Pinterest at a glance

Pinterest is a social network for photos and designs. Pinterest and is mainly used by creative and fashion companies. Like Instagram, Pinterest offers a purely visual experience for the user. In this respect, Pinterest differs from Instagram in that, on Pinterest, image content is sorted and structured, displayed in individual blocks – instead of in a vertical stream. Since especially creatives play here, Pinterest is particularly interesting for similar creative companies.

Pinterest: Shopping, trends and backlinks

The picture network is not essentially different from the principles of the social network Instagram. At the Pinterest, users also share images that are less based on text than on visual impressions through strong or emotional images. In Pinterest, however, the user has the possibility to sort his pictures! This means that there is not only a chronological timeline in which all images are listed, but each image is sorted into a single folder.

This is how the name Pinterest came from. They put themselves so to speak several pinboards on the user then their pictures can get sorted sorted can. For example, as a fashion company, you have the option to save individual collections, a wallboard with exclusive material, and another that shows what you can do with your team – backstage.