Like – Facebook Like Button

The term Like was introduced as a synonym for Facebook to indicate that you like a particular post or medium. The like button was introduced directly with the start of the social network Facebook.

I like Button Extension

Meanwhile, the Facebook I like button has been supplemented by some additional functions. Due to the many requests of the users and also due to Facebook’s constant will to expand, it was decided at some point to add more emotions. So now you can express anger about something, joy, amusement and laughter, as well as finding something boring, besides the expression I like. Thus against Facebook also the initial discussion from the way, in addition to the Like Button, as the term is called in English, to introduce a Dislike Button. Dislike is the English term for something you don’t like.

I like button for websites and shops

If you like to embed a button on your website or in the online shop, you can do so with just a few clicks. This is how you set up the Facebook Like button for your website:

Know already? Facebook as “Hot or Not” principle

The first basic use of Facebook was to rate students based on their photos from the yearbook. Mark Zuckerberg, then a young student, developed the platform so that everyone could evaluate everyone. Hot or Not? With a rating possibility of 1 to 10 stars one could then evaluate the attractiveness of individual persons. The project quickly caused a sensation and attracted a lot of attention. Mark Zuckerberg even had to appear before the university management. Many years later, perhaps you also remember the Facebook data scandal, he was even quoted in the US Senate. On Wikipedia there are once again the most important facts about Mark Zuckerberg.

“Like” – Facebook’s rating features

  • With the like me button you can express on Facebook if you like a certain post
  • Now you can choose between a range of emotions on Facebook, whether sad, angry or laughing
  • These emotions were introduced to avoid a dislike button

Facebook Fans – Get Follower and Like

Facebook fans are the people who follow a Facebook fan page. Fanpages are created by persons, organizations or companies. The basic principle of Facebook is to make friendships digitally, through so-called friend requests. However, if you have more connected relationships than a private person, e.g. public figures or companies, you need a fan page. Friendship requests can be accepted up to a maximum of 5,000, after which no more friends can be added. Especially for companies and enterprises very impractical, because more people follow them or more people are interested in what they do and want information. Not only customers and prospective customers, but also press representatives or potential future staff, keyword recruiting, are waiting among the fans.

Win Facebook Fans

As you already learned in the Facebook Online Marketing course, the first 1,000 fans are the most important!

How to reach the first 1,000 fans?

If you have already crossed the threshold, congratulations! But many are still at the beginning and have maybe only 50 or 100 fans. The be-all and end-all, for them always the most important thing, regularity. Before you think about complex content or editorial plans, simply start with regular postings. Every day, every other day at the most. If they do this alone, they will rise organically on a regular basis. The next important point, added value, how can they offer their users real added value that they might just find with you? Do you have a special talent, e.g. the cook in your own restaurant who conjures up small recipes for your home? Do you happen to be a marketing manager and can report on special marketing topics on Facebook to attract new fans? Maybe they also hold workshops, trainings and speeches, which you can cut perfectly into small parts and publish regularly. In addition a few insiders from you and of course also photos and videos that show themselves behind the scenes.

Hold fans and mouth to mouth propaganda

Virality plays a big role in social networks, in classical marketing mouth to mouth propaganda. The more people talk about us, the more people become aware of us. If they talk about us too, we have a viral effect. The simplest and probably best known example nowadays are YouTube videos. Someone jumps from the pool and unfortunately lands next to it, a small panda sneezes into the camera, exactly these are videos that go viral. Many colleges and universities try to describe such viral effects, but no viral effect can really be planned. Of course, there are productions from large social media agencies, with two million budgets, that achieve the desired reach. Virality, however, is not expressed in large advertising budgets, but in smart ideas.

You, too, can use different concepts to create such small viral effects to draw conclusions for yourself about how you create media for your audience and your content that is shared by users. A simple example, they make a raffle and raffle one of their products, not just one but two! They challenge their fans, answer the question and mark a friend who should win! You already have the interactions of person A and person B in marking or mention, respectively, with high potential for counter-reaction.

