Social Analytics: Investor wanted for Social Media Software

Are you looking for a lucrative investment opportunity in software and social media analytics? Then you have come to the right place. With our Social Analytics Company we have revolutionized the world of instagram monitoring, analysis and price calculation for influencers. Every day we work on new solutions that do not yet exist in the world. Thus we have with our software a uniqueness, which one finds in few ranges. Online marketing and in particular social media marketing is becoming an increasingly important field for companies and brands, which also has ever higher investment rates in advertising budgets with over 20% annual growth. As one of the leading Instagram Social Analytics companies in software and online tools, we help thousands of companies worldwide gather information about their next influencer campaign or social media campaign.

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How is our Social Analytics Company structured?

We develop our social analytics software on the basis that we ourselves are active as an advertising agency and influencer agency. In Germany we work with the big Instagram Stars, but also with world champions from various fields. We have already worked with Instagram stars like Pamela Reif, one of the biggest Youtube stars in Germany. As an influencer and advertising agency, we therefore know exactly what needs each agency has for its customers in influencer marketing. Since there is no suitable software solution for the analysis and monitoring on Instagram gave, we set out to develop social analytics.

The interface for this are advertising agencies and social media agencies

Our company construct is initially optimized to gain reach. Our Instagram Price Calculator is a free platform where not only bloggers can get information about their own Instagram account, but also agencies and brands can get information about the prices and costs of influencers on Instagram. On the basis of statistical surveys and the comparison of values, we calculate a realistic price or a price range with which both parties, i.e. the agency and the influencer are satisfied. Through this reach generation, we can introduce our in-depth software to a wide audience. This is an interesting concept, especially for investors, as there is no need to invest further in gaining reach. With our Instagram price calculator, we are already one of the world’s leading sites today, attracting thousands of visitors every week. For a software already a strong ratio!

Investment in software

If you are looking for an interesting software product, as an investment for the future or as a short-term investment, then our Social Analytics Company is the right place for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we can talk about possible options after an examination.

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Further information about Social Media Software

Further information about our social media software can be found here:

Find influencers: Search engine for Instagram

Quickly and easily find the right influencer with a tool for Instagram? That’s it! Especially the search for cities and conurbations is important for Influencer Marketing. Because here focus the buyers who daily flow into the shops of the city center and suburbs. That’s why many people are looking for an Influencer tool for Instagram that will help them find the right bloggers quickly and easily. Of course the search must not be complicated, especially for patches and offers the search has to be fast. Social media managers are therefore dependent on good software to analyze and detect influencers.

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Influencer Search Engine: The Online Tool for Instagram

A simple Influencer search engine does not exist! I do now! Instagram belongs to Facebook. Facebook’s business model is data about users. If Facebook or Instagram were to make this data available so easily, the business model would no longer be exclusive to them. Other companies and enterprises could quickly settle down to steal their own programs from the data. Facebook or Instagram acts as an intermediary here and therefore keeps all data to itself. If you remember the data scandal of Cambridge Analytica, you will see what you can do with large amounts of data. In the course of the data affair and after Mark Zuckerberg’s hearings with senior US officials, access to the data was further restricted. Instead of thousands of hits again, only a few hundred per minute are now possible. Therefore companies, software in addition, most on-board systems cannot pull large quantities of data any more. Since Instagram has nearly a billion users, you’d have to update all of these profiles every day to get really meaningful values. With only 200 requests per minute, you can’t get that far in a day. Therefore, there is no exact analytics software for Influencer on Instagram. The best alternative to tracking Influencer on Instagram is therefore a search engine that is easy to use and our social analytics software.

Would you like access to our influenza search engine? Then read more about Social Analytics here

Instagram Analysis Online with a few clicks

Social Analytics can, of course, do much more! With our online tool you can perform instagram analysis online. It’s easy and convenient, from your notebook, tablet, desktop PC or smartphone. Our tool offers not only the online analysis for Instagram, but also the possibility to compare different influencers with each other and to create a list together. So you always have an overview of your current influencers, for different projects or campaigns. All important data is recorded for you, so you can see retrospectively what effects certain actions have.

Find influencers: Free of charge for users

Most influencer agencies as well as social media agencies still work in Excel lists. The individual influencers are collected here, with their channel ID, the individual URL but also the current followers and the current news. The data must be constantly updated, this costs a lot of time from employees and therefore a lot of money! Finding influencers is definitely not free of charge. For some campaigns it’s easy to save 97.98% time. Our tool offers so many advantages to your company. We also see in our consultations how much time can be saved in some agencies. Especially if one or two employees update data every day. After our online tool for influencer search was integrated into everyday agency life, these people were able to focus directly on more effective work.

Influencer database for exact search

Our current influencer database contains the profiles of over 400,000 individual persons. This gives them a huge selection of influencers to find not only in Germany, but also in Europe and worldwide. So far the search is focused on Germany, but they have protection access to many countries and cities in the world.

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Further information about Social Media Software

Further information about our social media software can be found here:

Influencers and Bloggers in Pitch: Marketing Aspects for Presentations – Social Media Analysis

For pitches with customers or for projects for investors or potential financiers, the analysis of social media is becoming more and more important because they are a decisive part of marketing. Whether it’s cooperation with the blogger or influencer and their instagram channel analysis or the channels of the competition and our potential in the market, numbers and facts should not be missing at your next pitch.

