Social Media Marketing Manager

Which factors and figures are the basis for social media marketing? Among all the hundreds or even thousands of factors to consider, from different regions, cities, countries to different age groups to different interests people can have. We want to take you with us for a few thoughts and introduce different basics to give you a little insight into the work of a social media manager. Social Media Management from the ground up, deals with the development of channels and communities. First, the different KPIs are defined, which are the values to be achieved (goals) in a social media campaign. No matter whether the campaign is successful through organic traffic, e.g. through bloggers or influencers, or through investment in advertising.

How to gain reach in social media marketing?

Anyone who is not a music star or 17-year-old fashion blogger by chance has to think about other methods and strategies. Advertisements play a large, central role in social media networks. Advertising is extremely targeted and reaches the desired target group. Female, interested in fashion, 20-25 years old and from Berlin / Hamburg? No problem. No problem. The methods are manifold. Thus, modern methods such as pixels embedded in websites and online shops can be used to advertise your own visitors, even to strangers who are most likely to match our brand (‘look-a-like audience’). You can find out more about targeting target groups on the page about our Facebook Marketing Agency.

Your planning and production agency for Instagram, Facebook & Youtube

Of course, this also requires the right media production, no matter whether it is graphic design or video material – we are your contact! Now let’s take a look at social media marketing and its basics with various studies and statistics that prove how successful social media management is today in the online marketing mix.

Basics of marketing: studies and statistics

What exactly are we dealing with? To enable you to answer these questions in advance, we will explain step by step what is important in social media marketing. If you want to book us as a speaker for your next employee training or the next Online Marketing Congress as a speaker, read more about Social Media Speaker here.

  1. Why do we spend hours a day in social networks?
  2. Use and statistics
  3. Online media usage in Germany 1997 to 2016
  4. Media usage times
  5. Interaction and Activities
  6. Platforms in Germany
  7. Mobile activities
  8. E-Commerce & Social Commerce
  9. Heavy User / Light User
  10. Digital sales volume
  11. Purchases by commodity group
  12. Interaction after days
  13. Use Mobile
  14. Change in usage

Purchases by product groups

Users make the most frequent purchases for the following products.

Heavy User: 3 hours a day on social networks

  1. Clothing, accessories: 58%
  2. Books: 38%
  3. Films, Cinema: 31%
  4. Furnishings, accessories: 28%
  5. Flight tickets: 28%
  6. Health, Beauty: 28%
  7. Apps: 28%
  8. Games, toys: 27%
  9. Travel (without flights): 25%
  10. Music: 23%

Light User: About one hour daily in social networks

  1. Clothing, Accessories: 48%
  2. Books: 39%
  3. Flight tickets: 33%
  4. Travel (without flights): 30%
  5. Furnishings, Accessories: 23%
  6. Films, Cinema: 21%
  7. Health, beauty: 20%
  8. Toys, games: 20%
  9. Apps: 18%
  10. Music: 17%

Statistics Online Purchases

USA 2016

Source © Nielsen Scarborough USA+ 2016, Release 1

Interaction by days

USA 2016

Source © Nielsen Scarborough USA+ 2016, Release 1

Mobile Usage

USA 2016

Source © Nielsen Scarborough USA+ 2016, Release 1

Change in use

USA 2016

Source: global web index

Social Media recommendations

We regard these points as relevant

  • Reaching target groups > Network expansion<
    Target groups are on different social networks. The further we spread our content, the more comprehensively we reach all target groups. Postings Frequency > Binding
  • Snack Content > Photo / Video Production<
    Therefore we produce small videos for the online shop Shooting! We then use these for the advertisements + Insta/Youtube.
  • Communication Management > Questions & Answers<
    For communication (e.g. messages on FB), a competent specialist should ideally be available in the office. Connect employees and customers quickly and effectively. Customer satisfaction, quality, stores, recommendation.
  • Retargeting > Advertising<
    We install the retargeting code asap in the shop, then we collect user information directly. Then the first ads start. Through Adspend we reach significantly more people than through a simple, organic structure. Therefore, we recommend the monthly investment in ads for the specially produced content. Retargeting > Advertising > Increase in sales > Reinvestment
  • Linkaufbau > Trend Blog<
    User loyalty is greater. The content can also be posted on Facebook and thus attract new users to the shop. Range and Upsells. The contents can be used further, for example a well done video tutorial in text form.