Facebook online course for Social Media Marketing Manager

If you want to learn more about Facebook, fan generation and reach, here is our recommendation for the first Facebook Online course. Clearly arranged in ten chapters, one learns step by step how to set up one’s own fan page in such a way that it functions effectively for one’s own company or brand. The first 1000 fans, the first ad, all that they can learn here in the Facebook online course. Our recommendation for your company:

Generate Followers and Likes on your Facebook Fanpage

  • The first 1,000 followers of your fanpage are especially important
  • To generate many fans, regularity is essential, at least every second, but at best every day a new posting
  • What added value can you offer your fans?
  • Virality plays an important role in social networks, but cannot really be planned
  • To encourage a lot of fan interaction plan a lottery

Facebook Marketing: Strategy of an Agency | Social Media Insights!

Facebook marketing – Retargeting, pixel, groups, fanpage: Facebook is its own universe! A social media campaign therefore also has different components. For a start, however, many are concerned with the basic structure of their own Facebook channel for companies or products. Especially for online shops and digitally distributed products, it pays to take a look at the insights of Facebook. Advertisements are very precisely controllable, especially in the Power Editor.

Let’s take a look at our Facebook Agency strategy. How do you plan the successful launch of your own Facebook channel? Whether fashion, sports, nutrition, accessories, hotels, agencies or online shops. Service providers and producers are increasingly entering Facebook. Scattering losses are low and the target group can directly access further information (shop, newsletter, etc.). But how do you start with Facebook? How often do you post? How do you produce content for Facebook? How do you get in contact with bloggers and agencies? We take a look at Facebook from A-Z: How to Build an Facebook Channel!

Interested in an Facebook Workshop with Social Media One? Our Facebook expert comes into your company so that your employees get know-how directly on site. With a training for your employees, you can keep know-how in your own company and always respond flexibly to events. In stories, postings or even live stories. Click here for more information on our Facebook Workshop.

Facebook channel build: agency strategy

The Company

Definition, Audience and Destination Definition for Facebook

At the start of the training, we talk about knowledge, experience and your previous brand strategy.

  • Company
  • Network analysis
  • target
  • Target definition
  • Matrix – Company / Network / Target group
  • Social media manager (capacities)
  • Definition for SM


Network, App and Statistics for Business

In the second part we take a basic look at Facebook. Depending on previous knowledge of the social media manager, this point in the training is more or less intensive.

  • Network
  • Target
  • User Interface
  • Statistics
  • Post
  • Videos

Market and Competition

Competition Analysis and Best Practice

What are other industries doing and what are your direct competitors doing? After the check you know the success factors.

  • Commerce / E-Commerce
  • Campaigns best practice marketing
  • Campaigns best practice in your industry
  • Competitive analysis


Combine Audience and Enterprise Analysis

Who buys our products? Who cares about our services? We take a close look at your target audience and potential new target audience.

  • target group analysis
  • Matrix – Who are we / who are you?
  • Conclusion
  • Content Objective


Content Marketing for Facebook: That’s how it works

Content marketing is not a hype! In search engines good content is the A & O but also in social media marketing.

  • Content that works
  • Value
  • Matrix content
  • Analyze media content / partners
  • Analyze Media Content Internally
  • Matrix Media
  • Make Media
  • Content Planning
  • Forecasting

Content Production

What Media Content can we provide for Facebook?

  • Technical possibilities
  • Financial Opportunities
  • Human resources
  • Team Integration

Then it’s about value added for users:

  • Include users
  • Value
  • SEO as a subject scout
  • Contests

Then we’ll see how existing media can be linked to our Facebook Facebook network:

  • Crossmedia and campaign
  • POS / Social link
  • Own Ideas
  • Link Online Shop / Social
  • Linking Influencer / Social


Social Media Manager Tools

Btw. For a complete list of tools, see: Social Media Software Recommendation.

  • Software overview and tool options
  • Content Advance Planning
  • Crossmedia content planning
  • Automatic Likes
  • Social Bot


Ads are on Facebook

How do you actually advertise products and services on Facebook?

  • The Basics
  • Account
  • User Interface Power Editor
  • Campaign creation
  • Campaign Settings
  • Split Testing
  • Evaluation

Measuring success:

Ads and Tracking for Online Shop

Especially the success measurement is very important for companies and shops. But what options do we have to track the completion and sales on Facebook?