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What’s a pitch?

Larger projects are usually advertised so that several potential cooperation partners can apply for the job. The various participants then present their concept in a presentation and introduce it. There are different types of pitches and different situations.

Pitches in advertising agencies: how the presentation works

Especially for creative ideas, large companies and firms like to draw on the expertise of several agencies. No matter if it’s an advertising film, a creative online campaign or a viral social media campaign. For all these marketing methods you always need good ideas. Since tastes are different, even the best ideas often do not reach the customer, just as often there are bad ideas of which one is not really convinced. It is therefore advantageous to invite several cooperation partners to a pitch. Here they present their concepts in a short and clear presentation. What ideas and strategies are behind our concept? What does the media package look like? What goals have we set ourselves and what success do we expect? All this is presented in a pitch.

As a rule, there is a certain budget for the development of such a detailed pitch. Such an advertising agency pitch is often worthwhile, because behind them stand big jobs. If then only three or four agencies are allowed to contribute their ideas, after all, most pitches are paid and you can’t commission infinite agencies, you have realistic chances to win the tender.

In addition to all the success factors and key figures, such as the potential sales volume, there are usually figures that provide information about reach and performance. This is where social analytics comes into play and the ability to view Instagram channels in detail. Not only in competition analyses to position yourself in competition, but also for advertising and promotion by bloggers or influencers. Presenting meaningful numbers and statistical values here naturally helps immensely.

Pitches for investors: preparation for start ups

Investors would also like a detailed presentation of the project at their pitches. As a rule, it is a matter of gathering the necessary capital for a new company. Anyone who provides capital wants to get his return. The return prospects for an investor are made clear in a pitch by the entrepreneur. Here, too, reach plays a particularly important role, because the more people learn about us, the more people may buy our product. The analysis in social networks, especially the big ones like Instagram, plays more and more an important role for investors because they make their decision based on numbers and data, of course also out of faith in the entrepreneur, but in the end the numbers must always be correct.

Social Analytics helps analyze the followers of bloggers and influencers for Instagram so you can provide meaningful data about the potential of your project. But they can also use statistics and diagrams as well as CSV exports, if necessary, to prove how their growth can be calculated in a well-founded way. Instagram plays so many industries that deal with the private business to people in the first league. Almost a billion people distract themselves several times a day with a glance at Instagram. Brands that create a presence here benefit from incredible reach that founders could not have imagined ten years ago. At that time, you had to buy reach through expensive campaigns, for startups it was usually the flyer and the distribution in the city center, very large companies place advertisements in newspapers at high prices. If you have a large number of fans behind you on Instagram today, you will get this range every day for free. With every Like that is distributed and with every new comment, new people who follow the people who have interacted with us see our contributions. This enables us to generate organic growth.

3 Tips for your first presentation on a pitch

Here we have three practical tips for your first pitch presentation.

Hold tight #1

Investors are often from the same industry but do not have the same depth that you have for your project. So you should bring in the important key figures but not get too deeply into the individual processes. For example, when pitching a software application, you should look at the benefits to users, the uniqueness and differentiation from the competition, and the key growth and return figures. It doesn’t matter which office furniture you buy or whether you choose Mac or Windows computers.

Demonstrate your presentation plainly #2

If you use too many colors or too many animations, you’ll quickly look playful. Most investors prefer to see good old Excel lists. Here are clear facts and figures, provable, calculable, calculable. Your presentation should be structured in the same way, avoid all kinds of bells and whistles and stick to the clear information. Avoid too much colour play, animations or any form of sound. Many want to show through animation that you are creative, but investors are looking for people who can calculate well themselves.

Take your audience with #3

If you inspire your audience, even if it’s just a few people, then you’ve already achieved a lot. Most people who invest in a project do not invest directly in the hard figures but also to a large extent in the trust in the respective cooperation partner. So if you manage to communicate your own idea with enthusiasm right from the start, you will often get enthusiasm back. On the one hand, it helps to use small techniques, e.g. to expand oneself again shortly before the presentation, so that one does not enter the room tiredly, up to looking at the people with whom one speaks. As a rule, you will always find a person who is relatively benevolent towards you. Grab this person, but don’t forget the others, look into your eyes, get confirmation and feedback. Maybe you’re even lucky and this person is the one who is decisive, who gives the yes or no in the end. It is important not to be closed, be enthusiastic and show that you love your product yourself.

Social Analytics blogger and influencer data

If you have internalized all these abilities, then you will definitely get your pitch through the stage well! If you want to bring in facts and figures from influencers in your next pitch, no matter in front of a client for your advertising agency or in front of an investor, then we recommend that you focus on two examples. Especially older people, with whom you are often confronted, are not Instagram users. You don’t know Kim or Khloe Kardashian. As a rule, you should only show a profile picture, the coverage of the last 15 posts you can take from Social Analytics, and maybe a single photo so you can see how the person looks, looks, and style. After all, it makes a difference whether we have a sporty blogger, a food blogger or a fashion blogger. Just like our 3 tips for effective pitch, our recommendation is always keep it simple!

