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SME & Social Media Marketing: 5 questions to our expert – Magazine Interview

Small and medium-sized companies can save a lot of advertising budget through social media marketing, because a once initiated community is constant. Community, advertising, customer service and personnel search, with their own social media account companies can only win. In an interview with [ DEMNÄCHST ] today we philosophized about SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and their opportunities and risks in social media marketing. Here is an excerpt of 5 exciting questions for owner and social media expert Stephan M. Czaja.

Social media marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises

Why is presence on social media channels helpful for SMEs, what can they achieve?

The presence of small and medium-sized enterprises on social channels is so important because they save a lot of money! In the past, every small company had to print flyers and waste a lot of time trying to convince people to buy new products.

Today, as a small company, even in the countryside or without large financial resources, you can reach the whole world. Social networks offer 1:1 communication, as if you had a local business in every city in the world. Nuremberg, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, no distance is far and every communication is only a mouse click away.

You can contact your fans, ask questions or give us suggestions. Otherwise complex and Theurer Internet sites can be considerably slimmer, since a lot of brand communication can be covered via the social networks.

Social media is not only an excellent tool for marketing, but also for PR: We often reach our customers faster than any press article could do. New products, announcements and job postings for personnel recruitment – free of charge. Social media channels bundle different marketing tools, because they are much more extensive than many might think.

As an online shop we can e.g. connect our Facebook page with Instagram. We can set up an online shop on Facebook, link the products to Instagram and our followers can shop on Instagram. As an online shop you can even work across networks.

Which platform is the best?

What small and medium-sized enterprises should pay attention to is the choice of social network. Because the support costs time and should be regular, preferably daily. New postings, comments, small and large graphics, who wants to make his social media management profitable, has to invest work every day and give the employees the necessary resources for it.

In the past you could say you were on Facebook, that’s enough. Today the right social network is no longer so easy to define. In short, however, Facebook is and remains the classic and with the largest number of users, even top dog. Conversely, on Facebook you also have to invest advertising budget, organic reach is only difficult to achieve.

Instagram is easier to achieve organic reach, but lacks some of the features you have on Facebook, the social network. This includes direct links, e.g. to our online shop via https://www.onlineshop.com/xy. Without links, we can sell less. Instagram is a must for companies in the fashion and lifestyle industries in particular.

Companies with the necessary capacities and in particular sufficient interest can support a YouTube channel. However, creating content for YouTube is much more time consuming and requires good concepts that work on YouTube. Most medium-sized and large companies cover this area through their social media agency.

The investment is worthwhile! Because the reach that small and medium-sized companies are building up here is permanently available. Our business grows with each new follower by one potential visitor per day.

When assessing the quality of the reach on the individual networks, it can be said that the more time it takes to create the content, the better the number of fans. On Facebook, content is relatively easy to create, you can even share links or other websites without having to create content yourself. However, the organic range is very small. If your Facebook account has 10,000 fans, a single organic posting may reach only 100 or 200 people. Practically nothing.

On Instagram, you usually have to take much more time for interesting content, photos and videos. The content must also be interesting and always new to generate followers for your Instagram account. With a channel of 10,000 fans you can reach about 1,000 people. YouTube is currently the top class, with about 10,000 fans you can actually reach 7,000 or 8,000 people here. But the creation of the contents is very complex, because it needs not only a video production, but also the moderation, as well as a good storyboard.

How to estimate the three big social networks in 2018

YouTube and Pinterest are considered an insider tip, especially as a source for backlinks in the field of search engine optimization. YouTube is therefore also the most expensive source for influencers and bloggers on social networks in terms of overall reach. Those who can place their links in the descriptions of well-running videos, e.g. by influencer marketing or by creating their own content.

On Pinterest you create different galleries with photos. The photos then have individual titles and descriptions. But also the galleries have individual titles and descriptions. Whoever collects a large number of galleries here and meets an interesting and not too overcrowded industry can collect good links for their own project.

Twitter is only of interest to large corporations and public figures. For small and medium-sized businesses, Twitter is generally irrelevant. In relation to success and effort you should not waste time with Twitter. Unless it is a large corporation or a public figure, since tweets are often included in the media.

In short, Facebook with the right advertising budget, Instagram with a creative person and enough time and YouTube if you are a leader and have a lot of commitment of your own! YouTube costs a lot of time and, unlike Facebook and Instagram, is not so easy to check, simply because of the time-consuming content production and the resulting rare postings. But YouTube offers a strong and above all lasting tool, since good videos are placed still after years highly by the algorithm of the video search machine. So anyone who creates an evergreen in a theme, e.g. also for videos such as “How to repair your toilet seat” or “Winter tyres – making cars winterproof”, can market their product absolutely free of charge for many years. Here lies the great magic of YouTube.

How much time / manpower does a small company need if it wants to become active in social media?

When working in social media networks, a daily time window should be taken into account. A big secret trick of social media agencies is the use of online tools to plan content in advance. So a social media manager can plan the content in advance every 14 days and can concentrate on other things in everyday life, e.g. designs, shootings, interaction with the fans, depending on how big one’s own social media marketing is built up. For small companies, time can of course also be used for other work processes. Therefore, the A&O for your Social Media Manager, use an online tool to plan your postings in advance.

If you are in social media marketing, you have to leave yourself or your employee 2 hours a day. Depending on the company, one can create simple content, from everyday life or may have to have higher quality things made, e.g. through photo shootings with models and products.

Depending on this, of course, there are also a few more working hours or even days. Who can afford it, should take a full time Social Media Manager, because in the end it concerns more than only the support. There are so many other functions that a social media manager can perform in the company, only advertisements are so effective that the investment is worth the time for the first optimization.

With a full-time social media manager relationship, a medium-sized company has already done a great job. On top would come then of course still medium-size enterprises, which want more than only support and a little advertisements. This is about brand cooperations, collaboration with influencers and bloggers, but also more extensive social media campaigns that require additional budgets. In the ratio of two hours a day to full time, is the optimal time management for social media marketing in small to medium-sized companies.

What to look out for when interviewing your new Social Media Manager?

It is important to show sufficient references during the job interview and in particular to have a few details of the project explained. Your new social media manager should have channel management skills. He or she should also have looked after at least one channel with over 10,000 fans. He or she should be familiar with designs but also with the creation of creative content. He or she should master the creation of advertisements and the targeting of target groups contained therein while asleep.

You are also welcome to ask for one or the other detail, especially advertisements, as an online shop: What was the best click price and how did you reach it? This is specifically about split testing of different advertisements, so that the most effective one can be filtered out according to a certain amount of advertising budget. Who can answer all these topics in the job interview as Social Media Manager sovereign and in detail, should be able to help you!

And last but not least: Which tools do you recommend and why is it generally helpful to use which tools? (I was thinking about Hootsuite, Canva, Buffer, Pablo, Google Alerts and Fanpage Karma, but maybe you still have a great idea?)

There are many good recommendations in the area of online tools for social media activities. Definitely there should always be a tool to plan content in advance. Like hootsuite or buffer. With this you can plan your social media postings in advance. This not only helps to save time every day, because every process has to be repeated daily, but also possible sick days of the Social Media Manager as well as holidays can be cleverly avoided.

In addition, there are even more special tools for the individual social networks, e.g. monitoring tasks for Facebook YouTube or Instagram. There are several good recommendations for this, too; one of these tools should definitely be used if you want to evaluate the success of activities in social networks. For Facebook and YouTube there are programs like Radrly or Echbot, for Instagram and Influencer programs like Social Analytics One.

Content Spinning for Social Bots: Comment Spinner Tool

Today we want to look at a very special topic, precisely it is about content spinning. Content spinning, quite simply explained, deals with forming meaningful sentences from various variables. For example, we have a variable that looks simplified as follows:

  • {A|B|C}

The results:

  • A or
  • B or
  • C

From this variable we can generate different texts with a content spinning software, which appear to the reader again and again, because no text is like the other. Most advertising agencies use such tools to drive their search engine optimization. Content spinning is a hot topic, especially when it comes to SEO, i.e. the advancement of websites in search engine placement. But content spinning can also be used for social media marketing! Let us therefore take a direct look at best practice.