  • Pixel creation
  • Pixel Integration
  • Campaign Vote
  • Costs
  • Estimate

The detailed planning and strategy for the Facebook Afubau comes right after the workshop!

Facebook Workshop

Depending on the knowledge of the social media managers, a workshop goes up to 8 units. Absolutes Basics is the 1 unit, the brainstorming. Creative input, experience and best practice for your successful start on Facebook. In particular, we are concerned with the definition of all relevant parts of the market (competition, target audience, products, etc.) in connection with media (photos, videos, etc. / foreign material, in-house production, etc.) to a story. Who are we!

Facebook Basic Training for Employees and Social Media Managers

Workshop topic: Creative Session + System for Facebook

Workshop / Brainstorming: 2 x 2h

Number of persons: 3-20 persons


  • Strategy Development
  • Know How

Facebook Advanced Workshop for Employees and Social Media Manager

Workshop topic: Creative Session + System for Facebook + Insights

Workshop / Brainstorming: 1 x 2h

Number of persons: max. 3 persons


  • Strategy Development
  • Content Model
  • Know How
  • Advertising or Blogger / Influencer Relations

Contact & Social Media Expert

Interested in a further education of Social Media One? We send you our social media expert Stephan M. Czaja directly into the company. Now go to contact!

Building Facebook Channel: The Strategy for Social Media Managers

In the following we want to briefly give a deeper insight into the training. Every workshop is individual – just like your company, your products and your employees. Our social media expert focuses on the most important work steps and makes your employees fit for social media making!

Definition, Audience and Destination Definition for Facebook

Our starting point: Who are you? Already the big sticking point. People love the brand or use the brand. Cf. from the food industry:

Are you already in the public eye or is it a start up? The reactions of the users are different. Why is that? We take a look at psychological aspects of the target group.

Network Analysis

  • Online Shop
  • Social Network Presence
  • B2B Marketing
  • B2C Marketing
  • POS Marketing

Define target group

  • Your customers
  • New customers in SM

Goal Definition and Benefits

Keyfacts – what do we want to achieve?

  • Brand presence
  • Brand fans
  • New customers

Matrix – Company / Network / Target Group

  • Summary of all findings

Social Media Manager in the Enterprise

  • Previous knowledge in SM
  • Experience in Software
  • Image editing in software

Marketing Message Definition (Core Message)

  • There are many products that …
    but we are the only ones …
  • There are studies that … / we want to convince, so we bring witnesses – why does XY work?
    integration of Advocates / Bloggers / Customers

Facebook: The Network

Network Properties

  • What makes Facebook / Synergies with your own values
  • Joie de vivre, self-affirmation, inspiration, etc.

Audience on Facebook

  • Who can we achieve with ours?

App and Desktop Interface

  • What do I need to know

Statistics and Evaluation

  • How do I read statistics


  • What makes a post?

Market and Competition

Commerce / E-Commerce

  • Products that work

Campaigns Best Practice Marketing

  • Topics that work

Campaigns Best Practice Food

  • Content that works

Competitive Analysis

  • Brands that work

Target audience

Audience Analysis

  • Demographics

Matrix – Who are we / who are you?

  • Combination of your company and Facebook


  • Combination of all knowledge

Content Objective

  • Which goals do we derive?
    Which values ​​do we derive?
  • What content is required / can we deliver?
  • How often do we send messages?
  • How do we organize SM everyday life?
  • How do we organize media production / third-party content?
  • How extensive is space / time and area for production?

Content and Content

Content that works

  • Insights from competition and competition


  • More than ‘just’ standard
  • What are the problems of our followers?
  • What needs do you have?
  • Which topics can we serve apart from ours?

Matrix Contents

  • What can we deliver?
  • Analyze media content PR / Partner
  • Analyze media content internally

Matrix media self – production

  • Link to House / PR / Partner

Create media with Camera and Photoshop

  • Photos and collages / equal to “Content Production”

Content Planning for Facebook

  • Excel spreadsheet
  • Cross media
  • Advance planning of postings

Content Production

Depending on the need for self-production of video and photo material

  • Photography
  • Planning
  • Equipment
  • Background
  • Decoration
  • Accessories

If you do not want to produce your own postings, we can help you as an agency with our photo and video production.