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Further information about Social Media Software

Further information about our social media software can be found here:

Profiles and Accounts: How to Calculate the Value of Influencer – Social Media Analysis

With Social Analytics, Instagram profile analysis of bloggers and instagramers becomes so easy. No full Excel spreadsheets with hundreds of values and thousands of lines, no yellow backgrounds, no green backgrounds, no large or small characters, all in one software.

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Instagram Profile Analysis: How to calculate the value

With Social Analytics, companies, the self-employed and employees can quickly and easily check the accounts of bloggers. The online tool provides all important information and media data of the last 15 relevant postings. The data can be used, for example, to quickly and easily determine how many Likes an image gets on average, how many comments and how high the average interaction or engagement rate is. This assessment allows you to quickly and easily compare multiple Instagram profiles with each other.

For brands in particular, influencer analysis in the run-up to every promotional order is an important indicator and quality feature. Nowadays you can buy Likes but also Follower for a few dollars on the Internet. Exactly for this reason one must have as Social Media manager or assigned agency a precise view on the data which are available.

Influencer analysis: Does the blogger fit to our company?

The analysis of the Instagram accounts does not only deal with the likes, comments and the interaction rate but also with the media itself. Do the photos and videos from our desired Instagram Blogger match our look and corporate identity for larger companies? In order to get an answer to this visual question, Social Analytics also displays the last photos and videos of bloggers. Not only do you have the statistical data, but you can also present the blogger’s photo and video recording to your supervisor or customer at any time.

The bigger bloggers become on Instagram, the more likely you are to create a YouTube channel as well. This is why Social Analytics also includes Crossmedia Search, which once again explicitly focuses on the search on YouTube. If there is video content created by our blogger or that deals with our blogger, it will be displayed in the Cross Media Search. The videos can then be clicked and played directly.

Follower Analysis Instagram: Investigate interaction

As described before, Social Analytics allows you to analyze the behavior of a blogger’s followers on Instagram. In particular, it is a matter of measuring the potential. If we book a blogger today, how much reach would he be able to generate for us, how much do I like about it so there would be direct interaction for this photo or video and what about the comments, how many can we expect? The individual parameters vary greatly depending on the campaign. In the end, the idea must always be right. However, raffles, for example, have an extreme influence on the amount of comments. As a rule, 8 to 10 times as many comments as on normal postings are given for such lottery calls.

So that you can recognize such jumps and deflections quickly and easily, all data of the followers are also displayed in a diagram. In this statistical diagram you can see whether the blogger has generated a constant reach, or whether there are rashes caused, for example, by such a sweepstakes. If you should register a rash in a diagram, you can move the mouse over the respective statistic and see which number the posting had. You will find the media content directly below the statistical values and diagrams. Here you can simply look up which photo or video it is because unusually much interaction has happened.

This allows analyses to be made of the followers on Instagram for media as well as pitches for customers.
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Further information about Social Media Software

Further information about our social media software can be found here:

Successes and key figures in monitoring: Instagram – Social Media Analysis

For companies, agencies and brands, monitoring on social networks such as Instagram is particularly important when working with bloggers and influencers. Monitoring is concerned with measuring the success of projects. If we commission a person on Instagram to advertise our brand, they will publish a photo or video in which our brand or product appears. To evaluate the success, we need monitoring tools with which we can check on Instagram how many Likes have brought the images published due to purchased placement. Let’s have a look at monitoring in detail.

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Monitoring of influencers and postings on Instagram

Let’s look at a best practice example to explain the function of monitoring in a simple and understandable way. We commission ten different bloggers for our new promotion campaign in summer. These 10 bloggers are supposed to integrate our soft drinks into their stories or postings. How you do that is largely up to you. Of course, a few parameters for the release were determined in advance. For example, the product must be legible by name or there must be a link in the description. Also, our brand must be marked on photos with the existing Instagram account.

If our promotion campaign for the summer now starts and 10 influencers publish different amounts of postings, we have to give our customers, superiors or ourselves a stagger which blogger has brought the most success and which bloggers have less conversion. Conversion describes the relationship between viewing and buying. For example, if out of 10,000 people who have seen a posting, 100 people buy a product, then we have a conversion of one percent. In Instagram Monitoring we have to find out exactly how many Likes there were, how many comments but also how many sales. The Instagram Monitoring around reach, likes and comments as well as the total amount of interactions related to the individual blogger can be read out of Analytics very well.

Present Successes and Key Figures

Through the monitoring results which can be read out with our social media software from the individual profiles, compiled and graphically displayed, you can also present results and successes wonderfully to customers. In most campaigns it is important at the end of the day to have proof of what success has been achieved. Ideally you can track links that are used by bloggers and influencers. Unfortunately, tracking links is not that easy, especially on Instagram. Why is that?

Instagram Social Media Tracking Software

Links are displayed on Instagram but are not clickable for the user. In contrast to Facebook or YouTube, where you can place a link in which you can track the sales results exactly, i.e. follow them up, Instagram doesn’t work here. The only option you have is to place a link within an Instagram Story. But this is only possible with a certain number of followers.

Therefore, the monitoring on instagram works the same way as described above. As a rule, the interactions are counted and at least a conclusion can be drawn as to how successful a campaign was. For large companies in particular, it is not always just about sales figures but also about the actual reach and brand awareness. Brand awareness also plays a major role in everyday life, especially when you are in a large online shop or in a large supermarket and are faced with a flood of offers. Of course one remembers gladly and much more simply a previously advertised product. The big advantage of this brand awareness is that users also become aware of the respective brand in other sales outlets. Once a brand has established itself or established itself as a favourite brand, it is difficult to imagine it as being gone again. That’s why social media campaigns often don’t just depend on sales, but also on all interactions and the increasing brand awareness through such a promotion on Instagram.