Social Media Bots and Comments

We have already reported about different social media software tools. Of course also via social media bots, e.g. Instazood and Combin, two programs with which you can assign automatic likes, follow other users, but also comment. The comments can be set in the social media bots. Our social media bot will then automatically go to thematically relevant profiles, e.g. if we are a fashion company, probably to people who are also interested in fashion. This can be set by #filter, as we have already described in the articles, and there the social media bot makes comments.

Why does a social media bot add comments to other profiles? Interaction is a very important feature for the ranking of individual profiles in social networks. The more often you interact and the more frequently other users interact with us, the more valuable the social media channel looks for the algorithm of the operators. Whether YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, who often gets clicked, rises to the top. So how do we get clicked often? How do we increase our range? The trick with a social media bot is very simple. By posting comments, users become aware of our social media account. They will answer what their friends may see and of course others who visit their social media channel and have not yet followed them. Different participants in a social network see our profile and the interaction we have with the user.

Use emoticons for more interaction

Emoticons are particularly suitable for expressing feelings quickly and easily, but also complex facts. However, emoticons are particularly well suited for simply transporting emotions! For example, we can post a smiling smiley under Photos, this smiling smiley usually fits in any case. However, there are also risks, e.g. one should be careful with hearts or kissing smileys. If you post a kissing smiley as a male fashion brand under a bodybuilder’s photo, for example, this can be misinterpreted. It would be even worse, for example, with children’s photos. Therefore, when choosing your comments, you have to be careful that they are so general that they do not offend anyone.

Spinning comments for more reach

Let’s now connect both worlds, add comments for more reach in social networking and spinning. In social media bots like Instazood, you can place a spun text in the text field under the Comments menu item. Our spun text ensures that new content is constantly being created. Here is a small, simplified example:

  • {This is|It is} {|going to be }{awesome|amazing}
  • {{This is|It is} {|going to be }|It{ will|} be{| pretty }}{awesome|amazing}
    then deeper…
  • {{This is|It is} {|going to be }|It{ will|’s gonna} be{| pretty{| interesting{,| and}} }}{awesome|amazing}{| {at the same time|{|{earn a lot of money|gain a lot of {|organic }traffic{| and rankings}} }every {day|minute|hour|week}}}
    and deeper…

We can now export our text or the social media bot exports it independently and then posts it under the media content of other people. Every single person gets a new text, unique and individual! Keep in mind that our example is even simpler, of course content spinning can be much more complex.

  • It is awesome
  • This is going to be amazing
  • or… It’s gonna be pretty interesting and awesome

In the next step, we add individual smileys to our spinning so that our comment output is even more individual. The result looks like this:

  • So awesome 😄
  • Really amazing 😃 girl

This way you can avoid sending the same comment or emoji all the time. This makes it look much more organic, i.e. more humane, for users.

Why are some social media agencies spinning comments?

In principle, the use of social media bots always carries the risk of being warned or punished by social network operators. After all, as a platform operator you want the users to be real, because you live from the advertising revenues of your customers. However, if most interaction on social networks is done by computer programs, the advertising prices are no longer so high. The higher the interaction rate of computer software programs, the less advertising space is worth, so simple is the bill. Therefore, social networks strive to prevent interactions through software programs and to keep the platform organic, as just described, human. Anyone who uses a social media bot goes as you run the risk of being punished.

Social media operators use algorithms to determine such conspicuous behavior. For example, if a person who has been doing maybe only ten likes per week for two years suddenly delivers 100 likes per hour over a long period of time and without a break, this is noticeable. The same applies to comments. For example, if the default setting in a social media bot is “like it” and your company posts this comment under 1,000 photos every day, it is noticeable. By modifying the comments with content spinning tools, the comments are more diverse and individual and therefore more humane. This reduces the risk of being punished by social media bots.

Social Media Design – Graphic design of a creative agency: Best Practice

Social media designs of a creative agency promote the look (the’image’) of a company. Modern graphic design increases the interaction with the users and thus the profit – whether registration, sale of the establishment of contact. If you want to keep your social media concept lean, you can rely on Instagram, especially with young target groups. With extensions (crossmedia) to Facebook (ads) and Youtube (embedding on blog, partners and press). Today we want to give an insight into what a modern PR concept looks like. Here in best practice of an event. Here are the key data:

  • Model castings for international model agency parallel to Fashion Week
  • Location (first class) above the rooftops of Berlin (House Of Weekend)
  • Opportunity for agency contract and international clients
  • Target group: Female (70%) aged 15-22; Male (30%) aged 16-25

Finished design for Instagram posting and story

This is what the finished animated GIFs look like, which will later be converted to MP4 to be compatible with Instagram.

Instagram Story: Design incl. Swipe (Link) Note

The “Swipe up” function is used to gather information. By wiping with a finger on the smartphone, users can access the link directly. It opens in the browser of the smartphone. Learn more about advertising on Instagram: Stories.

Instagram Posting: Design for channel and advertising

The following graphic is a little smaller in size than the story – why is that? Instagram specifies certain dimensions. Stories are theoretically an inverted HD screen:

  • HD screen: 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high
  • HD screen: 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high
  • Smartphone: 1080 pixels wide x 1920 pixels high

With this you have used the full screen in the graphic design and the user does not see any annoying edges. For postings in the instagram channel or in the timeline we use a smaller version, which fits perfectly into the news.

Another advantage is the use of graphics for advertising on Instagram by the ad manager. Here we achieve additional reach through our lookalike audience.

Graphic design: Creative agency with an eye for style

As you can see in the following screenshot, the development of such a graphic design for Instagram (also Facebook, Youtunbe & Co.) in the high-end area is a complex matter that requires the experience and expertise of the media manager:

Next: Advertisements and Cross Social Media

The basis, our key data, the strategy, the concept, now it goes to the range! We use a mix of ads (Instagram and Facebook) and a youtube video for embedding in the blog and for the press.

Advertising on Instagram and Facebook

The graphics are now used for the ads after being posted and collecting first organic interactions from fans. Since the promotion is also about people who have not yet interacted with the model agency, the reach is extended by additional, purchased reach. As a social media agency, you pay strict attention to click prices when it comes to effectiveness. An example:

  • Campaign A: Instagram, Video, 14-24 years, female, Berlin (+20km) reaches a CPC (Costs per click) of 0.38 EUR
  • Campaign B: Instagram, Image, 14-24 Years, female, Berlin (+20km) reaches a CPC (Costs per click) of 0.61 EUR
  • Campaign C: Facebook, Video, 16-25 years, female, Berlin (+20km) reaches a CPC (Costs per click) of 0.25 EUR
  • Campaign D: Facebook, Picture, 16-25 years, female, Berlin (+20km) reaches a CPC (Costs per click) of 0.59 EUR

Here we would clearly opt for Campaign C with a click price of 0.25 EUR when it comes to Facebook and at Instagram we opt for the video campaign A. Advertisements are tested and, depending on success, cancelled or equipped with more budget.

Facebook Event: Use Network + Recommendations

Facebook is a great place to work with events. Facebook is happy about good events and plays them off relatively well compared to normal postings. Events are an excellent place to collect prospective customers. This way you can constantly share information about the event but also provide questions and answers. Many advantages, the event can also be advertised and thus higher conversions are achieved by direct click.

Gepostet von Cocaine Models am Sonntag, 24. Juni 2018

Youtube video for embedding for blog and press

Pictures say more than a thousand words – how much does a good video say? We use additional, small social media video clips for Youtube for many campaigns. The reason is simple: there is a lot of information that can be perceived by the user through video. Much more than a picture can do and much, much more than a text can do. Videos are interesting and by the modern content management systems, which are used by publishers in addition, Blogger and enterprises, video are simply divisible. Such a YouTube video is simply embedded and users can click on the video. Here is an example of a small, fast video for the promotion:

Intermediate conclusion: Social media needs creativity and concept

Social media strategies only work if several factors come together. Structure alone is not enough. Design alone is not enough. Social media managers need a feeling for fans and followers, but also for the system, structure and of course the selection of media and social networks, so that the concept remains slim for the customer and the performance is right.