Team Integration of Employees

  • Fair
  • Sale
  • Stories

Include User

Generate added value for fans

  • Polls
  • Training
  • POS
  • Trade show / Preview and review
  • Quicktipps for everyday life
  • Tips from the expert
  • Customer tips

SEO as Themes and Trend Scout

  • Trends
  • Current topics
  • Evergreens

Competitions +

  • User in stories

Crossmedia and Campaign

POS / Social link

  • Best practice
  • Own ideas
  • Packages

Linking online shop / Social

  • Best practice
  • Own ideas
  • Packages

Linking influencer / Social

  • Best practice
  • Own ideas
  • Packages

Software tools for Social Media Manager

Advance planning of postings

  • Using Hootsuite

Automatic Likes for non-organic push

  • Minimum likes for releases and pubications

Social Bots simply explained

  • Setting
  • Targeting
  • Comment spinning


This is about the targeted switching of advertising to returning visitors and new visitors or fans.

Advertising on Facebook

Advertising Account Basics

  • Facebook Advertising Account

Advertising account Sign up for Facebook

  • Must be logged in first + Advertising account activation

User Interface Power Editor

  • Facebook’s Power Editor Basics

Campaign Creation in the Power Editor

  • Planning the campaign
  • Create the campaign

Campaign Settings for Split Testing

  • playout
  • Look-a-like
  • target
  • Interest

Split Testing or A / B Tests

  • A / B create tests

Evaluation of Clicks and Impressions

  • monitoring
  • Conversion Tracking

Contact & Social Media Expert

Interested in a further education workshop of Social Media One? We send you our social media expert Stephan M. Czaja directly into the company. Now go to contact!

Click here for the detailed information on our Facebook Workshop.

Facebook Marketing 2017 – Success through fanpage, design and ads

Facebook is now the giant, the old man and yet the innovator. Thus, innovations in the functions, the possibilities, in the design and of course social media innovations like Facebook Live come constantly. If you are not yet using Facebook extensively, take a look at the new, simple design
Read more

Blogger, Influencer, Trendsetter – How to Become a Successful Influencer?

Influencers – Many today have the great dream of being able to live successfully from blogging. That means living by that one is reported in daily of his own life and so sold over social media so skillfully that one becomes the opinion leader even by the increasing number of followers becomes. If it has managed to establish our own opinion as relevant, we call it Influencer. We have here a few essential tips for young people who want to realize their dream!

+ Do you know?


Advertising agencies and brands invest a lot of money for reach

10k, 20k, 50k. As an influncer, you build up yourself more and more reach. For marketing agencies, an authentic Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook Channel Gold is worth. This will help you get new jobs, you are as a blogger and influencer relevant to other people! What you do or do, the others want. A great opportunity through the transformation of digitalization that you can use for yourself to win new customers as an influencer for you. Thanks to very good cameras in smartphones you even have the advantage that you always have new picture material at your disposal. All you need is a small trigger and a ministative. You already have perfect pictures of every location. The more you come, the more exciting it becomes. New backstage photos, famous brands and new announcements with other bloggers and influencers. If you pack all your travels in your story, you’ll be able to build up your reach quickly. But why exactly does it help you to have a lot of scope?

If advertising agencies and brands, for example, book a page in a large modem magazine, they also pay more than 50,000 euros. For a page, in an output. Why? The magazine is important for many people who read it every week. Inspiration, shopping tips, fashion. Your advantage as an influencer: If you have a successful channel as a model and post about jobs, the company will get more coverage when booking for a campaign. Here is your added value!

What makes an influencer for agencies?

Influencers are persons who have a long range. Through their fanbase, they can inspire other people for brands and products that they themselves use. Influencers can have relatively small accounts with only 20k, but they can address a very precise target group, for example, where they often use high-quality accessories in their postings or, as mentioned, tell their travels. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook & Co. will help you to reach new customers as a model. The more followers you collect, the more likes and comments you get, the more successful the strategy becomes. Let’s look at the big topic of social media marketing.