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Further information about Social Media Software

Further information about our social media software can be found here:

Content Spinning for Social Bots: Comment Spinner Tool

Today we want to look at a very special topic, precisely it is about content spinning. Content spinning, quite simply explained, deals with forming meaningful sentences from various variables. For example, we have a variable that looks simplified as follows:

  • {A|B|C}

The results:

  • A or
  • B or
  • C

From this variable we can generate different texts with a content spinning software, which appear to the reader again and again, because no text is like the other. Most advertising agencies use such tools to drive their search engine optimization. Content spinning is a hot topic, especially when it comes to SEO, i.e. the advancement of websites in search engine placement. But content spinning can also be used for social media marketing! Let us therefore take a direct look at best practice.

Social Media Bots and Comments

We have already reported about different social media software tools. Of course also via social media bots, e.g. Instazood and Combin, two programs with which you can assign automatic likes, follow other users, but also comment. The comments can be set in the social media bots. Our social media bot will then automatically go to thematically relevant profiles, e.g. if we are a fashion company, probably to people who are also interested in fashion. This can be set by #filter, as we have already described in the articles, and there the social media bot makes comments.

Why does a social media bot add comments to other profiles? Interaction is a very important feature for the ranking of individual profiles in social networks. The more often you interact and the more frequently other users interact with us, the more valuable the social media channel looks for the algorithm of the operators. Whether YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, who often gets clicked, rises to the top. So how do we get clicked often? How do we increase our range? The trick with a social media bot is very simple. By posting comments, users become aware of our social media account. They will answer what their friends may see and of course others who visit their social media channel and have not yet followed them. Different participants in a social network see our profile and the interaction we have with the user.

Use emoticons for more interaction

Emoticons are particularly suitable for expressing feelings quickly and easily, but also complex facts. However, emoticons are particularly well suited for simply transporting emotions! For example, we can post a smiling smiley under Photos, this smiling smiley usually fits in any case. However, there are also risks, e.g. one should be careful with hearts or kissing smileys. If you post a kissing smiley as a male fashion brand under a bodybuilder’s photo, for example, this can be misinterpreted. It would be even worse, for example, with children’s photos. Therefore, when choosing your comments, you have to be careful that they are so general that they do not offend anyone.

Spinning comments for more reach

Let’s now connect both worlds, add comments for more reach in social networking and spinning. In social media bots like Instazood, you can place a spun text in the text field under the Comments menu item. Our spun text ensures that new content is constantly being created. Here is a small, simplified example:

  • {This is|It is} {|going to be }{awesome|amazing}
  • {{This is|It is} {|going to be }|It{ will|} be{| pretty }}{awesome|amazing}
    then deeper…
  • {{This is|It is} {|going to be }|It{ will|’s gonna} be{| pretty{| interesting{,| and}} }}{awesome|amazing}{| {at the same time|{|{earn a lot of money|gain a lot of {|organic }traffic{| and rankings}} }every {day|minute|hour|week}}}
    and deeper…

We can now export our text or the social media bot exports it independently and then posts it under the media content of other people. Every single person gets a new text, unique and individual! Keep in mind that our example is even simpler, of course content spinning can be much more complex.

  • It is awesome
  • This is going to be amazing
  • or… It’s gonna be pretty interesting and awesome

In the next step, we add individual smileys to our spinning so that our comment output is even more individual. The result looks like this:

  • So awesome 😄
  • Really amazing 😃 girl

This way you can avoid sending the same comment or emoji all the time. This makes it look much more organic, i.e. more humane, for users.

Why are some social media agencies spinning comments?

In principle, the use of social media bots always carries the risk of being warned or punished by social network operators. After all, as a platform operator you want the users to be real, because you live from the advertising revenues of your customers. However, if most interaction on social networks is done by computer programs, the advertising prices are no longer so high. The higher the interaction rate of computer software programs, the less advertising space is worth, so simple is the bill. Therefore, social networks strive to prevent interactions through software programs and to keep the platform organic, as just described, human. Anyone who uses a social media bot goes as you run the risk of being punished.

Social media operators use algorithms to determine such conspicuous behavior. For example, if a person who has been doing maybe only ten likes per week for two years suddenly delivers 100 likes per hour over a long period of time and without a break, this is noticeable. The same applies to comments. For example, if the default setting in a social media bot is “like it” and your company posts this comment under 1,000 photos every day, it is noticeable. By modifying the comments with content spinning tools, the comments are more diverse and individual and therefore more humane. This reduces the risk of being punished by social media bots.

Social Media Betreuung Prominente & VIPs: Kommentare, Kooperationen und Verträge

Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, not only the big names of this world don’t look after their Insta Channel alone, also German big bloggers are no one-man army but work with a team. The care of the own Social Media channel usually does not take place thereby any longer by the prominent person but by employees or the management. This is especially about coping with the high number of likes, comments and inquiries. But what else does the celebrity do when posting on social networks? Let’s take a look today at the care of social networks of celebrities and VIPs.