Practical tips for a lean campaign: graphics, time & money

Graphic design for social media sounds like a relatively simple story to many people, but the conception is very complex. Social media live from ensuring a constant flow of information from us as a company to consumers. Constant information, transparent insights but also current news that are relevant for our fans. The greatest difficulty in graphic design for social media, however, lies in the daily preparation of new content. Those who also work cross-medially, i.e. across networks between Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or social platforms such as Pinterest, constantly need new content, which in turn is prepared differently for the individual social networks.

Graphic design for Facebook

On Facebook alone, there are countless opportunities for us to work with media. The simplest form is text, but you can add emoticons, links or quotes to the text. The next step is about photos, sounds simple, but is also complex. What is our strategy? Do we have models who are photographed by a photo shoot that takes place at regular intervals to provide new material? Do we have a design concept because we don’t rely on human characters but on graphic elements? Do we use drawings or minimalist styles? The planning of a photo shoot or the concept for a corporate design concept alone, which can then be applied to all social media, even with several graphic designers, takes time. Basically, however, it always needs a good address, which consists of:

  • Text and wording
    Important: Never use slang or colloquial language. Statistically, people migrate to’flabby’ formulations
  • Emoticons say more than a thousand words
  • link to the online shop or to further information
  • More possibilities: Quotations, questions, discussions, etc.

Producing or designing photos: Stylish or optimized?

If we now combine text and photo into one element, then we already have another form, information graphics. So we don’t just make graphics or beautiful photos, but also edit them further, e.g. with text information or also with icons or arrows and circles. This enables us to provide the user with much faster visual access to the information. e.g. by the text hint, arrows or circles mentioned above. If text is placed, how much at all?

Note different formats and dimensions for end devices

If we also plan advertisements on Facebook, we have to be a little cautious with the text content, because purely from the interaction, we should renounce text shares. Facebook ads make the process even more complex, as different graphics have to be created for the different end devices, e.g. notebooks or smartphones. As shown above, each individual social network, but also each end device, uses certain formats. So if we make a posting that is to be launched as an advertisement at a later date, we have to pay attention to it.

If you want to save budget and place a cheap ad, you can work with a square here, for example. The square can be placed nicely on Instagram as well as on Facebook. In the next step we come to an even more complex form of content: videos.
video content for Facebook and Instagram

Not only are videos much more complex to produce, the content must also be adapted to the social network. On Facebook, for example, most video content is initially played without sound. But if there is no sound available to us and it first has to be switched on by the user, caution barrier (!), then we already have to place elements in our video, as well as text, arrows or circles, which exactly point out the advantages to the user. We do not have long time, such a video ad on Facebook, whether organic or through an ad, should not take longer than 30 seconds. Depending on the product, 15 seconds or if it is about image, no matter if for a company or an NGO, also one minute. The lengths are therefore variable depending on the projects and target group.

All these aspects must be considered before the media production, after that comes the booking of the videograph, the video editing but also the acceptance and certain change loops. That’s how complex content planning and production for Facebook can be!

Content Tips for Instagram: Faster Media

How do Facebook and Instagram differ in their approach? Facebook has older users and many users on notebooks and desktops. Here the content and information is often even more detailed, because the individual user gives the content one or two seconds more time – than with Instagram. In addition, text fade-ins are shown immediately. Instagram is much faster here, the timeline lives on many photos and fast likes.

Texts are not placed very prominently and are only partially displayed. It is not possible to set links in the classic postings, only in the Instagram Stories. So our content for Instagram needs to be simpler and deliver the USP that differentiates us from the competition. Products and ideas must therefore be placed relatively prominently, i.e. directly visually perceptible.

That’s why the complexity for Instagram is a little easier than for Facebook (faster production). We don’t have to think about the different devices, because Instagram is used via tablets and smartphones, desktop and notebook are usually omitted. The user group is very special, young and mostly trendy.

Facebook cost-effective, content and ads

As shown in our example above, this best practice is a great way to learn how to make a simple ad.

Theoretically you only need the basic knowledge in Photoshop, which you can learn here on YouTube, some creativity and stockfotos. From this you create a graphic, which then becomes an animation with a few changes. In our Best Practice design example, for example, it is the font that appears: We, want, you! Through animation and movement, our content is much better perceived by users. We do not need any elaborate productions, no photo shoot but also no video production. All we need is our notebook, Photoshop and creativity.

Mobile First: Think of your audience

Most of today’s traffic is generated via mobile devices, so it is worth focusing the ads on square formats or on upright. If you also place advertisements, you can quickly make changes here in the Photoshop file to e.g. make an AB test to find the more effective graphics. The exported GIF file can then be easily converted to a MP4 file, which can be easily published on Instagram and Facebook.

Here once again the differences in the dimensions (pixels):

  • Smartphone: 1080 pixels wide x 1920 pixels high
  • classic HD screen: 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high

Social Media Agency for Graphics, Design, Strategy & Performance

If you are looking for a Social Media Agency , which brings all this experience and expertise with it, just as always has new developments in mind, packs them into new concepts for you and develops strategies for the future, then you are exactly right with us. Our experts are happy to help your company with their experience and know-how in the further development of your social media. Social commerce is playing an increasingly important role and the possibilities of image building and public relations in social media are also on a completely new level. Direct contact with customers not only helps in service, but also in product development and of course in sales – most important.

Advertisements in Instagram Stories: Corporate Advertising

Advertise even more effectively on Instagram? On Instagram you can not only advertise with a posting but also play advertising in the Instagram Stories. Today we want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such an Instagram Story ad. Like to see a real campaign? Check out this Instagram ads design best practice. But first, the question,

What is an instagram story?

Social networks usually have the possibility to capture special moments in the form of text, photos or videos. These postings are then collected in a timeline. This timeline contains all important moments and postings. On Facebook, this is a stream in which the various contents are displayed one below the other. Instagrams focus is on photos and small videos. On Instagram, these photos and videos appear in three columns next to each other. No matter how, the latest content is always in first place. Such a posting is eternal to watch, if it is not deleted by the user. Accordingly, bloggers put a lot of effort into creating such postings. Every photo has to fit, the post-processing but also the pose. With decoration and location, such a small Instagram photo shoot takes two or three hours.

This relatively high production effort makes it difficult to publish a lot of content. At some point Instagram wanted to set itself apart from the other social networks and came up with ways to make small stories possible. This idea actually came from the provider Snapchat, whose contents are always available for 24 hours. After 24 hours the photos and videos disappear automatically. This form of information transfer brings with it completely new ideas, ways and possibilities.

Stories accompany the everyday life of bloggers

Many are not only interested in the individual photos or videos of Blogger but also want to see the life behind it. How does my blogger actually live? What’s he doing in private? What are their hobbies? What will she experience today and what will she experience tomorrow? All these questions can now be answered in a small story. Stories are, so to speak, a multimedia form of the diary. The diary for the fans or followers can be seen for 24 hours. Who wants can accompany all too the everyday life of its favorite Blogger.

How many stories does a blogger post per day from experience?

According to our experience, experienced bloggers publish 5 to 8 such little stories per day. Often you start your story in the morning, e.g. in bed to greet your fans and wish them a good morning. Then it goes on e.g. with the breakfast or with the styling for the day. Next, you sit in the car or in the taxi, and inform your fans about the planning for the day. Afterwards you might go to the first event or a fashion boutique, immediately make another small selfie video and take your fans with you. That’s exactly what a story is, we see what our idols and role models exaggerate the day.

Stories are based on the very classical principle of well-known people and the people who follow them. Different questions arise for different target groups. Some want to know what everyday life is like, others may accompany their diet. Everyone has their own interests.

As a typical Instagram Star you can also give much more background information in the stories than in photos. Since bloggers on Instagram in particular work mainly with photos and not just video material, there are of course few messages that can be conveyed. Even if it is said that a picture says more than a thousand words, it is still important to interact with words. That’s what most Instagram Stars do with comments. Instagram Stories have become an essential part and are now of course also usable for companies from experience with the advertising possibilities.

What does an Instagram Story ad look like?

When users look at stories, start the stories of the day with one click. Either you see the most recent stories of the people you are following or the most recent stories of a certain person. So when you get the general news channel, you see stories from different bloggers. Ads are placed between the different stories. The ads should look as authentic as the bloggers’ stories. The big advantage in social media is the closeness, you should also look for this in your story, especially I’m talking about human contact. Pure advertisements with text do not work, we need the human touch. A story should not take long and get to the heart of the message relatively quickly.

