6 Social Media Manager Tips for Facebook Fanpages

Whoever decides as a person of public life, for a Facebook or Instagram account, is closer to his fans – definitely. Particularly young people can be reached in social networks. But also agencies, managers and press representatives in social networks. The big advantage: you hit two birds with one flap. They begin with ‘PR’ – which in the social network does not look for advertising or public relations – and get ‘PR’. With clever strategies, you’ll find both new fans in social media platforms, as well as new multipliers in the sense of new reports, new contacts or jobs. So if you want to become a real social media expert, we have 7 practical tips to make your own Facebook channel look perfect.

1. Description – The most important information at a glance

A fanpage should always have a good description: What makes me as a person (of public life)? The description is important! This should always be:

  1. Link to your own website
  2. Short biography / description (up to 50 words)
  3. Recent Photos, Jobs and Engagements
  4. Other social media profiles (linked)

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