Three principles of cooperation:

  • trust and closeness
  • Content and content selection
  • preserve personality and immediacy

Three aspects of cooperation:

  • time savings through comments and interaction
  • contracts and negotiations
  • Cooperations and media partnerships

Discretion is everything in VIP support

What makes social networks successful is, in particular, the close social bond with one’s own fans. What counts most is the direct connection. When I send a comment, the celebrity I like will probably read and answer myself. Of course, the same applies to other interactions with the stars’ fan pages. The interaction with the fans is important. The feeling of a direct encounter must of course not be lost by the support of an agency or by management. The constant flow of information is also a challenge for the respective agency. The respective celebrity experiences a lot at his age, of course, not only through productions but also through events and, of course, also private life, e.g. with friends and families, but also nightlife, e.g. in bars or clubs. It is really difficult to capture and present all these moments in the social media, especially with the amount of information that is generated every day. On point number 3 is essential in cooperation, trust and trust again. When editing comments, replies and postings, e.g. when the celebrity is on holiday, does not have permanent access to the Internet, the artist must be able to rely completely on the management.

These are the 3 essential and important points in the treatment of social interaction by an agency, it is about the continuance of the emotional connection and the direct communication, for the fans. But it is also about coping with a constant flood of information, the selection and selection of which must be done quickly. When publishing content and interacting with fans, you also need to be able to fully rely on the agency. If all these three points are fulfilled, nothing stands in the way of a successful cooperation!

Comments and answers by personal Social Media Manager

The highest time savings in social media are offered by agencies by the kids each answer of comments. Fans feel valued when their opinions are heard. If a direct contact of the celebrity, e.g. the management, reacts to comments, this can only have a positive effect on the entire interaction. The higher the interaction on a social channel, the higher it is classified by the algorithms of the platform operators. That’s why it’s important to keep the interaction the same during growth. With 1,000 fans this is of course still feasible, maybe even with 10,000 but at the latest from 100,000 fans it is really work to look after your own social channel. If you work not only on one platform as well as Instagram or YouTube but mix platforms and work cross-media, the work multiplies accordingly. That’s why many influencers and bloggers rely on management throughout their careers, not only for managing answers and comments, but also for further development and for the entire world of customers, for negotiating and drafting contracts for usage rights. The most important thing, however, is to save time so that you can concentrate fully on your own postings. If a large part of the comments, e.g. 98%, can already be covered by a trusted third party, it helps the celebrity to optimize their own time management. The remaining 2% of the comments are very special and will only be answered after consultation with the respective blogger, influencer, celebrity or star. Through the frequent answers of the management or the person of trust, the own knowledge about the many details of the life of the celebrities grows. That’s why answers are becoming more and more targeted and the celebrity saves more work each week and month and can thus fully concentrate on his actual job.

The help with comments by an agency does not reduce the own interaction with the fans. Of course you have a look at your own comments and fans in the morning, at noon and in the evening, and often in between. Especially the community is very important to bloggers but also to celebrities. In the end, they are the basis for success!

Brand Ambassadors and Ambassadors, Negotiations and Contracts

Whoever concentrates the whole day on his actual job and occupation often has little time left to worry about contracts or offers. Every customer request is work again, every offer is work, in the end perhaps only one in 10 customers will confirm this offer. It is not possible for many celebrities to invest a week’s work in it now. Not only the time aspect plays a role for many celebrities, but also the experience and expertise of agencies and management are consulted. You have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating contracts for brand ambassadors, for various media, from print to visual or moving image, digital, advertising or even without advertising. Likewise it concerns the different countries, one is only in Germany, only regionally, in the entire German-speaking area, several European countries or also world-wide or only punctually world-wide in individual countries, e.g. the USA, Russia and Germany. All these aspects have to be taken into account in every single contract negotiation and therefore many celebrities rely on their management.

Not only the relatively dry contract negotiations belong to it, also creatively concepts. If, for example, campaigns are developed for YouTube or Instagram, it is always necessary to have a creative mind that summarizes the ideas, forms a central theme and visually forms a visible concept for the customer and the celebrity that is easy and quickly understandable. Such negotiations, including the concept, can last a month, two months or even three months. Throughout the negotiations you have to stay on the ball, but also keep in touch with customers and attend many meetings.

Partnerships and cooperations with companies for Instagram, Youtube & Co.

The content on the social networks must offer something special every day. 1 or 2 postings on Instagram and of course five or six stories a day. You always need a good location, exciting events or great experiences. The organization of such opportunities takes a lot of time and requires a large network in which one has many contacts that provide one opportunity. If you are a celebrity visiting Jerusalem, for example, you need appropriate locations and possibilities here, as well as parties but also events and networking. These should also have the appropriate quality and the visual, high-quality should always be maintained. Combining these different aspects to form a concept for cooperations and partnerships, not only as brand ambassadors but also, as here, through win win situations, e.g. by participating in high-quality events but also the press and other celebrities and youtube, if you yourself are youtube or other Instagram stars if you are active on Instagram. The range of different fields of activity in the field of cooperation and partnerships is so diverse that it takes a good network of many years to bring the various actors together. Then for each individual concept and for each individual visit you need not only the added value for your own celebrity but also the respective added value for the host.

Let’s summarize once again how the work between a social media agency and a celebrity works best.