What does an example Instagram Story video look like?

If you think of a typical video from a story, it will most likely be 8 to 10 seconds long. A human person will say or do something that will quickly attract attention. This can be e.g. a crazy dance, e.g. a current YouTube trend that is recorded. But the person can also say something crazy, so that you have direct attention. Packaged products that can be unpacked quickly also work. In any case, you should get to the core message very quickly. Ideally, the advertised product should also be used immediately.

Can links be placed in the advertisements?

In the Instagram Stories, you can access additional information by wiping up on the mobile phone screen. For example, you can place links to a website or an online shop. You can also add products from the Facebook or Instagram Shop. Since Instagram is part of Facebook, you first have to set up an online shop on Facebook. Once you have done this and both were able to link Facebook and Instagram, you can also link products directly in photos and videos. How long has Instagram not offered a direct link feature, but with the new ad options, advertising on Instagram is more and more worthwhile. As a social media agency, we are happy to recommend this method to our clients in Berlin and other cities.

At Price – How much do Instagram Ads cost?

The cost of Instagram advertising varies greatly and may or may not be more effective depending on the campaign setting. The costs vary between 0.02 € and 14.00 €.

Why does advertising work so well in Instagram Stories?

If you are under 30 years old, you should understand the concept of Instagram Stories relatively quickly and the emotional power you have while viewing stories of your favorite bloggers or idols. When you’re over 30, you can imagine a story in something like a TV show, short and crisp in a celebrity magazine. Here the whole day is described within 30 or 40 seconds and in between, for 5 to 8 seconds, your display appears in exactly the same look. However, there is no big indication before that it is an advertisement. The story simply runs between the other posts, without any conspicuous marking. At first glance, it is indistinguishable from the stories for the user and is therefore perceived with the same emotional strength as the bloggers’ contributions.

Placing one’s own brand is therefore so clever and offers itself very well as a new form or strategy in social media marketing. For companies and enterprises our Social Media Agency therefore offers suitable concepts for the strategic creation but also for the creation and production of content, small videos, with emotionalizing effect. We are your contact for all questions!

Speaker: Social Media Manager Training – Today it’s about food!

Today we were guests in Bavaria! Beautifully located but also planning intensive, today’s workshop meeting has taken us into the heart of Bavaria. Early in the morning, 7 o’clock in Munich, with the start of the hotel began super, fantastic weather, the Munich city center, the anticipation is great and the first way leads us to the Bavarian country. You rarely experience such wonderful moments during a speech, even on arrival. The sunrise over the Bavarian Alps, small lakes and left and right again and again a few cows. Not only wonderfully romantic but also a perfect preparation for today’s workshop in a large organic food company. With a long tradition and company history, the company is not only well positioned in the specialist trade but also digitally. Social media marketing is also to be expanded so that the online shop receives even more attention. More reach, more fans and more information for all those who already love the brand and all those who will hopefully soon love the brand! After a three-quarter hour drive over the green landscapes of Bavaria we were there. In the midst of green meadows, a small village and a huge headquarters. However, not in the way one thinks of a classical headquarters, but in the way it should look for a modern organic company!

First we came to an entrance, with a small biotope, everything framed with glass and over a small wooden bridge it went in over the shallow water, the friendly reception let me then on another building, could the small biotope still be topped? Yes! In the marketing building, there is a small organic supermarket downstairs, next to it a kitchen, with bakery, butcher and daily changing menu. You don’t have to eat in a barren room, you can use the huge foyer with big plants, small wooden sticks connecting the different tables, bright, large glass surfaces and friendly staff. If I wanted to work in a food company, I’d start here!

Philosophy in companies for authentic social media marketing

The business environment is particularly important for authentic social media marketing. Do we convey a marketing message that we create purely through our conception or do we reflect a real, honest environment? Those who already have a positive influence in their own company in such a holistic way will receive a lot of positive feedback from their fans to the social networks as well as from their employees. Because even a nice working environment ensures that a brand is perceived as interesting both internally by the own employees and externally by the customer. And interest is exactly what we want for our marketing! The more prospective customers we attract, the more products we can sell. Reach is therefore the be-all and end-all in social networks and also in marketing. The positive effect that the own working environment can have is also shown by the companies themselves, as well as Facebook. With different zones so that employees do not find themselves in grey boxes, but in a free environment in which they can also develop themselves. Satisfied employees attract new applications and so you are much better positioned in recruiting. Finding new talents for your own company can increase your own growth. Social media marketing is about more than just your own marketing. It is about customers, prospective customers, people who do not know us yet but also people who know us by heart, as well as employees. The own social media concept should cover all these components and transport them in the messages. That’s what it’s all about today!

Lecture Structure, Social Media Marketing and Emotions

Social media marketing can of course be explained in principle in its strategies and methods, so that one understands the processes behind it, for example, the causes and effects. Here in Munich, we have been particularly concerned with promoting social media marketing. Although the brand is represented in thousands of stores, the current social media figures can still be significantly expanded. We are currently still below a threshold of 1000 fans. The first 1000 fans, as we already reported in one of our blog entries, are very important for the reputation and also the public image. The aim should be to reach not only our own customers in Munich but throughout Germany through classic social media marketing and advertising and ideally to draw them to the online shop or to remind them to use our product in the supermarket the next time they shop!

Lecture Part 1, Social Media Marketing and Advertisements

In the first part of the lecture, we will focus in particular on standardized marketing opportunities through social networks. While the emotionalization is only discussed in the second part, the basics are really at stake here. We talk about the basic possibilities that are offered in the social networks. Because the individual social networks differ in their possibilities to generate reach but also in the functional possibilities and/or in the target group. Depending on the product and brand, careful attention should of course be paid in the run-up to such a strategy for social networks to which networks one reaches which people in order to draw the greatest effect from one’s own campaign. If you focus on the wrong social network right from the start, you are burning cash and will not reach the right people who will ultimately interact with our product or brand. That’s why we filter in the first part of the lecture which social networks are profitable at all. Point for such a food company that works strongly in the organic sector and thus also has a trend, here we speak of organic food or also the whole area around vegan and just the explicit sale of organic products. A positive image that ideally we should also reach a target group interested in such products. These include, of course, young mothers who focus on a healthy diet for themselves and their families. They also include young to middle-aged people who can still be reached via social networks. Those who most likely have a higher standard of living and can therefore afford food that is a little more expensive than the conventional product from the supermarket, but who have a high affinity to online trade, as this is to be expanded in the future. All these factors must also be taken into account and we are not yet in the active work of the Social Media Manager. We also focus not only on the needs here in Munich and the surrounding area, in Bavaria, but also on the needs of the inhabitants of Berlin, Hamburg and cities such as Cologne, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. The company is positioned throughout Germany but is also active in various other markets, in a total of 17 countries. First of all, however, we want to create a working concept in our home market that can then also be adopted for other markets or languages.

In the first part of the workshop, we will discuss all these aspects, but also other factors, e.g. the various placement possibilities of the content as well as advertising measures, with the employees in Marketing.

Lecture part 2, reach and emotionalization in content

Content is the big magic word when it comes to success and social networks but also in the entire online marketing. Content is not only important in social networks, search engine optimization also depends on good content. Those who manage to create content that inspires people or to which they assign added value will automatically generate more reach through the higher interaction rate of their own fans and followers. Here about the interaction rate is, that is, the more frequently a post is commented, geliked or even shared, the more attention it gets through the algorithm of social networks. This increases the relevance of your own contribution but also of your own social media channel. The more continuously one maintains this strategy, the more successful one becomes automatically. It is important that the content has an emotional effect on our fans. Therefore we create in our lecture different creative concept which we discuss here in Munich live on site. Our creative concept is based on the observation of various players in the market. This includes e.g. bloggers but also magazines or media that deal with the topic of food. One looks a little at the international markets and other regions that have similar preferences, but differ a little in their strategies and methods, as well as America or South Korea. It is about competition and competition, but also about more distant competitors, as well as completely different industries and the learnings that can be drawn from their social media activities as a company. In the second part of the presentation, we look at these aspects and how they can be used to fill their social channel with daily content that not only gives their fans more value but also a certain emotional attachment to their brand. Over time, days, weeks and months we form real brand fans. That’s why they do social media marketing!