Your fanbase is important and should be cultivated

Social media and general digitalization in all areas play an important role for bloggers. Self-marketing in blogs and social networks gives you more success. For customers is the book of rich blogs, as described, of course, an incredible value! One is theoretically not only a beautiful face for his own advertising campaign, but also directly a whole fanbase to it.

The self-activity in social networks like Instagram and Snapchat are, if you will, the engine or drive for your own career in addition to the management of the influences. As spectators, we want to experience the heights and lows of our idols. Everything that happens, whether it is the fitness shake or the cool drink, can easily be integrated into the story. People have always loved to accompany other people in their lives. We have always known the principle of actors and celebrities who are advertising for brands and products.

Change in the agency world: Influencer for success in social networks

Self-marketing in blogs and social networks plays an important role for you as an influencer. With “fans” who actually want to accompany every step of you. This requires authenticity and regular posting. Many large and international advertising agencies are moving from the pure agency for advertising to social media marketing with influencers. As a result, digitalization and social media have become indispensable for brands and companies; on the other hand, they offer you an excellent platform to start your own business.

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Great reach and online marketing power for business

Anyone who wants to become an Influencer should always observe the principle of an Influencer Agency. Because for Influencer, Blogger and Vlogger is not only about having a great reach, it is also always about themselves well to market themselves. Why? To negotiate good prices! Fans can buy everyone. For a few hundred US dollars, the Instagram account can quickly be transferred to a large “range” with bots. The range is not real, but Bots do not interact, they do not buy products. For this reason, the reach of an influencer is only a relative quality feature in Influencer Marketing.

Regular customers, recommendations and oral propaganda will take you forward

As an influencer, are you unique and irreplaceable? No. Influencers must also develop their reputation. It is always about binding the (real) fans, self-marketing and brand expansion. You are as an influencer your own brand. Nobody but you will advance the brand, you are your own boss! As in any industry, talent is not everything but ambition. There are always 90% work and 10% talent (as one likes to say). You have to focus your energy, your work and your time on your reputation. With real fans and real interaction you can always be fully behind your social media channel. So you can always trust your customers, but also your Influencer agency, that you are one of the special people who are honest with their fans and enjoy genuine trust on their part. You also have to work diligently! Here we come back to ambition. The biggest stars on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook have worked on their success for years. This is the only way to make it possible for me to book and recommend customers permanently.

Customers are also influencers.

Really! They have their circle of acquaintances, which often consists of people who are in the media sector. So if you have a good experience with an uncomplicated influencer, we will pass on your recommendation. Now you can say that there are only a few people. But: Your contacts are very valuable! Marketing manager, advertising agency and campaign manager from social media agencies. For you, it is also important to make points in the B2B business so that they can get you further recommendations and you have long-term satisfied customers. This also saves you the constant search for new customers. Just advertising agencies are top customers for you because their customers are looking for quick ideas and strategies. Influencer Marketing provides them with an effective opportunity for great success.
How do you start as an influencer?

For your first steps, you have to do a lot yourself. A good influencer agency will only pay attention to you if you have generated a large part of your range. In the beginning it is the same as bloggers. First, you will be sent a lot of packages where you will be offered clothes, which you can keep for free. For this you post a photos, video or blog contribution. Right on your blog or on social networks like Instagram.

At some point, you will realize that your mailbox is filling so much with packages that you will think: This is effort! Voila, at this moment you will think economically. You will be thinking, what can I make of it? From this point, prices had to be negotiated for the first time. Of course, we will always face clever marketers who are trying to push your price for postings as an influencer. This is why it is so much more fun for bloggers and influencers to have a management behind you, that takes all questions, handles them for you and only passes the really relevant ones to you! With a management, you can achieve more, as you gain more than just customers. There are also first or new contacts to the press, new prospects and more.