Three Principles of Collaboration: Trust, Content, and Personality

At the beginning of the article we talked about the fundamental cooperation, the trust, the coping with all the information but also the maintenance of the personal connection, which is the special highlight for the fans in social networks.

Three aspects of collaboration: time saving, contracts and collaborations

The most important aspect is the time saving through interaction, with fans but also with potential opponents of your own channel. The many answers, comments and feedback help the celebrities to concentrate on their own job. In addition, contract negotiations as well as creative concepts have to be planned for advertising partners. The offers, but also the final strategies. Number three is the establishment of possible cooperations and partnerships with other celebrities, bloggers but also brands or locations.

Good social media agencies combine these three principles and the three aspects of collaboration. So you can develop together and build a working system as a blogger or celebrity, with which you can pursue your real passion 100% further and have a partner at your side, who focuses on the commercial and creative aspects.

Social Media Design – Graphic design of a creative agency: Best Practice

Social media designs of a creative agency promote the look (the’image’) of a company. Modern graphic design increases the interaction with the users and thus the profit – whether registration, sale of the establishment of contact. If you want to keep your social media concept lean, you can rely on Instagram, especially with young target groups. With extensions (crossmedia) to Facebook (ads) and Youtube (embedding on blog, partners and press). Today we want to give an insight into what a modern PR concept looks like. Here in best practice of an event. Here are the key data:

  • Model castings for international model agency parallel to Fashion Week
  • Location (first class) above the rooftops of Berlin (House Of Weekend)
  • Opportunity for agency contract and international clients
  • Target group: Female (70%) aged 15-22; Male (30%) aged 16-25

Finished design for Instagram posting and story

This is what the finished animated GIFs look like, which will later be converted to MP4 to be compatible with Instagram.

Instagram Story: Design incl. Swipe (Link) Note

The “Swipe up” function is used to gather information. By wiping with a finger on the smartphone, users can access the link directly. It opens in the browser of the smartphone. Learn more about advertising on Instagram: Stories.

Instagram Posting: Design for channel and advertising

The following graphic is a little smaller in size than the story – why is that? Instagram specifies certain dimensions. Stories are theoretically an inverted HD screen:

  • HD screen: 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high
  • HD screen: 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high
  • Smartphone: 1080 pixels wide x 1920 pixels high

With this you have used the full screen in the graphic design and the user does not see any annoying edges. For postings in the instagram channel or in the timeline we use a smaller version, which fits perfectly into the news.

Another advantage is the use of graphics for advertising on Instagram by the ad manager. Here we achieve additional reach through our lookalike audience.

Graphic design: Creative agency with an eye for style

As you can see in the following screenshot, the development of such a graphic design for Instagram (also Facebook, Youtunbe & Co.) in the high-end area is a complex matter that requires the experience and expertise of the media manager:

Next: Advertisements and Cross Social Media

The basis, our key data, the strategy, the concept, now it goes to the range! We use a mix of ads (Instagram and Facebook) and a youtube video for embedding in the blog and for the press.

Advertising on Instagram and Facebook

The graphics are now used for the ads after being posted and collecting first organic interactions from fans. Since the promotion is also about people who have not yet interacted with the model agency, the reach is extended by additional, purchased reach. As a social media agency, you pay strict attention to click prices when it comes to effectiveness. An example:

  • Campaign A: Instagram, Video, 14-24 years, female, Berlin (+20km) reaches a CPC (Costs per click) of 0.38 EUR
  • Campaign B: Instagram, Image, 14-24 Years, female, Berlin (+20km) reaches a CPC (Costs per click) of 0.61 EUR
  • Campaign C: Facebook, Video, 16-25 years, female, Berlin (+20km) reaches a CPC (Costs per click) of 0.25 EUR
  • Campaign D: Facebook, Picture, 16-25 years, female, Berlin (+20km) reaches a CPC (Costs per click) of 0.59 EUR

Here we would clearly opt for Campaign C with a click price of 0.25 EUR when it comes to Facebook and at Instagram we opt for the video campaign A. Advertisements are tested and, depending on success, cancelled or equipped with more budget.

Facebook Event: Use Network + Recommendations

Facebook is a great place to work with events. Facebook is happy about good events and plays them off relatively well compared to normal postings. Events are an excellent place to collect prospective customers. This way you can constantly share information about the event but also provide questions and answers. Many advantages, the event can also be advertised and thus higher conversions are achieved by direct click.

Gepostet von Cocaine Models am Sonntag, 24. Juni 2018

Youtube video for embedding for blog and press

Pictures say more than a thousand words – how much does a good video say? We use additional, small social media video clips for Youtube for many campaigns. The reason is simple: there is a lot of information that can be perceived by the user through video. Much more than a picture can do and much, much more than a text can do. Videos are interesting and by the modern content management systems, which are used by publishers in addition, Blogger and enterprises, video are simply divisible. Such a YouTube video is simply embedded and users can click on the video. Here is an example of a small, fast video for the promotion:

Intermediate conclusion: Social media needs creativity and concept

Social media strategies only work if several factors come together. Structure alone is not enough. Design alone is not enough. Social media managers need a feeling for fans and followers, but also for the system, structure and of course the selection of media and social networks, so that the concept remains slim for the customer and the performance is right.