Social Media Agency Munich

Are you looking for an agency that can show you as a company in Munich how to create performance on social media? Our social media experts help their employees in training and further education to master the first important challenges for their company. We show possibilities and strategies and develop a first plan together, for the first weeks and months. With the lecture and with the later practical work of their employees, the knowledge will be consolidated and expanded. Ultimately, as a company they are then able to conduct their basic social media marketing in-house so that they can constantly advance the latest content and guarantee a look behind the scenes. Workshop, strategy or consulting, our experts are there for your company. Get in touch with us.

Develop social media strategy: case study product evaluation and ABC analysis

Who are you? Already the big sticking point. Do people love the brand or do they use the brand? Our starting point. Main sentence before starting to think about marketing strategy as a company, it is important to first focus exactly what we as a company, agency, product, service or club can score. Therefore, it is important to first highlight our core area, ie the products that work well or the products that could be of interest to our customers or new customers. It is worth taking a comprehensive look at the various product groups, but also on the individual products offered by our company.

Direct selling in the trade vs online shop: Separation

In principle, are the marketing strategies for products distributed in the trade different from those that are traded online? Yes! Definitely. Our Geißlein is so general that you can adopt this concept for your brand, in direct sales, stationary in the trade or even for their digital products.

Getting shoppers from an online video to visit downtown or the supermarket is very difficult. The barriers are just too high. First of all, your own stream of information is very full, that is, if we generate attention for a moment, that attention is gone in the next moment. Therefore one tries as social media agency to take the contact person directly with the first sighting. For example By entering in a newsletter or the direct click on the link, with which the customer lands directly in the online shop to order the product itself. Direct the own sales process organized, the higher the conversion at the end of the day. For companies, a jump of 2.5% in the conversion already makes a lot. If we sell 1000 products a month so far, we can increase sales to 1025. Should I have a 2.5% increase is already achievable through small changes in the advertisements or in the posting concept. Let us now come to the classification of products and product groups.

  • short attention span at the buyer
  • Social media agency would like the buyers by eg. Take entry in newsletter at the first sighting

Why is it worthwhile clustering your own products?

Whether on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, every day you have only one posting or 3 to 4 stories available, so you can cover a product range of over 1000 products, of course, only poorly. But social media is not only used as a sales channel but also as a marketing channel, and we should focus on the products that have been well received by our buyers and that work. So we not only ensure that the interaction remains relatively high, by the already popular content, never change a winning team!

Task: Compress to ‘Running products’ / prepare for uniqueness

Identify product groups: A-B-C analysis

Before we turn to individual products, we take a look at our product groups. Are there already glaring differences in the large grouping? If yes, you can already set here, they are z.b. a great bike online retailer, then maybe best sell bikes. So it makes sense on Instagram to talk less about mechanical parts or to promote a screwdriver. Of course, in some postings, if bent possible, but then you should focus on bicycles. As a result, our fans know what it’s all about. If the products we market frequently deviate too much from our actual subject matter, many will not understand our concept at first sight. But especially in the social networks on fast information exchange arrives and thus the parameters for a sighting are different, for a commercial in the cinema, we like to take 20 seconds, for a channel on Instagram, we may have only a second. This is our leeway, the more we know which product group represents our company and our brand, the easier it is to communicate information to our customers. The easier the information is transmitted, the higher the success.

A-B-C analysis to find A products (integration)

Depending on the size of the company, the product groups can also be defined in an ABC analysis. When doing this you should always keep in mind to cover a maximum of 5% of the range with your A products. The B products, also running well but not so perfect, should make C & A 20% of the volume. We then categorize the remaining 75% of our product range under C. Looking back on our online commerce, we could now say that our products are bicycles from a higher price range. Our customers pay attention to quality and therefore usually buy higher quality bicycles. Customers who prefer cheap bicycles, anyway in the discount store around the corner buy. We carry products like helmets under B, they are important, sell well and bring a relatively good margin. Under category C then fall products such as bicycle tubes, since the profit share is relatively low, as screws, nuts or screwdriver set.

  • Focus on the product
  • Quick exchange of information in social networks so that the parameters for a sighting are different
  • Categorization of the product family

Products: Set on our top products for promotion on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube

Now that we have differentiated our product groups for sale on social networks and also categorized, we can now focus on individual products. While we previously had a relatively large group of products, we now look at the individual goods. This can be important not only for ads but also for all organic traffic. If we have potential on Instagram for people from 18 to 32, predominantly, that is to say 60%, female, we should offer our products accordingly. A lady’s bike should be in the foreground, men’s bikes a little in the background. At the same time you can use this for actions and z.b. targeted women, with the offer for a couple purchase. Buy 2 bikes and save 20%!

We now decide on the products that are officially to be seen for our fans and followers. As our timeline, unlike a story, is constantly visible to everyone, we obviously need to focus on a few products that best represent our company, as described earlier.

Tip! Who wants to create a guideline for the social media marketing campaigns or postings in his own company, should stick to all products hereby. These examples can be supplemented later also excellent bullet points, z.b. for product variations or new products that are required for this particular class. In sickness cases but also on vacation, every employee has so quickly all the important information at hand and can act accordingly.

Bestseller Offline: Getting customers into the business – but when?

Anyone who is not only active in online trading but also stationary, should also make a division of the bestsellers from the trade and a second with the bestseller online. For many companies, sales differ. A very simple example is TV sets. They are big, bulky and many want to compare your high end TV set in advance of the purchase. Many are still buying in the classic electronics market. Here you can see different TV manufacturers on site and compare the devices with each other, image resolution, color spectrum and so on. High-quality TV sets are still a product that is traded in stationary stores. At the same time, electronics manufacturers may even offer you a SmartHome system. This tax z.b. the lights, the light intensity but also the colors. This product is being bought by a great many people on the internet, as it is possible to obtain information online and the direct comparison with other manufacturers does not require a visit to the Internet. Thus, the same company has a different focus in brick-and-mortar retail, which means that marketing campaigns that are based on this stationary trade must contain corresponding products. The same applies to the digital sale of products.

News: Announcement, presentation and takeover in portfolio

New products are extremely different. While automobile companies market a novelty large and already announce months in advance, innovations are z.b. In the post trade or at Amazon dealers relatively fast-paced and equipped without much marketing budget. Whether long-term or short-term, novelties should always have their own post in social media planning. Because what is it about in social networks? Distraction, entertainment, news, trends! All this we can deliver with some planning. A new product can already be advertised in advance, z.b. simply through an Instagram story. Here is already indicated that there will be a fantastic, new product from our house soon! In 3 days you will learn more. With such a small but also with complex and stories, here the comparison to the automobile industry, it is possible to make novelties an integral part of the social media strategy. Due to the frequent posting of news, we can also distinguish ourselves clearly from other companies. In particular, the constant provision of news and information, is operated by a few companies. The production of this content is relatively expensive and the production z.b. Photoshop requires a lot of expertise and expertise. Not only when it comes to the simple creation of graphics but also when it gets more complex, eg. with animated pictures or with videos.

  • own post for news in social media planning
  • new products e.g. Apply via Instagram Story
  • frequent posting of news to other companies

Conclusion Product Rating for Social Media Planning

When planning your social media strategy, think about which products are of interest to you at the beginning of any consideration!

  • Which products work well?
  • Which products attract attention?
  • Which products have a high margin?
  • Which products can be delivered worldwide?
  • Which products have shipping charges?

After the internal evaluation all these questions and the breakdown, z.b. in an ABC analysis, the best products help you to find out. The better you focus your own product portfolio, finding a common thread, the easier it is for your fans and followers to understand the content or the messages.

Did you know, every time you log in to Facebook we have an average of 1500 news. On Instagram it’s no different, you do not log every 30 minutes a particular just once or twice a day. And that is the rule! Facebook, Instagram, YouTube sort so exactly what content currently relevant to us and which are not. If you’re already at the beginning of your social media strategy to use only those products that are guaranteed to appeal to their fans, you can already contribute a great deal to interaction and relevance.

