: Are several products advertised? Are A / B tests running? Etc.

Platforms / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest / Youtube / …

There are many different platforms where social media managers are on the road for companies and businesses. The first networks (myspace, etc.) knows no one today. Platzhirsch has been for years Facebook. Also through acquisitions like Instagram. In addition, Google plays a major role, less by Google Plus, Youtube is here market-shattering for videos.



Have you ever heard of “Fake News”? Social media marketing can be used postitively but also negatively. Online marketing for politics therefore always has a special “taste”. In principle, however, the same opportunities exist for the poetics as they are for fire.

Presentation / Powerpoint presentation

Risks / negative examples


Thanks to the fast analysis tools, such as Facebook Business Manager, the ROI (Retorn of invest) can be quickly determined. The updates take place daily, so that A / B tests are done quickly.

Tour operators


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Social Media Marketing Statistics

Here you can find our social media marketing statistics

Strategies Tips And Tricks For Practice

Startups / Small Businesses / Cost-effective

Job offers







Capitalization Opportunities In Top Sports

Corporate Communications



User Generated Content


Advantages disadvantages

Vs Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing does not exclude modern online marketing. Both areas complement each other and can quickly benefit from each other thanks to their synergies. The larger a company is, the higher the advertising spend. If you only advertise at the POS (point of sale) or as a brand with stores only on digital advertising crashes, will never reach all customers. From certain ranges spreading advertising is important – while many young companies try to avoid spreading losses. Many areas cover each other, and actions can be combined. An example would be ‘Midnight Shopping’: A special and unique sales campaign is advertised via social networks. Users are made aware of this and they make their way directly to Facebook via Facebook, Whatsapp and other social networks. So you simply move your online users to the shop in the shopping mall.




Of clubs of the 1. Bundesliga


Video Training



Social Media Marketing VHS

Value chain








Further education

What are the benefits of social networking for businesses?

Further education





London’s City stands for banks, insurance and finance

London is located in the heart of the United Kingdom, and has always been a place of social connections with its cosmopolitan culture. The metropolis also plays an important role in new markets. Not only are many service industries at home here, but many banks are based here as well. Companies and companies in London also need to generate new leads. Leads are “trades”. A normal lead would be the online mediation of a sales contract. Through social media, insurance companies, banks as well as other service industries can quickly gain new customers.

Los Angeles

Where social media and film are at home, social media is not far away. Especially in the Californian capital, the film industry is highly popular. Cinema, TV, Steaming: These media have always worked and they have thrilled the masses. The film industry in Los Angeles also generates high profits through social networks. New Hollywood blockbuster, series, all the conditionally skilful social media concepts for the promotion of the films. There are also many search requests from the US megametropolis from Germany.

Las Vegas

New York



These industries are looking for tips and agencies

Automotive industry

In the automotive industry, high-quality materials, workmanship and special equipment are an absolute must for many, especially for men. Ferrari, Porsche and Mercedes Benz are just some of the brands that have international fame.



Health service

Real Estate / Real Estate



Hotel industry / hotel



Tour operators



Tourism / Management Tourism


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