Most importantly, whether you have fast or slow success as a blogger, remains there! Even the biggest YouTube stars have not become overnight stars to the stars you know today. Often one worked for one or two years until the first profit-making payment was there. You have a lot of mockery harvested in your own environment, perhaps also from your parents. You still have the solid ideas of becoming a star on the Internet? Then you can become an influencer! And in any case one transcends the threshold to success if one has only long enough to carry enough, has motivation, ambition and a long breath! In the end, Influencer is also “just” a job. You’ve got customers you’ve been following, you’ve got fans following you, and you’re going to be a bit miserable if you make mistakes. You are your own manager and your lucky blacksmith. Every day. In good and bad times. You will have great moments, nice memories and lots of experience!

Why do influencers have such a big effect on buyers?

As an influencer one is an example for his fans!

One can compare the efficient success of influencers well with the fact that all people love actors! Hollywood is our model. Already 100 years ago and before, when I “gave” operas and theater, showmen were role models for the people. They come around a lot, see the world and experience exciting new stories. Nowadays this is no different, most of them are looking for models that they can emulate. They will always pay attention to what these people (their role models) do, how they talk, what people they meet, what places they visit and what products are used.

Whether actors, musicians or influencers, they all have a great influence on all people who follow them. In all social group dynamics, there are always people who serve as role models. Even in elementary school, there are always structures in friends’ circles, there are always those whom the others emulate. They are the children’s first “trends”. Whether at a young age or as an elderly person in public life. Trendsetters are interested in new ideas and new products. They talk about it, write or discuss it. As not many people do, you can quickly build range, especially in the Longtail (in niche markets). The more specific the topic, the easier it is (in the beginning).

Range is a crucial issue for influencers

Those who are keen to finance their lives fully from blogging and networks such as Instagram, will also always pay close attention to how their own media looks and how they work for visitors. Good influencers, as we find, are people who actively search their own followers and look for bots. Each individual bot lowers the interaction rate and thus the own relevance of the profile. That is, if you remove a few of these bots from their followers, relatively more people will interact with their own profile. This increases the relative interaction rate. This increases the relevance and importance of your own channel. Even though you have less fans in theory, your own channel is worth more. These and other considerations are important when you decide to become an influencer. Promised, it’s a job!

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Influencers bring brands to life

When you create a new brand as a company, one of the first steps to accomplish this is to live with it. Only when the brand is alive and people realize that you can generate real value from it (the brand)! Whether it is the image of the brand or the people behind a brand. We just have to remember the big things that Steve Jobs has made the Apple brand. Each presentation bore its stamp! Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many more. If you do not have your own showman in the team, you can rely on Influencer Marketing.

Facebook Fanpage Management – Social Media Channel Building

This morning we had in the office a very extensive inquiry on the subject of fanpage management – many unresolved issues and much interest in the topic. That is why we would like to help and provide our customers with a detailed answer to the subject of fanpage Read more

6 Social Media Manager tips for the Facebook fan page – Beginner

If you choose a Facebook or Instagram account as a public figure, you are closer to your fans – definitely. Especially young people can be reached in social networks. But also agencies, managers and representatives of the press are in social networks. The big advantage: They kill two birds with one stone. They start with ‘PR’ – which of course does not look like advertising or public relations in the social network – and get ‘PR’. With clever strategies you will find new fans in social media platforms as well as new multipliers in terms of new reports, new contacts or jobs. So if you want to become a real social media expert, here are 7 practical tips to make your own Facebook channel look perfect.

+ Do you know?


Description – The most important information at a glance

A fanpage should always have a good description: What makes me as a person (of public life)? The description is important! That should always stand with it:

  • Link to own website

Title picture – eye-catcher on Facebook & Co.

The cover picture on Facebook, you always see first. Even before the profile picture, even before the description. Just by the size and presence in the upper part of the fan page, it automatically attracts attention. In the ideal case, you use a very expressive cover picture – an eyecatcher! By the way, also in other social networks like Twitter and Youtube, the cover picture is often the dominating element in the head area of the fan pages. To avoid boredom, the cover picture should be changed every 7-14 days.

The profile picture, in turn, should be as simple as possible. On mobile devices, even on the desktop PC, it is usually only a small preview picture. Ideally, you should therefore make sure to use a portrait. This increases the recognition value and makes it easier for fans to recognize especially you among the many pictures of friends and fan pages. Logos can also be used, but then they should have a plain background and stand out well from it. The best is and remains, a portrait of a person.

