Instagram – Social Network at a glance

We as an Instagram agency work in the social network mainly through visual images of its users. On Instagram you can upload pictures as users. You can liken photos, comment them, or distribute them. Instagram is particularly popular among young target groups. Especially for fashion and lifestyle companies, Instagram is an interesting social network for advertising and communication purposes due to its visual characteristics and its young target group.

Instagram – the image network for young target groups

The social network Instagram start its services a few years ago with telephone of the users. At that time Instagram was a purely mobile application for smartphones and tablets. Even today, Instagram is hard to reach via the PC, or not for its users. Nevertheless, pictures can also be viewed on the Internet, from the notebook and PC. The main carrier for the social network Instagram is however the smartphone. Users mainly use image material.

In Instagram it is less about a detailed description of the text, that is to say strong visual features. Instagram uses only image material – since recent also short videos (max. 15 seconds). Users photograph and record videos, you can then exchange with your friends at any time. Images are individually uploaded and displayed later in the user profile chronologically.

The advantage of Instagram is that you can reach for a creative and especially young person. While Facebook is increasingly improving in terms of the user interface, Instagram is the network for young people and young target groups.

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