  • Social media filters out relevant content

Corporate Philosophy and Values ​​in Social Media Strategy

The next article in our social media blog is about companies and their philosophy. What do I have to take for my social media strategy and planning in terms of values, history and competition in my own company environment?

Online Supermarket Test USA! From organic food to grilled meat on Instagram

In the United States, there are now the largest supermarket chains in the world, Walmart, Whole Food or even Trader Joe’s. Doing the big weekend shopping and then driving home in the SUV to the family, the few want to do that themselves. As a result, US online food retailing is growing rapidly. From New York to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, more and more people order their food, from fruit to drinks, vegetables, sugar, bread and salt more and more on the Internet. It pays off an online order! Not only that you save a lot of time shopping, as well as carrying the many shopping bags, sometimes you even save real money! Because it’s worth shopping online, especially when you’re buying in bulk. Not only for families, but also for singles, the online order is always attractive and therefore we wanted to look at the US supermarket chains in comparison. Who tries, who gets his fans involved, who reaches the most people?

The big supermarket chains have long been on the Internet and try to bring their products digitally to the man and to the woman. The Internet shops are very simple, so that you can not only order conveniently from the notebook but also from the phone. Not only the big supermarkets are involved, also Amazon is becoming more and more widespread in food online trading. With the first pilot projects you try to become a permanent player in the market. The food industry is very hard! It’s about every single center and every single gram. You only make money with the big crowd, that’s why it is so important for online shops to reach a lot of people.

Target group for online food

The target group for online grocery orders is clearly defined and aimed at an audience that is very Internet affine anyway. If you do not order anything else on the internet, you will not start with food. However, the other ordered products, no matter in what form, for the jump to the first food order is not far. If you look at the online usage of the Americans, we focus on an audience of 20 to 40 years. For people from 35 to 45 years you should drive another campaign. For people, including seniors and retirees, a second campaign, which specifically addresses the children of the elderly, is also profitable. With the incredible advantage that the old man or the old lady no longer has to carry their bags themselves. But they are conveniently delivered to the front door. It is not just about fruit but also about everyday things and kitchen rolls or toilet paper, dish soap but also sugar, pepper or paprika spice powder.

Instagram Marketing of the Big US Supermarkets

In addition to Facebook and YouTube, Instagram is part of everyday life today. Thanks to the new Instagram shopping function, you can now also guide your own fans to the online shop for the first time. No winning code or awkward clicks through a link on the biography page of Instagram. Shopping on Instagram has never been so easy and that’s why we wanted to take a close look at the market. Food on the internet that is relatively new, that’s why here our market check USA!

Markets in comparison

If you take a look at the Instagram channels of America’s largest supermarket chains, it quickly becomes clear that the social media managers attach particular importance to healthy food, families or animals. Especially Whole Foods has come up with a very nice idea: a dog carrying the Whole Foods bag in its mouth? Brilliant! Kroger is a little less creative on Instagram. The food does not look appetizing, the posts are not varied, here simply the creativity is missing.

  • Whole Foods: Getting the Dog – 8.5 / 10
  • Walmart: The Family Market of Fashion, Food and All – 7.2 / 10
  • Trader Joe’s: Tasty Meets Art – 8.1 / 10
  • Aldi USA: Upcoming for Fresh Foods – 7.8 / 10
  • Sprouts: The Farmers Market – 6.9 / 10
  • Fairway Market: Freshness that does not quite perform – 6.7 / 10
  • Wild Oat Marketplace: Wild, wild, wild! – 6.2 / 10
  • Kroger: Well meant, but no – 4.8 / 10
  • Food Lion: Little Performance – 6.0 / 10

Quick check for engagement

The quick check at the bottom of each retailer’s retail list gives you an idea of ​​the interaction rate. Quickly skipped is the formula:

Engagement = Likes / Followers

Of course, the result can be influenced by social bots. Ultimately, however, at least a cross-sectoral indicator that allows quick conclusions. These interaction rates can be checked more precisely by long-term tracking of posts, comments and likes. The Total Rating then stands for the combination of interaction with the visual performance of the channel.

Whole Foods: Getting the Dog

Whole Foods is a real giant! The Instagram channel has over 2.5 million fans and the concept is also very delicious. A special teaser at Whole Foods are the dogs in each 7/8 image. A small, cute dog with Whole Food bag. We’ve talked about Petfluencer in Marketing before.

  • Rating: 8.5 / 10
  • 2,962 posts
  • 2,500,000 subscribers
  • 4,517 subscribed
  • 13,600 likes on average
  • Quick Check: 0.54% engagement
  • Whole Foods Instagram

Walmart: The Family Market with Fashion, Food and Everything

Walmart is known worldwide and Walmart brings it to Instagram on Instagram. Walmart is clearly broader than the typical food supermarket. Fashion, furnishings but also events, sports and animals.

  • Rating: 7.2 / 10
  • 1,326 posts
  • 1,000,000 subscribers
  • 54 subscribed
  • 3,600 likes on average
  • Quick Check: 0.36% engagement
  • Walmart Instagram

Trader Joe’s: Tasty meets art

Trader Joe’s has one of the most beautiful channels because they dare. With small drawn cartoon sketches they tell little stories or take drawn hands that pick up the bacon. Very loving and partly elaborate thought and produced.

  • Rating: 8.1 / 10
  • 292 posts
  • 424,000 subscribers
  • 0 subscribed
  • 9,870 likes on average
  • Quick Check: 2.32% engagement
  • Trader Joe’s Instagram

Aldi USA: Upcoming for Fresh Foods

Tasty and fresh, very different than you know it from the German original. Aldi USA presents itself as a healthy brand with fresh fruits and vegetables as well as delicious breakfast ideas.

  • Rating: 7.8 / 10
  • 545 posts
  • 185,000 subscribers
  • 114 subscribed
  • 1,900 likes on average
  • Quick Check: 0.10% engagement
  • Aldi USA Instagram

Sprouts: The Farmers Market

Go Green! At Sprouts there are fresh vegetables and fruit from the countryside. Sprouts knows how to deal with delicious novelties as well as classics like tomato and paprika.

  • Rating: 6.9 / 10
  • 1,544 posts
  • 113,000 subscribers
  • 6,879 subscribed
  • 813 likes on average
  • Quick Check: 6,08% engagement
  • Sprouts Instagram

Fairway Market: freshness that unfortunately does not quite perform

Fairway Market is unusually fresh, showing not only products but also manufacturing and producers. From grilled meats to delicious desserts, everything included. Nevertheless, Fairway Market with 1,119 postings manages only 6,819 followers. Strange, still nice!

  • Rating: 6.7 / 10
  • 1,119 posts
  • 6,819 subscribers
  • 2,724 subscribed
  • 104 likes on average
  • Quick Check: 1.52% engagement
  • Fairway Market Instagram

Wild Oat Marketplace: Wild, wild, wild!

After the good recommendations, it is now a little unsorted at Wild Oats. As the name Wild says, here on Instagram we have a mix of sunsets, reposts of other users, shelves, flower markets – what? Where is the focus?

  • Rating: 6.2 / 10
  • 345 posts
  • 8,556 subscribers
  • Subscribe to 1.451
  • 82 likes on average
  • Quick Check: 0.95% engagement
  • Wild Oat Instagram

Kroger: Well meant, but no

Kroger is also one of the largest supermarket chains in the US, but Instagram does not represent that at all. Blurred photos, not very well put together food (pancake disaster or muesli / cheese / something Bowls), right after spooky photos with supposedly funny fonts. Heavy food with few followers. The CTA link (Call to action for possible sale) leads to a PDF form. Only just over 50,000 followers in over 1.5 million Facebook. Weak performance.

  • Rating: 4.8 / 10
  • 1,142 posts
  • 52,100 subscribers
  • Subscribe to 1.452
  • 439 likes on average
  • Quick Check: 0.84% ​​engagement
  • Kroger Instagram

Food Lion: Little Performance

Surprising is also Food Lion. One of the big supermarket chains in the US, but only 6,627 followers. Strange but true. They try very hard, but only makes the typical mix of Facebook photos and any tasty reposts.