Practical tips for a lean campaign: graphics, time & money

Graphic design for social media sounds like a relatively simple story to many people, but the conception is very complex. Social media live from ensuring a constant flow of information from us as a company to consumers. Constant information, transparent insights but also current news that are relevant for our fans. The greatest difficulty in graphic design for social media, however, lies in the daily preparation of new content. Those who also work cross-medially, i.e. across networks between Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or social platforms such as Pinterest, constantly need new content, which in turn is prepared differently for the individual social networks.

Graphic design for Facebook

On Facebook alone, there are countless opportunities for us to work with media. The simplest form is text, but you can add emoticons, links or quotes to the text. The next step is about photos, sounds simple, but is also complex. What is our strategy? Do we have models who are photographed by a photo shoot that takes place at regular intervals to provide new material? Do we have a design concept because we don’t rely on human characters but on graphic elements? Do we use drawings or minimalist styles? The planning of a photo shoot or the concept for a corporate design concept alone, which can then be applied to all social media, even with several graphic designers, takes time. Basically, however, it always needs a good address, which consists of:

  • Text and wording
    Important: Never use slang or colloquial language. Statistically, people migrate to’flabby’ formulations
  • Emoticons say more than a thousand words
  • link to the online shop or to further information
  • More possibilities: Quotations, questions, discussions, etc.

Producing or designing photos: Stylish or optimized?

If we now combine text and photo into one element, then we already have another form, information graphics. So we don’t just make graphics or beautiful photos, but also edit them further, e.g. with text information or also with icons or arrows and circles. This enables us to provide the user with much faster visual access to the information. e.g. by the text hint, arrows or circles mentioned above. If text is placed, how much at all?

Note different formats and dimensions for end devices

If we also plan advertisements on Facebook, we have to be a little cautious with the text content, because purely from the interaction, we should renounce text shares. Facebook ads make the process even more complex, as different graphics have to be created for the different end devices, e.g. notebooks or smartphones. As shown above, each individual social network, but also each end device, uses certain formats. So if we make a posting that is to be launched as an advertisement at a later date, we have to pay attention to it.

If you want to save budget and place a cheap ad, you can work with a square here, for example. The square can be placed nicely on Instagram as well as on Facebook. In the next step we come to an even more complex form of content: videos.
video content for Facebook and Instagram

Not only are videos much more complex to produce, the content must also be adapted to the social network. On Facebook, for example, most video content is initially played without sound. But if there is no sound available to us and it first has to be switched on by the user, caution barrier (!), then we already have to place elements in our video, as well as text, arrows or circles, which exactly point out the advantages to the user. We do not have long time, such a video ad on Facebook, whether organic or through an ad, should not take longer than 30 seconds. Depending on the product, 15 seconds or if it is about image, no matter if for a company or an NGO, also one minute. The lengths are therefore variable depending on the projects and target group.

All these aspects must be considered before the media production, after that comes the booking of the videograph, the video editing but also the acceptance and certain change loops. That’s how complex content planning and production for Facebook can be!

Content Tips for Instagram: Faster Media

How do Facebook and Instagram differ in their approach? Facebook has older users and many users on notebooks and desktops. Here the content and information is often even more detailed, because the individual user gives the content one or two seconds more time – than with Instagram. In addition, text fade-ins are shown immediately. Instagram is much faster here, the timeline lives on many photos and fast likes.

Texts are not placed very prominently and are only partially displayed. It is not possible to set links in the classic postings, only in the Instagram Stories. So our content for Instagram needs to be simpler and deliver the USP that differentiates us from the competition. Products and ideas must therefore be placed relatively prominently, i.e. directly visually perceptible.

That’s why the complexity for Instagram is a little easier than for Facebook (faster production). We don’t have to think about the different devices, because Instagram is used via tablets and smartphones, desktop and notebook are usually omitted. The user group is very special, young and mostly trendy.

Facebook cost-effective, content and ads

As shown in our example above, this best practice is a great way to learn how to make a simple ad.

Theoretically you only need the basic knowledge in Photoshop, which you can learn here on YouTube, some creativity and stockfotos. From this you create a graphic, which then becomes an animation with a few changes. In our Best Practice design example, for example, it is the font that appears: We, want, you! Through animation and movement, our content is much better perceived by users. We do not need any elaborate productions, no photo shoot but also no video production. All we need is our notebook, Photoshop and creativity.

Mobile First: Think of your audience

Most of today’s traffic is generated via mobile devices, so it is worth focusing the ads on square formats or on upright. If you also place advertisements, you can quickly make changes here in the Photoshop file to e.g. make an AB test to find the more effective graphics. The exported GIF file can then be easily converted to a MP4 file, which can be easily published on Instagram and Facebook.

Here once again the differences in the dimensions (pixels):

  • Smartphone: 1080 pixels wide x 1920 pixels high
  • classic HD screen: 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high

Social Media Agency for Graphics, Design, Strategy & Performance

If you are looking for a Social Media Agency , which brings all this experience and expertise with it, just as always has new developments in mind, packs them into new concepts for you and develops strategies for the future, then you are exactly right with us. Our experts are happy to help your company with their experience and know-how in the further development of your social media. Social commerce is playing an increasingly important role and the possibilities of image building and public relations in social media are also on a completely new level. Direct contact with customers not only helps in service, but also in product development and of course in sales – most important.