Facebook: Statistics and recommendations

Facebook will soon bring together 25% of the world’s population. In Germany even well over 50% of the population. How do you build your Facebook channel and how do you reach your fans? Answers can be found in our Facebook Agency.

Source: Facebook Company Info & Mark Zuckerberg

  • 26 million users in Germany
  • Worldwide 1.9 billion users
  • 1 billion uses the FB Messenger
  • Target group: all age groups (14 – 65+)
  • 60 % of users access the site up to 8 times a day
  • 1.6 billion Likes a day (2014)
  • 60 million pictures and photos (2014)


  • Channel Designs for cover picture and profile picture<
    Corporate design for FB and all other social networks
  • Templates for postings, photos and VIdeos<
    For themes, products and special events (like “Black Friday”, “Christmas”, etc.)
  • Retargeting
  • Photos
  • No hashtags > direct links to the shop
  • Facebook tabs and functions such as Youtube integrate (later also content and shop possible), the contents are directly accessible via FB
  • Posting Frequency<
    We post 3-5x week current content, also foreign content, if appropriate.
  • Sales tricks<
    Artificial shortage? Sale! Last pieces in stock! Only today!

Youtube: Statistical data and recommendations for video marketing

Youtube and video marketing create extremely high involvement, as the videos are consumed over a long period of time instead of just a few seconds. Develop your concept with our Youtube Agency.


  • 8 million users in Germany
  • Target group: 10 – 60 years
  • 92% of all adolescents and 70% of 30-44 year olds, are regularly on Youtube


  • Advertising spots
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Tips and recommendations from employees
  • Backstage at the shooting, etc.
  • Presentation of companies and tradition
  • Craft, production, technical details and quality

Instagram: Use and statistics

How do you reach people on Instagram? Take advantage of the expertise and experience of our Instagram Agency.

source: Instagram Business

  • 9.8 million users in Germany
  • Worldwide 600 million users
  • 1 million Advertisers
  • Target group: 16 – 29 years
  • 83% of users are under 35, 60% under 25
  • 36% of all Germans between 16-29 are registered
  • 4.3 billion Likes a day
  • 98 million images


  • Reach new target groups<
    Instagram enables us to reach a much wider range of target groups than Facebook.
  • We post daily to Instagram, 1-2x
  • Trend Keywords
  • Planned content
  • Connection with other channels
  • Software



  • 3 million users in Germany
  • 100 million users worldwide
  • Target group: 16 – 34 years, 80% female users


  • Link assembly<
    Shopping Backlinks for Styles
  • Inspiration (for equipment and similar fields)

Twitter: The Media Network

Find out more about Twitter here: Twitter Agency.

Source: Twitter Company

  • 12 million users in Germany, only 3-5 million users have an account
  • 321 million active users worldwide
  • Target group: 25 – 44 years
  • 500 million tweets daily
  • 80% use Twitter mobile


  • Easy + Fast handling and advance planning<
    relatively little work like Pinterest, we take directly with
  • Source for media and journalists

Snapchat: Inspiring young people

Source: Snap me if you can

  • 9 million users in Germany
  • 100 million users worldwide
  • 6 billion snaps are available every day

Snack Content Produktion für hohe Interaktionsraten

So einfach und schnell ist der Content produziert

  • Regelmäßige Stock Shooting
  • Eigenes, frisches Bildmaterial für Social Media + kurz e Videoclips
  • Team: Fotograf, 1/2 Model/s, Visa, On Location (Stores) und Studio im Mix
  • Content in einfacher Form<
    Beispiel: Instagram, Foto aus dem Bett am Morgen, mit Zeitung und Cafe. Die Zeitung zeigt Gestaltungsideen für den eigenen Garten. Stichwort: Influencer.

Agenturservices und Expertise für Beratung und Management

  • Social Media Keynote Speaker
  • Social Media Marketingkonzeption
  • Contentstrategie und -planung, Basis: Zielgruppenanalyse
  • Multi-Channel-Management und Kanalaufbau
  • Kampagnen, Kanal- und Fanpage Design
  • Facebook Ads (Partneragentur)
  • PR und Öffentlichkeit (Kommunikationskonzept)
  • Design Workshops