Posting – What does a perfect posting look like?

Before a lot of people come to your new fan page (through invitations or searches), it is good if you already have some content for your readers. If you come to an empty fan page, you won’t stay there long and wonder if it is (still) actively used. Therefore: Content first!

Contributions in social networks must always work visually. It is therefore recommended to start with existing content. This includes image material, existing texts (from press, media, etc.) or video content. They can easily be shared and then be found on your own timeline. The description should not be too long here, because only few visitors will deal with the concrete contents of the postings. Usually it should not be more than four lines of text. But you can also share external links, articles and pictures on your own fansite. For your fans also a piece of opportunity to discover topics for themselves.

But in the description you should also use hashtags. They have become essential and briefly explained, keywords that explain the respective posting, or the respective mood. For this article these could be for example: #socialmedia #facebook #fanpage #tips. Not only hashtags are strong, but also marking other people increases the range. You can always link friends or other fan profiles in your posts and mention them by name.

Fans – How do I win first fans on Facebook?

After you have posted and shared your first content, there are several ways to generate more likes, or fans (or followers). One way is to invite your own friends. Friends are often good first contacts, they like to interact with your content. For a more comprehensive social media concept, other factors should also be considered. This starts with the integration of your new fan page on your own website and can possibly go as far as sponsored ads (Facebook Ads). Here, good monitoring can also be carried out afterwards. As social media consultants we always tend to try out several options for the success of the individual channel.

Postings – What should I post when?

With the first valuable content, an eye-catcher on the cover, the profile picture and the first fans, it’s time to get down to business: postings. Because it is important to keep your fan page up-to-date and active – especially as a company, celebrity or public figure. It is not always possible, as a social media manager, to follow all the recommendations of our guidelines – but it is always an orientation to the optium and experience from best practice and social media trends:

    1. 2-3 times a day you should post a new one
    2. It doesn’t always have to be professional pictures, even pictures from everyday life work. Your fans also always like to follow what you do, what outfit you wear or at which show you have been a guest.

Instagram – hashtags, mark friends and picture quality

Instagram is especially exciting for people in public life – many young, trend-conscious people cavort here, possibly the opinion leaders of the future. With regular postings it is very similar to Facebook: Likes are generated, then followers and later real fans. But a few things are different:

  • It helps to keep a clear style (design), e.g. always post with the same color filter

That was our article: “6 Social Media Manager Tips for the Facebook Fanpage”. We hope you can implement many new ideas and push your fanpage.

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Facebook Marketing – Do it yourself! Our recommendation: The AdBaker online course

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Facebook Ads Campaign Design Templates

Advertising on social networks is the key. You can rely on this, at least if your target group is somewhere between 21 and 38 years old. From the young people of the past, today, a lot of buyers have become buyers. The living conditions have changed, the social network has not changed. Did you know how much time each German on average spent with Facebook? With targeted advertising campaigns, you reach the best and most efficient results for your product or brand on Facebook. Since we often have small questions in e-mail, we wanted to compile the most important designs for Facebook Ads:

Facebook Event Ads & Page Like

Designs for Facebook Event Ads & Page Like banners are best created with 1200 x 444 pixels. This unit is not used by Facebook, but today we have to think about many devices, from the notebook to the iPhone. With 1200 x 444 px, you always have an exact resolution on all end devices, even with modern Retina displays.

Create design with 1200 x 444 pixels


Desktop display will be 470 x 174 pixels / Mobile display will be 560 x 210 pixels
– is automatically scaled by Facebook

Facebook Website Link & Offer Ad

Facebook Website Link & Offer Ads differ only slightly in their vertical dimension. Facebook used here instead of 444 pixels, 627 pixels. Therefore, always set your design for Web site Link & Offer Ad Banner at 1200 x 627 pixels.

Create design in 1200 x 627 pixels


Desktop display is at 470 x 246 pixels / mobile display is at 560 x 292 pixels
– is automatically scaled by Facebook