Advertisements in Instagram Stories: Corporate Advertising

Advertise even more effectively on Instagram? On Instagram you can not only advertise with a posting but also play advertising in the Instagram Stories. Today we want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such an Instagram Story ad. Like to see a real campaign? Check out this Instagram ads design best practice. But first, the question,

What is an instagram story?

Social networks usually have the possibility to capture special moments in the form of text, photos or videos. These postings are then collected in a timeline. This timeline contains all important moments and postings. On Facebook, this is a stream in which the various contents are displayed one below the other. Instagrams focus is on photos and small videos. On Instagram, these photos and videos appear in three columns next to each other. No matter how, the latest content is always in first place. Such a posting is eternal to watch, if it is not deleted by the user. Accordingly, bloggers put a lot of effort into creating such postings. Every photo has to fit, the post-processing but also the pose. With decoration and location, such a small Instagram photo shoot takes two or three hours.

This relatively high production effort makes it difficult to publish a lot of content. At some point Instagram wanted to set itself apart from the other social networks and came up with ways to make small stories possible. This idea actually came from the provider Snapchat, whose contents are always available for 24 hours. After 24 hours the photos and videos disappear automatically. This form of information transfer brings with it completely new ideas, ways and possibilities.

Stories accompany the everyday life of bloggers

Many are not only interested in the individual photos or videos of Blogger but also want to see the life behind it. How does my blogger actually live? What’s he doing in private? What are their hobbies? What will she experience today and what will she experience tomorrow? All these questions can now be answered in a small story. Stories are, so to speak, a multimedia form of the diary. The diary for the fans or followers can be seen for 24 hours. Who wants can accompany all too the everyday life of its favorite Blogger.

How many stories does a blogger post per day from experience?

According to our experience, experienced bloggers publish 5 to 8 such little stories per day. Often you start your story in the morning, e.g. in bed to greet your fans and wish them a good morning. Then it goes on e.g. with the breakfast or with the styling for the day. Next, you sit in the car or in the taxi, and inform your fans about the planning for the day. Afterwards you might go to the first event or a fashion boutique, immediately make another small selfie video and take your fans with you. That’s exactly what a story is, we see what our idols and role models exaggerate the day.

Stories are based on the very classical principle of well-known people and the people who follow them. Different questions arise for different target groups. Some want to know what everyday life is like, others may accompany their diet. Everyone has their own interests.

As a typical Instagram Star you can also give much more background information in the stories than in photos. Since bloggers on Instagram in particular work mainly with photos and not just video material, there are of course few messages that can be conveyed. Even if it is said that a picture says more than a thousand words, it is still important to interact with words. That’s what most Instagram Stars do with comments. Instagram Stories have become an essential part and are now of course also usable for companies from experience with the advertising possibilities.

What does an Instagram Story ad look like?

When users look at stories, start the stories of the day with one click. Either you see the most recent stories of the people you are following or the most recent stories of a certain person. So when you get the general news channel, you see stories from different bloggers. Ads are placed between the different stories. The ads should look as authentic as the bloggers’ stories. The big advantage in social media is the closeness, you should also look for this in your story, especially I’m talking about human contact. Pure advertisements with text do not work, we need the human touch. A story should not take long and get to the heart of the message relatively quickly.

What does an example Instagram Story video look like?

If you think of a typical video from a story, it will most likely be 8 to 10 seconds long. A human person will say or do something that will quickly attract attention. This can be e.g. a crazy dance, e.g. a current YouTube trend that is recorded. But the person can also say something crazy, so that you have direct attention. Packaged products that can be unpacked quickly also work. In any case, you should get to the core message very quickly. Ideally, the advertised product should also be used immediately.

Can links be placed in the advertisements?

In the Instagram Stories, you can access additional information by wiping up on the mobile phone screen. For example, you can place links to a website or an online shop. You can also add products from the Facebook or Instagram Shop. Since Instagram is part of Facebook, you first have to set up an online shop on Facebook. Once you have done this and both were able to link Facebook and Instagram, you can also link products directly in photos and videos. How long has Instagram not offered a direct link feature, but with the new ad options, advertising on Instagram is more and more worthwhile. As a social media agency, we are happy to recommend this method to our clients in Berlin and other cities.

At Price – How much do Instagram Ads cost?

The cost of Instagram advertising varies greatly and may or may not be more effective depending on the campaign setting. The costs vary between 0.02 € and 14.00 €.

Why does advertising work so well in Instagram Stories?

If you are under 30 years old, you should understand the concept of Instagram Stories relatively quickly and the emotional power you have while viewing stories of your favorite bloggers or idols. When you’re over 30, you can imagine a story in something like a TV show, short and crisp in a celebrity magazine. Here the whole day is described within 30 or 40 seconds and in between, for 5 to 8 seconds, your display appears in exactly the same look. However, there is no big indication before that it is an advertisement. The story simply runs between the other posts, without any conspicuous marking. At first glance, it is indistinguishable from the stories for the user and is therefore perceived with the same emotional strength as the bloggers’ contributions.

Placing one’s own brand is therefore so clever and offers itself very well as a new form or strategy in social media marketing. For companies and enterprises our Social Media Agency therefore offers suitable concepts for the strategic creation but also for the creation and production of content, small videos, with emotionalizing effect. We are your contact for all questions!