  • Rating: 6.0 / 10
  • 177 posts
  • 6,627 subscribers
  • 0 subscribed
  • 68 likes on average
  • up to 2 comments
  • Quick Check: 1.02% engagement
  • Food Lion Instagram

The largest food chains in the US

These are the largest chains of the USA currently (source: Wikipedia).

  1. Albertsons LLC – 2,400 stores
  2. Aldi Nord (operates under the name of Trader Joe’s) – 479 stores
  3. Aldi Sud (operates under the name Aldi) – 1,600 stores
  4. Costco – approximately 500 warehouse stores
  5. Ahold Delhaize – 2265 stores
    Food Lion (1098)
    Hannaford (188 stores)
    Giant Carlisle (197 stores)
    Giant Landover (169 stores)
    Stop & amp; Shop (416 stores)
    Martin’s Food Markets (197 stores)
  6. Kmart Super Center – 1 store, formerly 105 stores at its peak
  7. Kroger – 2,460 stores;
  8. SpartanNash – 167 retail stores
  9. SuperValu Inc . – 1,582 stores (691 corporate and 891 franchised stores)
  10. SuperTarget – 251 stores
  11. Walmart – 3522 stores + 699 Neighborhood Markets + 660 Sam’s Clubs
  12. Whole Foods – 430 stores

Conclusion it could be more in food online trading

Instagram marketing has not yet fully penetrated the big US supermarket chains. In particular, 2 of the big chains are so far hardly trouble on Instagram to be present. As they gather over a million fans on Facebook, the Instagram channels abandon loveless postings. Badly copied is only just won and therefore it is advisable to reconsider its Instagram marketing strategy for large American food retailers. New content, new ideas, new photos and videos! A large part of the US supermarkets already has a good figure in Internet marketing. Nevertheless, the giants can learn something from the small startups. That’s why we took a close look at the food startups to find out why their interaction is 10 times higher on average! How does it work out here compared to food startups!


Top Food Start Ups USA Check! High Investment Marketing – Guaranteed Success?

After we compared the food online shops USA and food shops in Germany in our last food check, today we draw the comparison to startups in the food online trade! Why? In the analysis of the US and German supermarkets, which are active on Instagram to gain more reach, the relatively low interaction rate has been noticed. On average, American supermarket chains are barely achieving an inflation rate of 1%.

What does this interaction rate mean?

Everyone can have fans, eg. through a one-time but big promotion. As a result, many people became aware of us once, follow our channel but are then ghosts. No interaction, no likes, no comments. Our brand is consistently ignored. The interaction rate is very easy to calculate, in its simple model

Interaction = (likes + comments * 4) / number of followers

So if our channel has 100,000 fans, but only 875 of them interact with our medium, our below interaction rate is under one percent. If we had 5,100 interactions, we would be at 5%. For large companies can make a small smear here, by their already very high online presence, you reach many people. The calculation of the interaction quota is therefore so important for companies. Fans are relative, we explain this again and again in our work as a social media consultant. Many supposed influencers buy their likes or followers on the internet. Filtering out who has real increases and who is struggling with unfair means is the challenge. That’s why many companies consult a social media agency when it comes to booking bloggers. That shows the great value of the interaction.

That’s why even big companies should make an effort in their social media marketing, because it is not just about the fans that are achieved by the general brand awareness, it is about creating interaction in this community. Especially the community thought is important, why am I on Instagram? What added value am I looking for here? Do I want detailed information? Do I want many lyrics? Or do I just want to be entertained?

It’s precisely this regular and steady flow of information – photos and videos instead of long texts – that should be taken care of in Instagram Marketing . In particular, food start ups make this work. No matter if it’s about the muesli for the trouser pocket or a healthy smoothie. Young founders have a lot of ideas and some make their idea a true brand!

Food Start Ups in the US vs Germany

Of course, we first stretched our feelers towards the USA. With a reputed article as a basis, we set out to analyze the various Instagram accounts. We quickly noticed that many US food start-ups are having less trouble with their Instagram channel. It looks quite different in Germany, here we could not find a single bad candidate from our various copies. As part of our company’s social media marketing in the food industry, we wanted to share a few channels with you, including 3 US examples and 3 examples Germany present. Includes interaction rates and followers for a quick comparison.

Negative Example: America’s Start Ups Spend Little Time

  1. Melt Organic – Wow … speechless. Where is the Social Media Manager – 3.5 / 10
  2. Rooibee Red Tea: More standard does not work: Product, Influencer, ready – 5.1 / 10

To save the honor, we still have a positive example from the United States: Love Suja – The only bright spot, is still! – 6.5 / 10

Positive example: attention to detail from Germany

  1. Little Lunch Soups: Tasty Stews in Glass – 8.1 / 10
  2. Oatmeal: The Muesli for Your Pocket – 7.8 / 10
  3. True Fruits: Lives on the spirit of the “cult drink” – 6.1 / 10

Comparison: Start Up Instagram Marketing with High Invest – Guaranteed Success?

In my search for creativity in the food industry, of course, I did not come for a look at the USA. What about creative ideas in social media marketing? Here would have to find something! But … no indication. “The United States Of Food: The Most Well-Funded Food & Beverage Startups In Each State” ( article ) first promised me that it has to be good concepts, otherwise nobody would invest. Looking at the social media channels, I was amazed. Almost speechless. Little creative, total standard and no one manages over 5,000 followers. The worst examples (especially the area of ​​fitness I save you directly). No best practice! Here’s just a quick look at Instagram Nogos. You can also see the relatively high number of follower numbers compared to the interaction – bought? Let’s take a quick look at the frame data of the channels.

Quick check for engagement

The quick check at the bottom of each retailer’s retail list gives you an idea of ​​the interaction rate. Quickly skipped is the formula:

Engagement = Likes / Followers

Of course, the result can be influenced by social bots. Ultimately, however, at least a cross-sectoral indicator that allows quick conclusions. These interaction rates can be checked more precisely by long-term tracking of posts, comments and likes. The Total Rating then stands for the combination of interaction with the visual performance of the channel.

Melt Organic: Wow … speechless. Where is the Social Media Manager

No love in Instagram management despite great product and state in supermarkets. Melt is the slightly different butter. Unfortunately, the channel is anything but exceptional.

  • Rating: 3.5 / 10
  • 1,496 subscribers
  • 1,186 subscribed
  • 200 posts
  • 44 Likes on average
  • Quick Check: 2.94% Engagement
  • Melt Organic Instagram

Rooibee Red Tea: More standard does not work: Product, Influencer, ready

Standard, absolute standard. A bottle in close-up, some influencer looking at the ground … um 2.471 subscribers and only 16-30 likes. Again, there is again little love in the channel and more of a $ 9 Social Bot.

  • Rating: 5.1 / 10
  • 2,471 subscribers
  • 1,056 subscribed
  • 510 posts
  • 36 likes on average
  • Quick Check: 1.45% engagement
  • Rooibee Red Tea Instagram

Love Suja: The only bright spot in the US: It’s okay!

So that we can at least have a good example from the article “The United States Of Food: The Most Well-Funded Food & Beverage Startups In Each State”, here’s the channel of Love Suja. Actually only a drink, but chic, modern and lively presented. Where the subscribers are not genuine under warranty.

  • Rating: 6.5 / 10
  • 2,361 posts
  • 150,000 subscribers
  • 2,529 subscribed
  • 455 likes on average
  • Quick Check: 0.30% engagement
  • Love Suja Instagram

Food Startups in Germany: 3 Good Recommendations for Instagram

New concepts, new happiness. A look at the food startup industry.

Startups for Online Foods Comparison

We take a look at the new ideas around healthy eating, organic food, drinks and superfood.

Little Lunch Soups: Tasty Stews in Glass

From my own experience, I know how delicious the small glass are. With the TV-format “Cave of the Lions” Little Lunch became even better known. Also on Instagram, the company is exemplary with a mix of products, ideas and bloggers.

  • Rating: 8.1 / 10
  • 402 posts
  • 17,900 subscribers
  • 317 subscribed
  • 520 likes on average
  • 11 Comments (up to 200 on promotions, sweepstakes)
  • Quick Check: 2.90% engagement
  • Little Lunch Instagram

Oatmeal: The Muesli The Flapjack for the trouser pocket

Another cereal bar? Oh yes, the Start Up Hafervoll shows how to create a sympathetic, genuine and lovable product. For the mass market and for athletes. You are also very active on the Instagram channel.

  • Rating: 7.8 / 10
  • 465 posts
  • 20,100 subscribers
  • 3,771 subscribed
  • 1,220 likes on average
  • Quick Check: 6.06% engagement
  • Hafervoll Instagram

True Fruits: Lives on the spirit of the “cult drink”

The Instagram channel is less successful than many others, but True Fruits is so well placed that many love the brand. They focus on transparent content and innovative bottle design. Just a little more than just a smoothie.

  • Rating: 6.1 / 10
  • 719 posts
  • 107,000 subscribers
  • 9 subscribed
  • 2630 likes on average
  • Quick Check: 2.45% engagement
  • True Fruits Instagram


Conclusion of the startups, the big food companies can learn

Especially in the love and devotion to Instagram marketing, every single text, photo or video, lies the power of the young start ups. With an interaction rate of 10%, you typically get ten times more people to interact with their content in the form of likes or comments. As a result, you not only have more people actively committed to branding but also achieve a greater viral effect. With each Like also friends get to see the respective post and can choose to like it or ignore it. If you also decide to make a positive statement, the viral effect becomes even bigger. That’s why it’s so important for companies to pay so much attention to the interaction rate in their Instagram marketing and to the fact that users really interact with the medium and not just leave it alone. Therein lies the power of the startup.

Instagram Strategies and Social Media Managers Career

All social media news for the current week. Among other things, 52 Instagram strategies packed in an infographic, so you can plan your next Instagram concept with best practice examples. In addition, Social Media International highlights the careers network LinkedIn, what does it actually do, how does it work and for whom is the social network suitable? Social media occupational fields were also an issue this week. In the past, people mainly confined themselves to Facebook, which is the case today for different occupational fields in the social media world and how to reach the top current jobs, the blog Social Media for Business explains. Here you come directly to the Social Media Marketing News (all headlines).

  1. Instagram Strategies for your Business
  2. Social Media job profiles and 5 reasons why LinkedIn is the right platform for your job search
  3. Getting tips for developing your communication strategy
  4. Social Media Career

Social Media Marketing: Strategy through Best Practice

Instagram Strategies for your Business

Finding an important social media strategy for Instagram is difficult enough, especially for young companies, self-employed individuals and startups. In today’s social media marketing mix, there is no longer just one important social network, but different platforms, with different advantages and disadvantages. While you can easily share up-to-the-minute information on Facebook, YouTube is popular for this short-term effect as well as for its long-term impact. Instagram is increasingly becoming a permanent advertising channel, Pinterest provides search engine placement and references to its own website, Twitter is for the press and Musically for the extremely young audiences. That many young social media managers are overwhelmed at this point is more than understandable.

Learning Best Practice Projects!

If you’re a social media manager, take a look at Best Practice Projects , content that works. Aristotle once said that we can only look so far because we are sitting on the backs of giants. That is, we learn from those who have done it before. From this we can draw conclusions and perhaps even avoid our own mistakes. Avoiding risks is ultimately not just the campaign but the whole company. To avoid this risks read here How to Schedule Instagram Posts: The Complete Guide.

Is LinkedIn the right platform for your job search?

Who has mastered the first strategies and feels more and more confident as a social media manager, who can someday also look for a job. Whether it is after the internship or after training or after starting in a smaller company and the desire to change professionally. But how do you actually get jobs as a social media manager? Social Media International today writes about five reasons why LinkedIn is the right platform for your job search.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a Career Network . This works in its principles as well as a social network, or Facebook. Only the focus of the network is on the professional career and the linking of business contacts. Instead of a timeline and girlfriend you have a timeline with CV. Here, strangers can directly see their own knowledge, which in turn can be confirmed by other users, but you can also in-depth information about the CV of the person and about the different steps in the professional life. Many big employers take a look at these profiles, so you often do not even have to actively advertise, but can wait for a headhunter to write you down because he wants to win you over for a big company. If you’re looking for a job now and want to become social media manager , here are five reasons to look for a job on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn also changed its design if you like to know the main changes, check this article Introducing the New LinkedIn User Interface by Top Dog Social Media blog.

Developing a Communication Strategy for Social Media Managers

As far as social media strategy is concerned, we already had 52 practical examples of how marketing works on social networks. In addition to the basic social media strategy, there are also various sub-areas that one must think of as an agency, startup and company. Among other things, this includes the communication strategy, that is, which content is actually communicated?

Career Profile of a Social Media Manager: Diversity

Social media strategy, communication strategy, what do you think about the extent of the social media manager job these days? In the past, the social media manager took care of everything, after all, there was only Facebook. Today, the job profile of social media manager is definitely more differentiated. How does one distinguish between the different social networks, but also between the different strategies modern? Is it about organic range or unpaid range? Is it about classic marketing, do we use influencer marketing, do we work cross-medially or just on a network, how do we produce content? Who is our target audience and how can we analyze it? At the very end, when we run a campaign, how do you monitor success? Questions about questions that a social media manager has to face in online marketing these days. That’s why the profession of social media manager today is much more diverse and no longer specialized in just one action or one skill. There are social media managers who are especially concerned with Facebook. Your entire day is Facebook. They run split test campaigns, create graphics for these AB tests, while others spend 3 months diligently planning an influencer campaign. Other social media managers only deal with content and others take over the photography and media work for Instagram. The bigger and more complex the company or the product range, the larger the social media management.

More highlights of the week from the most important German social media blogs we have here for you in the headlines!

Social Media Week: The news

Here you will find the recent social media usage worldwide.

Social Media One Blog

The recent headlines of Social Media One Blog are “Data scandal on Facebook / Cambridge Analytica and criticism of influencer marketing | Social Media Week” und “Musical.ly: Music Usage in Videos + 4 Tips for Social Media Managers”. Read more about the recent news:

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This week Dustn Blog shows new “Why You Need to Be at Social Media Marketing World 2018” and “Instagram Sizes and Dimensions 2018: Everything You Need to Know”. The recent headlines:

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New by Jenns Trends, this week “Where to Put Your Instagram Hashtags” and “Everything You Need to Know About the New Instagram Algorithm”. More new topics of the blog:

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New blog posts by Social Sorted we found today are “7 Powerful Social Quotes To Make You Think [+ Free Quote Video Storyboards]” and “5 Ways to Be Like These Wine Businesses Crushing Social Media Marketing”. Read more about the recent news:


This are the most recent headlines of Socialpubli like “Why You Should Incorporate Instagram Stories in Your Digital Marketing Strategy” and “Influencer Marketing: 4 advertising media that have been “dethroned””. More headlines:

Youtube Users Worldwide This Month

Today on the 18.04.2018 20:35:30 around1.481.844 people in New York (USA) are users of Youtube! Around 674.181 poeple in Los Angeles and 1.525.273 in London. How many Youtube useres does your city have?

City User Previous Growth
Shanghai 4.210.140 4.205.900 4.240
Beijing 3.734.432 3.730.671 3.761
Istanbul 2.434.254 2.431.803 2.451
Tokyo 2.345.516 2.343.154 2.362
Moscow 2.117.080 2.114.948 2.132
Seoul 1.769.951 1.768.168 1.782
London 1.525.273 1.523.738 1.536
New York 1.481.844 1.480.352 1.492
Rio de Janeiro 1.116.012 1.114.888 1.124
Singapore 960.684 959.717 967
Los Angeles 674.181 673.502 679
Cape Town 649.139 648.485 654
Yokohama 646.733 646.082 651
Berlin 610.503 609.888 615
Madrid 556.667 556.106 561
Rome 499.385 498.882 503
Dubai 497.362 496.861 501
Toronto 474.106 473.629 477
Taipei 469.490 469.017 473
Chicago 467.862 467.391 471
Paris 386.985 386.595 390
Montreal 286.299 286.011 288
Barcelona 278.495 278.215 280
Philadelphia 272.128 271.854 274
Kyoto 255.934 255.677 258
Munich 251.736 251.482 253
Milan 236.032 235.795 238
Dallas 228.747 228.516 230
Cologne 183.515 183.331 185